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"Straighten up, smile, and try to talk a little more cordially, mind your manners and don't get cocky."

"Okay Mother dearest," Renji chuckled at Byakuya's critical comments, "you're only making me more nervous by saying this stuff, I'll be fine."

Byakuya locked his gaze on the redhead and gave him a rare smile He looked around the large expanse of the enormous Dining Room in his family's mansion, trying to find something to distract him from his well-hidden nerves, no such distraction came. He had devised a plan to keep Renji from getting expelled, even though he knew that if the plan worked, they could never earn the title "lovers", and yet he was willing to take the risk if it meant saving Renji.

He looked down at the flame-haired boy, looking, for once, presentable in an expensive kimono and hakama layered with a silk hapeko, "You look marvelous", he whispered.

"I like sexy a lot better but if you gotta be all cordial with me," Renji winked slyly and turned to kiss Byakuya just as a quiet sliding was heard from behind them.

Byakuya froze, then spun around and bowed graciously to the man who just walked in, quickly followed by Renji. Byakuya nervously looked back up and gave sigh of relief as he saw that the man had been turned around the whole time and hadn't seen anything.

"Father, it's good to see you are well," Byakuya said, trying to remain calm and keep his voice steady.

The imperious man turned around and gave them both a gentle nod, "It is good to see you as well, my son."

Byakuya straightened back up and beckoned Renji to sit next to around the small tea table, slowly followed by his father. They sat in silence for several minutes before the silence was broken by a nervous looking maid hurrying into the room and setting a steaming kettle and a small pot of udon onto the table.

Renji took a slow breath and decided to just go for it, "It's a pleasure to meet you Kuchiki-sama." He pursed his lips, nervous for the aged man's reaction, what he wasn't prepared for was the man's large smile.

Byakuya smiled despite himself and looked from his Father to Renji, maybe perhaps, his far-fetched plan would work, maybe…

Kuchiki Senior straightened up slightly and began to speak, "I have always wanted two sons, one of those sons to be strong, outspoken, and to have great physical strength, and the other to have sharp intelligence, good judgment, and attentiveness to detail and individual details. Unfortunately, my wife was only capable of giving me one of these sons, Byakuya matching the latter, but there's no former."

The man took a slow sip of his black tea and kept a calculating gaze on Renji, taking in his appearance and demeanor, "Byakuya was absolutely right, you match perfectly."

Renji furrowed his dark eyebrows and looked at Byakuya questioningly, the raven-haired boy ignoring his stare, "I'm sorry Kuchiki-sama, but I don't really understand."

The man let off a slow chuckle, "Oh, I was merely saying how happy I am to see my son, and my future son, it really has been too long."


It was much too bright, he never much liked mornings, ever since his mother died, because her funeral was at dawn and every time he thought about it, it made his heart hurt. He squinted his eyes and looked around, he was in his room, but there was someone in his room too, and it wasn't Renji. The figure, from what he could see, was a woman, a dark-skinned girl with long violet hair and golden eyes.

Once Yoruichi noticed he was awake she smiled to herself and walked over to the bed he lay on, kneeling down and staring into his eyes, "damn, Rukongai boys just love to get hurt don't they?"

Ichigo tried to shift to the side to get a bit further from her but he was instantly stilled as a sharp pain shot through his body, eliciting and pained cry from him. He buckled, his body folding into itself as he let out a throttled cough, "Abarai!" he rasped desperately, clutching the sheets longingly and squeezing his eyes closed, trying to hold the tears in.

Yoruichi looked at him sympathetically and her caring nature came out despite itself, she leaned forward and pushed Ichigo's tangerine tendrils out of his face, "I'm Shihoun Yoruichi, I found you out on the grounds unconscious, I brought you back here." She attempted to wipe his tears, but he pushed her comforting hands away fiercely.

He turned over to face the wall away from her, his anger washing away his sadness, "I don't need you, I don't need anyone."

