Out of Body Experience

Well this…wasn't quite what he'd expected. Well, he hadn't really been sure what to expect, but…this wasn't it.

He felt like he was floating…falling, almost, but never reaching the ground. It was a bizarre feeling. His gut was twisting every which way, but…why? What had gone wrong?

He'd been at a heist, everything going according to plan. Nothing was strange, nothing unusual. So why? What had gone wrong?

He'd flown off the rooftop, gem clasped in his hand, laughing at the two detectives standing below. Tantei-san and Tantei-kun had worked together, attempting to trap him, but, as always, they were unsuccessful. Actually, it almost seemed Hakuba had held Tantei-kun back. Usually, Tantei-kun would foil him enough to recover the jewel, but not tonight. Not that he was complaining.

Suddenly, he'd felt pain in his chest, something warm spilling over his torso. He saw the detectives in his peripheral vision and they looked horrified. Next, he just…fell, lifeless, the gem dropping from his slack hands.

Kaito sighed. Being dead kinda sucked. But it was weird. Shouldn't he have gone somewhere or something? Instead he was trapped, pinned to his body. He hated feeling closed in.

Screams, shouts, yells, sobs…they were deafening. And Aoko – oh gods, Aoko – he was hurting her. He'd never meant to hurt her.

His eyes drifted to the shadowed figure, hiding on the outskirts of the crowd. Aoko wasn't the only one he'd hurt…

Kaito attempted to rise, to go to him, but…he was stuck, connected to his body. 'Dammit, let me go!' He screamed to himself. 'Isn't it bad enough that I had to die!?'

He sank onto the ground, sitting in his own blood. "Please…let me go to him." He whispered. Something wet traveled down his cheek, but it wasn't tears. He reached up and brought back blood. How ironic. He's finally ably to weep and they were tears of blood.

The swarm of cops around him began to disperse. He could see Nakamori-keibu yelling something incoherent. Next to him, Aoko leaned against Hakuba, tears pouring down her face.

A plump man in orange arrived and approached Kid's body. Kaito recognized him as Megure-keibu from division one and sighed. This wouldn't be pretty. He wondered if his murder would ever be solved. It was probably Snake and his lot, but the crows were known for their discretion…or NOT known, I guess.

Tantei-kun could probably figure it out, but that would only put him in danger. Still…he didn't was to die a nameless death. That wasn't fair! At least in death, he should receive a little relief.

Making up his mind, he attempted to get up once more. He made it to his knees before toppling over onto the bloodied corpse. He scrambled away, vaguely disgusted when his arm went through Kid's body.

"Oh…holy crap." He muttered. He placed a land on Kid's leg and watched as it went straight to the ground. "Freaky. So…if I go through bodies, how come I don't go through the ground?" He wondered.

Calming himself, he looked around again, searching for Tantei-kun. 'He's not there.' Panicky thoughts roved his mind until a pressure fell on his shoulders. He jumped, wildly spinning around. "I thought everything went through me!" He yelped, staring at the small boy whose hand was resting on Kaito's shoulder.

He smiled wryly, but said nothing. Kaito looked around and noticed Hakuba looking at Conan oddly. He could see the blonde's mouth moving. But he couldn't hear anything. Why? Why couldn't he hear anyone? He could hear noise, but nothing registered in his brain.

"I'm fine, Hakuba-niichan." Conan's voice said sadly. "I just thought I saw something." Conan walked off, towards Hakuba and spoke again, but Kaito couldn't hear anything anymore. Did that mean he could only hear someone if they were touching him? But what if they went through him?

Conan turned to him and smiled, beckoning discreetly. Kaito followed, noting with a start that he no longer seemed connected to Kid's body. Conan led down multiple streets, not coming to a stop until he stood outside 2-22 Beika Cho. He casually walked inside, calling out to the owner that he was home.

"Shinichi-kun? I–oh, you've brought a friend. I'm Agasa Hiroshi. Pleasure to meet you, Kaitou Kid." Kaito's eyes bugged out as the old man politely bowed to him, grasping his hand. Wasn't he supposed to be a ghost? Speaking of which, how had Conan been able to see him? And touch him? He went through everything else…and yet he somehow stayed rooted to the floor. He was never going to understand that one.

"My family's been able to see ghosts for ages. Why do you think we deal with murders? The spirits need released, usually through the solving of their death." Tantei-kun explained calmly. "Hakase's sort of our…retainer, I guess." Seeing Kaito's blank look, he added, "You can think of us as…cleansers. We free ghosts from their hold to the Earth and let them pass on."

"Wait…does that mean you can use the victim to solve their own murder?" He asked, skeptically.

"Not really." Conan said. "Most ghosts are pretty out of it, so they aren't much help. Besides, if you're going to condemn someone, you need evidence that will hold up in court."

"Right…so…I'm dead, you've apparently just released me from my body…what now?"

"You can move from your body, but you're not yet free of it. Actually, its more like the connection was transferred to me, rather than actually released. Your death still needs solved."

"Heh, good luck. These guys don't like to get caught." Kaito laughed sardonically. "You're an excellent detective, Tantei-kun, but if you have to expose my murder to the world, you'll only end up murdered yourself."

"So you are being gunned for by trench coats in black." Conan nodded. "Thought so. But you're right, they won't be easily exposed. That means…well, you'll prolly be stuck here until they are." Tantei-kun smirked. Kaito looked affronted.

"You mean I'll be stuck to you until you take 'em out!?"

"Yup." Conan grinned innocently up at him. Kaito groaned.


This is a chapter from my Through the Looking Glass story. I've decided to expand it into a longer fic. Hope you like it.