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this is how you remind me

"You look cool when you smoke." She leaned forward and kissed him. He tasted like ash and she laughed even though she wanted to cry. Doing that would make him wonder why and she wasn't ready to face his questions.

"Smoking kills, you know."

"There are more dangerous things than cigarettes."

She wasn't sure why he looked so much like the man in her dream but didn't care.

"He's not coming back, is he?"


After Ichigo's birth, the feeling of wrongness got stronger. She had always suspected that she should look different. Isshin was the only one who was right in their family. Sometimes this worried her.

"He resembles you, sensei."

"I know."

She knew that the thing was a trap from the moment she saw it. Ichigo didn't though and got too close to the water. There was no hesitation as she pulled him out of the way.

"Children need their parents."

"Of course."

Isshin was bending over her and crying. She tried to tell him that she wasn't worth it because she had never loved him, only the shadow of a half-remembered man. She was too far-gone for him to hear her though.

"He didn't suffer."

"I'm glad for that at least."

And there was a man in black, pointing a sword hilt-first at her forehead. As she dissolved into blue light, Isshin looked up and smiled sadly.

"She was never mine really."

"No, but she tried to be."

"Will you wait for me, Kurenai?"

"Forever, Asuma."

"Thank you for taking care of her. I just wish that she could have loved you."

The man disappeared through the portal he'd opened with his sword.

Isshin watched the ambulance arrive and silently agreed with him.

"I hope you're happy wherever you are."

The crack! It burns! Yes, I went there and this is Kurenai!Masaki. When you listen to Isshin AMVs and read a Hisana!Masaki fic, you start pondering the strange similarities between Asuma and Isshin and end up writing this.

I think the man at the end was Asuma but I'm not sure and he refuses to tell me.

I nearly had this the other way round with Asuma!Isshin choosing Masaki because she isn't like Kurenai but thought it was more interesting this way.

On the other hand, I'm developing an addiction to line breaks. Recommending cures would be appreciated.