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Chapter Two

"It's okay." Edward's voice was soft like silk and full of a raw honesty Rose only ever heard from the Doctor. "I'm not going to hurt you." His hands were raised in a gesture signaling surrender, as the girl beside him (Bella, Rose reminded herself) watched Rose carefully.

Rose only found herself backing slowly further away, which proved rather difficult considering her back was already pressed firmly against the building behind her. She found herself sliding sideways along the wall, trying to calm her thumping heartbeat and wishing more than ever that the Doctor was here. This boy – if he could even be classed as a boy – was a vampire. A vampire; a vicious, dangerous, uncontrollable beast; something that killed to survive. Yet... he had also just saved her life. And he had a human girl stood perfectly still beside him, seeming at total ease in his presence.

If he was going to kill her, wouldn't he have already? Unless, of course, he was simply going to soften her up so he could invite her back to his lair and eat her there... or whatever it was he did. Maybe that was what he was doing to Bella, too.

Something of a small smile briefly crossed itself across Edward's lips, and Rose had no idea why. "I can assure you," he said gently. "I won't hurt you. I just want to know..." he hesitated, and Rose saw the creeping of a frown daunt his face. Beside him, Bella was watching his face steadily. Neither had let go of the other's arm. "I wanted to know," continued Edward, "how you know of our kind."

At Edward's question Bella let out a slight gasp, "What? But she can't--" Edward just looked at her, his fingers gently pressing against her lips, affection searing in his eyes. Rose suddenly felt she was in the middle of something deeply passionate as the mere glance went between them, but no sooner had she decided to look away than did Edward turn back to Rose questioningly.

Rose stared at Edward. Was it that painfully obvious that she was frightened of him, that she knew what he was? Then again, she thought, she'd just saw him swoop in and fight furiously with another vampire. That would get anyone's attention. But his question seemed to imply she knew exactly what he was. How could he possibly have known that though?

"I..." Rose began. She shook her head. "I don't know what you're talking about. I mean, that... man, you just..." she pointed vaguely in the direction where the blond vampire had disappeared off to.

But Edward was frowning steadily and had an intent look across his face, as if listening to something no one else could hear. "Oh," he said eventually, topaz eyes growing just slightly wider as if something had just suddenly occurred to him. His eyes met Rose's. "Who's... the Doctor?"

Rose felt her mouth fall open and her eyes grow wide, but was too shocked to do anything about it. Her stomach felt like lead. "What–? How did you–? How could you possibly–?"She immediately regretted her shock, wishing she had chosen ignorance instead. Oh well, too late now. She stopped, swallowed, started again. "How do you know about the Doctor?" She made her voice as calm as she could, giving both of them a hard glare.

"We don't," Edward assured her. He took a step forward and waited, hesitating, but Rose didn't step back. "This Doctor, he... he told you about us. He told you about our kind, didn't he?"

Rose swallowed, "How do you know?"

"Edward has a kind of... special ability," said Bella quietly from his side. "He can read minds."

"He can read -!"

"Yes, but that's not important right now," Edward quickly said dismissively.

"Not important? You can read my mind, and that's not important?" Rose snorted. "Right. Course it isn't."

Edward smiled, as Bella spoke, "Yeah, I know. Sorry, Edward can be a bit... intimidating at times. What's your name?"

Rose hesitated only for a moment. "I'm Rose."

"This is very important, Rose," Edward quickly put in gently. "You see, you can't know about where I'm from. You can't know about us, it's not–"

Edward was interrupted by a loud call of Rose's name in a cheerful voice Rose would recognise anywhere. Her eyes swept the alley opening, to find the Doctor striding towards them, grinning at Rose. He was almost near them when he stopped abruptly midway and his eyes fell onto Edward. His entire posture changed instantly and he froze in place, going rigid. His face was mostly hidden in the alleyway gloom but from the features of his face Rose could see, he was suddenly and absolutely horrified.

"Rose," he said quietly, and his voice was low, hoarse and filled with a malicious calm, "Rose, come here. Slowly."