"Listen, I was just trying to help, if the deans had found you passed out the middle of campus you'd be in a shit-load of trouble! You might even have been expelled!" Yoruichi tried to turn him over so he could look at her but she quickly stopped when she saw him shake in agony, "Kid, I think you're really hurt."

Ichigo let out an angry yell, "Why can't you just leave and let me die here! Why is my life being prolonged like this! I don't give a shit anymore!" He stood up despite his better judgment and limped over to the other side of the dorm, grabbed the Huecen Hell Roses and the crystal vase and hurled them at the wall, collapsing with fatigue when it shattered and the roses disappeared in a black and red mist.

He reached over to the heap of broken crystal and grasped a long, sharp shard, he lifted up towards Yoruichi and beckoned her over, "Kill me now, with this; the present to Renji from his true lover, kill me."

Just as Yoruichi was about to refuse the door to the room burst open and Renji all but flew in, stopping as he saw a bruised, suicidal Ichigo collapsed on the floor, a shocked and surprisingly for her, scared Yoruichi staring at the long shard of crystal being pointed at her.


Yoruichi turned to him, looking shocked and relieved, "I've got to… um… go." She turned briskly and shunpo'd out of the room, her labored breath echoing through the halls.

Renji stood unmoving, looking at Ichigo with no emotion in his eyes, "What are you doing Kurosaki."

Ichigo looked up at him, his head throbbing and his eyes squinted, "Finishing what you started."

Renji felt his heart race and pangs of sadness wrack through him. What had happened to his happy Ichigo, his fun, vibrant Strawberry? Why was he collapsed like this, hadn't his every desire been fulfilled by Hisagi? Renji was just merely moving on. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't play games with me Abarai," Ichigo barked, followed by a hacking cough.

"Don't call me Abarai", Renji whispered, knowing he would have to break the news to him somehow. Byakuya's plan seemed sketchy at the time, but now that he thought about it, he would have many more benefits and opportunities this way, he could really be somebody. "That's not my name anymore."

Ichigo furrowed his brow, 'What is this bastard talking about?' he thought to himself, "What is it then?"

Renji took a deep breath and straightened up, "Boku wa Kuchiki Renji ima desu, as of today I was adopted into the noble Kuchiki clan."

Ichigo almost laughed at this, "Renji, you can't have your brother as your lover."

Renji snapped his head in Ichigo's direction, shock pummeling him, "H-how did you know about that?" Renji began to shake with fear, 'How did he know?' Renji thought, No one had seen them, he was sure of it, nearly positive, until now…

"That doesn't matter now, nothing matters! What matters is that you betrayed my trust, going and fucking that pompous bastard!" Ichigo nearly screamed, his voice cracking slightly.

"What are you talking about?" Renji roared, balling his hands into fists in frustration.

Ichigo couldn't believe his ears; did Renji think he was a complete baka?!? "I saw you! Before I passed out, I saw you with Byakuya!"

Renji was so angry that Ichigo was trying to blame him, this was ridiculous! "I only did that because you slept with Hisagi!"

Ichigo felt his throat constrict and he lost all self control, "HE RAPED ME YOU ASSHOLE!!!" He screamed, burying his face in his hands, his body shaking with silent sobs. He looked back up at Renji, his eyes wet with long buried tears, "H-he r-raped m-me, he t-took from m-me w-what I was s-saving f-for you."

Renji's knees buckled, "No…" he whispered, no, he couldn't have been wrong, there was no way, he was adopted into the Kuchiki family and now he was going to be happy.

Renji kneeled down in front of Ichigo and tried to t ouch his face but the orange haired boy pushed him away, "Don't touch me, I'm dirty, filthy, contaminated."

Renji looked into his eyes, tears forming, he didn't know how he was going to get out of this mess, but he knew he could do it if he had Ichigo by his side.

"No," he whispered, pulling Ichigo in a tight embrace. He placed his hand on Ichigo's chest, over his heart, and gently kissed the trembling boy's lips, "This right here, is not dirty."

~Anata wa kire desu~

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