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Chapter Twenty-One

Abby was still laid on the floor when Ziva walked in to her lab. Ziva had come to help Abby with her work as Tony and Gibbs had left to check out a suspect and Ziva had gotten bored with computer work. Agent Lee would pick up the slack anyway, she always did more than necessary to ensure Gibbs didn't get pissed off. When Ziva walked in however she found that the lab was apparently empty. Ziva walked around the island which housed Abby's computers and glanced around the lab. When she glanced towards the office space beyond Abby's lab she believed this was empty as well. She walked towards it to check.

"Abby are you in here?" Ziva called out as she walked towards the doors. It took her a split second between seeing Abby on the floor and kneeling down beside her. She took her hand and felt for a pulse, after finding a rapidly beating flutter she pressed a hand to Abby's forehead. Normal temperature, so Ziva spoke loudly to try and rouse Abby from her concussed state.

"Ziva?" She murmured after a few seconds of attempted arousal. Abby attempted to sit up and as she did so saw the phone hanging off the edge of her desk, Abby flew towards it knocking Ziva off her feet as she flung her arm out to aide her in her movement. Ziva landed back on the floor with a thud as Abby grasped at the telephone receiver.

"Timmy!?" She yelled down the phone. "Timmy? Where are you?" Ziva's expression flew to alarm at the point at which Abby spoke McGee's name. Ziva had wondered why Abby had flung herself towards the phone and she now knew that she believed she heard her late husband.

"Abby? Timmy isn't there." Abby glared at Ziva at her comment, pressing the receiver further in to her ear. The dialling tone now present as opposed to the voice she longed to hear. "When Tali died, I saw her everywhere. I once ran after a little girl in a supermarket because I thought it was her."

"Really? I'm not going mad? I really thought it was him Zee. I mean, I fainted, I really really thought it was him." Abby collapsed back against her desk, causing it to move several inches across the floor. Abby held the phone to her chest refusing to let her hope die. Ziva crawled towards her and wrapped an arm around Abby albeit rather forcefully. Abby smiled up at her and leant her head back against the desk closing her eyes as she did so.

Abby eventually dozed off in to a dreamless doze with Ziva's arm wrapped around her shoulders now much more relaxed. Ziva looked at Abby and attempted to pry the phone out of her grip. Just as Ziva dropped the receiver on to the base as quietly as possible a shrill ringing ran through the room. Abby immediately leapt up with a strangled yell, she dove for the phone pulling it up to her ear.

"Hello?" She practically yelled down the phone. Ziva stood up slowly and leant against the desk as Abby's face changed from expected hope and worry to a look of pure excitement. Ziva's eyebrows knitted as she watched Abby's own face light up. It was not until she heard her breath a sigh of relief and mutter Tim's name did Ziva yank the phone out of Abby's hand and yell down it herself.

"Listen, whoever you are you leave Abby alone alright this is not fair on her or anybody else who knew Timothy McGee so if you ever come near her again or contact her I will hunt you down and…" The rest of Ziva's sentence was lost as the man on the other side of the phone finally managed to shout Ziva's name loud enough for her to recognise his voice. Ziva froze a look of shock on her face. Abby in her moment of glee at Ziva's apparent loss of words pulled the phone back towards her own ear and began rambling in to the phone.

"Timmy? It's really you? I thought you rang earlier but I fainted when I heard your voice and then Ziva found me but that doesn't matter. What happened to you? I thought you was dead, everybody thought you was dead we buried you and everything Timmy. You have a grave although it's meant to have your body in it, so who was the guy that I buried? Where are you now anyway, are you coming home? I want to see you."

"I am coming home; it's why I'm allowed to ring you. I've been stuck up in this safe house for the past few weeks. It's horrible I have had nothing to do because they didn't want anybody to know I'm alive."

"Who are they?"

"I'll explain it all when I get back. I'm coming in to NCIS tomorrow. Brian Clements wants to talk to Gibbs, he's CIA. I love you Abby. I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too. I'm so glad you're alive though I never want to lose you again ever."

Abby and Tim stayed silent for several long minutes listening to each others breathing before one of them spoke.

"I have to go Abby. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"I love you Timmy."

Abby placed the phone back in place and looked up at Ziva with a large grin on her face.

"You don't know it is him, Abby, this could be a sick prank."

"It's him I recognise his voice."

"We have seen voice production software before. Look, I want it to be him as much as you. I just don't want you to get hurt. Just, until we see him then try not to get too excited ok?"

"Okay, I should go tell Gibbs, Come with me?"

"Don't you have work to do?"

Abby didn't even hear her as she pulled her by her wrist to the elevator she dove in side and hit the button for the bullpen. Ziva leant against the wall watching Abby bounce up and down on her heels. The second the doors opened she ran out a black blur screaming across the floor towards Gibbs desk. Ziva followed slightly more sedately.

"Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs!" Abby yelled as she ran towards him, he stood up as she flung her arms around her neck. "Guess-who-just-rang-me-ok-so-you-wont-guess-because-he-is-dead-but-he-isn't-anymore-my-Timmy-Gibbs-he-just-rang-me-he's-alive-he-said-something-about-the-CIA-or-FBI-but-he-is-coming-here-tomorrow-Gibbs-can-you-believe-it?" Abby ran off in one mouthful, while Gibbs just gaped at her.