Rose bit on her bottom lip. "Doctor... it's okay, he's not..." she looked up at Edward who was watching the Doctor with a most curious and confused expression. "I don't think he's gonna hurt me."

"Rose," the Doctor said, and his voice was louder, stronger. "Do you have any idea –" he stopped sharply and took a deep breath. "Just walk over here, slowly. Now."

Edward was still frowning oddly at the Doctor. "I can assure you, I'm not going to–"

"You," he shouted suddenly, pointing aggressively at Edward, his eyes wide and black, "just stay back! And unhand that girl," he added, thrusting his finger in Bella's direction.

Edward's frown on him deepened, but Bella quickly stepped in. "It's alright. He's really not going to hurt me."

Edward laid his arm around her shoulders, his eyes upon her. "I'd sooner die," he said quietly.

"Hmph!" the Doctor exclaimed, with a snort. "Bit difficult to kill you though, isn't it? What was it that has to be done? Rip you to shreds and then burn the pieces, isn't it?" He scowled at Edward and, as Rose reached his side, he grabbed firmly hold of her hand.

"Doctor," Rose whispered, "I don't think he was gonna hurt me. I don't think he's like the others... Doctor?"

But the Doctor didn't seem to hear her. "You did this," he accused Edward through gritted teeth. "You've been killing all those people."

"No," Bella said loudly, her arm tightening around the vampire beside her. "None of that's Edward."

"Really?" said the Doctor, his voice heavy with scepticism. "Who was it then?"

"Doctor," Rose whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Edward's eyes seemed to tighten, his jaw going rigid. "Victoria," he ground out through clenched teeth.

Rose frowned. "Who's Victoria –?"

"More to the point," interrupted the Doctor, "why wouldn't I believe it to be you killing those people?"

Edward swallowed, and he took a breath to calm his clenching anger. "Me and my family aren't like the others of our kind," he said quietly. "We survive strictly on animal blood."

The Doctor shook his head, his disbelief clear. "Impossible."

"Doctor," said Rose softly, "I think he might be telling the truth. He hasn't hurt us so far."

The Doctor's jaw remained clenched, as he continued to give Edward a steely, cold glare. His hand was still wrapped around Rose's; he was clutching it so tightly she was beginning to lose feeling in it. She watched his face; watched as the defined lines of his features only became more bristled in anger and fear, his entire posture ready to run at any second.

"Doctor," she repeated, her voice desperate, pleading. Finally, he looked at her; his eyes softened, and his face relaxed slightly. Their eyes locked, her gaze telling him all it could it one look. "He saved me," she said quietly. "Before, there was a vampire... but Edward came and, I dunno, kinda scared him off."

Frowning, the Doctor's eyes swept over her body, clearly checking for signs of injury.

"I'm okay now," she insisted. "Edward saved me. Really."

Swallowing, the Doctor turned back to Edward and Bella. His confidence in the vampire hadn't really altered that much, Rose knew by looking at him, but he was nonetheless slightly more mannered as he asked, "Who's Victoria?"

When Edward's eyes turned cold again, Bella spoke up, "Victoria is this vampire we think is here in Seattle, building an army of new borns to..." she hesitated slightly, her eyes looking up at Edward's perfect face; she finally turned back to the Timelord, "to kill me," she admitted.

"Kill you?" Rose exclaimed, appalled. "You specifically? Why does she want to kill you?"

"Fraternizing with vampires, perhaps," the Doctor muttered, but his dark eyes now contained a glint Rose recognized as curiosity.

"It's a bit more complicated than that," Bella said softly.

"What are you doing here, then?" the Doctor asked, a frown furrowing the brows above his steel gaze. "Wanted to walk right into the middle of it?"

"I can assure you this is the very last place we want to be," Edward replied seriously. "Bella came here on an entirely absurd rescue mission. I came to bring her back."

"It wasn't absurd," Bella retorted angrily. "I was so sure –!" She stopped abruptly, taking a calming breath as Edward held her tighter.

