The Boy in the Attic

The Boy in the Attic

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"Hey! Kid!" Ichigo grumbled as he felt a sharp pain in his rear. "Hello! Are ya dead or just stupid? Oh wait, ya are dead…" Ichigo's eyes flew open at the comment, his eyes widening as he took in his surroundings; he was in a dark alley in what looked like a shady little village, and a short kid with bright red hair pulled into a pineapple-top ponytail stood before him.

Ichigo 'eep'ed as he slunk into a nearby wall, "who're you?!" he trembled as the boy crossed his arms, "how did I get here?"

The red-haired boy cocked an eyebrow as he kneeled down, "uh, well ya had to've dead to get 'ere, d'you know how that happened?"

The memories flooded his mind; his mother; so cold in that coffin, them sinking her into that deep hole all alone, she was at least 40 feet down, he had jumped in, he was engulfed in the black, he fell for a long time then—"I fell, and I died I guess, I died with my mother… in her grave.

The boy extended his hand to him and helped him up, "well at least you remember, that's a start." He led Ichigo out to the opening of the alley which spilled out into a dusty, shabby looking village, its streets littered with broken down carriages and abandoned market stalls. "C'mon, we better hurry back before somebody finds us!" He began to hastily walk through the deserted streets, Ichigo hot on his heels.

"Hey, I never found out your name?" Ichigo chimed as he struggled to keep up with the boy's brisk pace.

He cocked an eyebrow at Ichigo, "the name's Abarai, Abarai Renji, but you just call me Renji."

Ichigo smiled a big goofy smile as he clapped his small hands together, "what a cool name! I'm Ichigo!"

Renji stopped, sweat-dropping, "Ichigo? Like 'strawberry'?" Renji broke into hysterics, earning an angry scowl from Ichigo.

"Hey shut up okay! At least I don't look like a freaking pineapple!"

Renji was about to knock him so bad he went right back to where he came from but his actions where stopped as a small, dirty little hut came into view. "Ahhh", Renji sighed contently, "home sweet home, it ain't much but ya live with what ya—hey!" He was cut off as Ichigo ran off eagerly into the hut. "Get yer butt back here Strawberry!" He chased Ichigo into the shack and let out a relieved sigh as Ichigo plopped down in a vacant corner and hadn't managed to awake any of the other kids in the process.

Renji sat down next to him as Ichigo drooped down, obviously looking worn, "Renji, why do you act so grown up?"

Renji sighed, shrugging, "I dunno, I guess growin' up in the Rukon makes your childhood kinda fly by, you'll see, but not tonight. Tonight you just be a kid, okay?"

Ichigo smiled that cute, goofy smile of his, "okay, I will, goodnight Pineapple!"

Renji grinned as he wrapped his arms around Ichigo, burying his face in soft, tangerine spikes, "g'night Strawberry."


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