"She said that a man claiming to be the late Timothy McGee contacted her twice in the past hour. He informed Abby he would be returning here tomorrow sometimes with a CIA escort." Ziva reported in a professional manner as she sat down on her desk, it was clear she didn't believe that he was alive.

"He is Timmy why don't you want to believe that Ziva?"

"I do Abby, I just don't want it to not be him and for you to suffer the pain over again. You didn't deal with losing him once very well, losing him again will tear you apart more."

"It's him. I know it. Don't worry."

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully as Abby struggled to focus on the work she had to do. Gibbs had taken to watching her for a while to try to speed up her work process. This left Tony, Ziva and Lee alone in the bullpen.

"Do you think it's really McGee?" Tony asked the room.

"I hope so for Abby's sake." Ziva replied her eyes not leaving her computer.

"I've been here nearly ten years and this is the most action packed year ever."

"Action packed?" Ziva queried.

"Yeah, like an action film, Its like straight out of a soap opera or something, You came back, Abby got hitched, Jenny came back from the dead, Tim … Gibbs changed rule number twelve."

"He should have changed it to shut up during work hours." Ziva quipped smiling up at Tony.

"Don't hid it Miss David, I know your glad he changed the rules. You couldn't have me otherwise."

Ziva rolled her eyes but struggled to keep her face straight. Her and Tony had been dating since that interesting elevator encounter although now that Tony wanted to spend a lot of his time with Ben he had partially moved in to the David household. Ziva didn't mind in fact she enjoyed having him around all the time. Ben adored Tony and had begun calling him Dad which shocked Tony at first before he started enjoying it. Ziva knew Tony had a photograph of the three of them in his wallet from a trip to the Zoo a few weeks ago, she had the same photo in her own purse.

The following day Abby was at work before anybody else. Ziva and Tony arrived together ten minutes early an average between Tony's arriving late and Ziva early. Abby was walking up and down in the space between one half of the bullpen and the other. When she heard the elevator ding she looked up but then glanced down in disappointment when she saw who it was. She stood in the centre of the bullpen bouncing on her tiptoes, watching the space in front of her.

"Abby?" Ziva said tentatively when she saw her, Abby slowly looked up, she saw Tony going to sit at his desk.

"You two were holding hands. Finally getting it on then?"

"If it is him Abby, he will be here. We all know he would never let you down on purpose."

"What if its not him though, what if you was right what if…" The rest of Abby's sentence was cut short as the elevator dinged again. The young Goth sprung upright on to her tiptoes and stared as the greying Gibbs stepped out, followed by the old Director of NCIS.

"Hey Abby, Jethro told me what was happening and I thought I'd tag along to work with him." Jenny smiled before hugging Abby who squeezed her back gratefully. Jenny smiled and nodded at Ziva and Tony before going to sit on the edge of Gibbs desk to watch the Goth and her enthusiastic bouncing. Several long moments passed and eventually Gibbs vanished to go and get coffee for everybody.

"Do you want to sit down Abs?" Tony tried as the Goth had been pacing for nearly half an hour, if not longer as they had no idea when she arrived at work that morning; or if she even left the day before.

"No, I can't Tony. I'm waiting for Timmy." Abby had already unceremoniously cleared Agent Lee's belongings away from McGee's desk and had cleared it and re-organised it as it was before McGee had left.

"You can wait and sit." Tony tried but this was only met by a glare. A few minutes passed by until a familiar ping interrupted the silence.

"It'll be Gibbs Abby." Ziva tried to calm the Goth down as she leant over the partition to see who was inside. Ziva wasn't expecting the squeal that she got in her ear that followed Abby's realisation.

"Timmy!" Abby ran full speed towards the elevator. She flew herself on top of her husband who had only just made it out of the elevator and the force of Abby's hug sent them both flying backwards. Tim hit the floor with a thud but he didn't seem to mind as he had just been reunited with his wife.

Gibbs stepped out of the elevator a grin on his face and two trays with five coffee cups and an extra large Caf-Pow. He stepped over the McGee's and walked in to the bullpen. He placed a coffee on everybody's desk, Ziva, Tony, Lee, Tim and his own before giving the last one to Jenny. He left the Caf-Pow on Tim's desk, for Abby to collect.

A man had stepped out of the elevator with Gibbs and McGee and he was now half way up the steps to the director's office, the team ignored him overcome with relief that McGee was not really dead. After Abby had relinquished her hold on him, which was quite a while, he greeted the rest of the team members happily.

"Abby said you didn't believe it was me."

"Right. I didn't want it to be some sick prank."

"You spend too much time around Tony, Ziva." Ziva just smiled before hugging her old friend.

"Did you miss me Probie?" Tony asked with his tell tale grin.

"Did you miss me?"

"A small amount perhaps." He answered.

"He was devastated." Abby chipped in for Tony.

"Boss." McGee nodded. "Glad to be back here again." He and Gibbs shook hands before McGee turned to Jenny.

"Dir-Jenny. I'll get used to it eventually." He grinned as Jenny hugged him with a happy laugh.

Abby hugged McGee again, obviously incredibly happy to get him back in her life. The next few hours passed by in a peaceful yet jovial manner. The man returned to the bullpen eventually to give McGee the all clear; he could now declare himself alive again. Abby had cheered at this before hugging the man she had never met before. The team had laughed at her as the man grinned before exiting he waved at McGee who waved back before he was gone from their lives, putting this mess behind them.

"Yanno Abby, I didn't leave you on purpose, I love you."

"I know; I love you too."

"Wherever you go, I go. Forever."