"We are... trying, though, to stop Victoria," a growl left his mouth along with her name, "from hurting anyone else." Then he frowned steadily, and then gently smiled at Rose. "You don't need to help us."

Rose felt her eyes widen in surprise. Apparently he could most definitely hear her thoughts. She nodded firmly. "We do, though. We will. It's why we're here." She turned to the Doctor, and watched as a clear conflict took over his face; he looked torn. "Right Doctor?" she said softly.

He looked her in the eye, then back at Edward and Bella. "You're different, you say?" he asked. "You hunt animals? Really?"

Edward nodded. "I swear. We're not –" Then he stopped and frowned, started again, "Well, I won't lie. We are dangerous. But we're around humans all the time; we can be safe." He looked the Timelord steadily in the eye. "You can help us if you want. You can meet our family, tomorrow."

The Doctor still looked so very torn; his gaze was still very icy as he gazed at the vampire, so Rose made the decision for him. "Where do you live?" she asked. "We'll be there, tomorrow. We'll help you."

After the tiniest it of indecision, smiling slightly, Bella recited Edward's address. Edward's eyes were trained on Seattle's streets. "We have to go," he said quietly, his arms already tightly around Bella, as if ready to carry her. "You should leave, too. It's not safe here."

Then, in a fraction of time that was barely the blink of an eye, there was just a flash through the alley opening, and he and Bella were gone.

It was so abrupt, Rose was almost torn to believe that it had all been some sort of dream, or hallucination on her part. Only the Doctor's steely glare, facing the place Edward had been seconds before, was convincing her it had all been so very real. His eyes were still so dark, Rose was almost too afraid to say anything. "Doctor?" she finally whispered softly.

It seemed to break though his barriers. He swallowed, and his posture changed, relaxing slightly, though his vice like grip of her hand did not slacken. He turned and pulled her toward the alley opening. "Come on," he urged quietly. They walked quickly through the opening and out onto the busy city street, back toward the TARDIS.

Neither spoke as they hurried through the late afternoon bustle of American shoppers and commuters. The Doctor was still holding her hand just as tight though, and his eyes continued to scan the area around them, as if he expected something to reach down and threaten them at any minute.

Once they finally reached the TARDIS, the Doctor urged Rose through first before following and closing the door firmly behind him. Only then then did he allow an exhalation of relief to leave him. Rose watched in silence as he walked over to the console and put them into the vortex without saying a word. He then stopped and leaned against the console for a moment, his eyes falling shut, and a strange and new kind of silence took hold of the room.

"Doctor?" Rose finally said desperately when she couldn't take it anymore.

He opened his eyes – the darkness almost totally gone, they were now a honey brown colour – and his gaze rested on her. "Yes, Rose?"

"Are... are you okay?"

He frowned, his gaze darkening a little, until he suddenly chuckled softly. "Am I.... am I okay?" He walked over to where she was standing, his eyes running over her. "You're the one who almost got...." he trailed off. "Are you okay, Rose?"

"I'm fine," she said with a shrug, then her eyes settled on the console and she nodded at it, "are we gonna, you know, go now? To their house?"

His posture took a step back "No," he said a little too abruptly, causing Rose to frown at him. If he'd changed his mind... "We'll go, Rose," he promised quickly. "I just think we need some rest first. You go catch some sleep. The vampires well still be there tomorrow." He said it calmly enough, but she noticed how his eyes tightened through the statement.

"Doctor, what..."she hesitated a moment, her teeth biting nervously on her bottom lip. "You've seen them before," she said instead. "Vampires."

His face was totally unreadable as he replied. "Yes."

"Well, what..." she shook her head, staring at the smooth features of his face, the pain behind his eyes, "what happened? What did they do?"

There was a burning intensity and total devastation in his face as he murmured to her, so soft she could barely hear, "It doesn't matter right now." His gaze fell to the floor. "Go to bed, Rose. Long day tomorrow."

Hiding her hurt, slowly and ignoring the instinct to persist when she knew it was pointless, Rose turned into the TARDIS corridors and left the Doctor alone in the console room.

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