"Sara!" a teenage girl called out.

"What, April?" Sara walked into the bathroom to see what her sister wanted.

"Can't we play hookie?" April asked. She hated school and was constant getting herself into trouble.

"April, you're constantly getting suspended. You play hookie the most!" Sara pointed out.

Sara felt someone tapping on her side. "Sara?"

She looked down at her five-year-old sister, Angela. She was crying. Sara kneeled down to her height. "What's wrong, Ang? She asked, wiping Angela's tears.

"I can't find Boo-Bear! He was on my bed when I got up. I want to bring him to show- and –tell." The little girl sobbed. Boo-Bear was Angela's favorite stuffed animal; she brought it to show-and-tell atleast once a week. Her mom gave it to her a week before her death, so Angela treasured it. Their mother, Lucy, was murdered for years ago. Sara, who was twenty at the time, took on the responsibility of caring for her younger sisters while attending college. If it wasn't for Anita, Sara's best friend and the girls' regular babysitter, Sara wouldn't have made it through college and Quantico.

"It's okay. April, help her find Boo-Bear." Sara asked.

April gave her a dirty look. "Can't you see that I'm busy?" April was thirteen and was starting to wear make up. She spent a lot of time in the bathroom putting up her make up and fixing her hair.

"Yes, I know, you have to look perfect for the seventh grade." She looked down at Angela. "Okay, stop crying and get dressed. Boo-Bear is around here somewhere." Angela left the bathroom. Sara looked at April. "Be nice to her."

"I still want to play hookie." She replied coldly.

"You do. Every time you get suspended." Sara growled. Today was her first day as an F.B.I. agent and she was a little nervous.

"That's not hookie. You make me go to daycare with Maya." April complained.

On that note, they heard a baby crying. "Speaking of Maya. Hurry up and help Angela." She headed to Maya's room. She walked into the room to see her six month old daughter sitting up in her crib, crying. "Aww, what's wrong, sweetie." She lifted the baby up from her crib. Once she was safely in her mother's arms, Maya stopped crying. Sara carried her daughter to her dresser. She sat the baby down on it. She held her up with one hand and went through the drawers with the other. After she dressed Maya, they went into the living room. Sara put Maya in her playpen, which she didn't seem to like.

"I found him!" Angela came running in the living room and started jumping up and down. "I found him! I found him!"

"Good! Where was he?" Sara asked.

"Under her bed." April walked in.

"Okay, we are running late, have you two eaten?" Sara asked, picking up Maya and her diaper bag. They nodded that they had. "Okay, we're running late. April, do me a favor and give Maya her bottle in the car."

They all loaded into Sara's car. April was feeding Maya and Angela was cuddling with Boo-Bear. The first stop was Angela's school. She was in Kindergarten. "I'll be right back. No getting out of the car." Sara and Angela got out of the car. Five minutes later, Sara returned to the car finding Maya alone in the car. Sara, ticced off, unhooked the sleeping baby from her car seat and took her out of the car. She looked around for April. She spotted her across the street talking to three guys. None of them looked anywhere near her age. Sara, still holding Maya, walked across the street. When she reached them, she pulled out her shield. "Agent Sara Drew, F.B.I, who are you and why are you talking to my thirteen year old sister?"

They guys looked shocked. One of them spotted the gun on her side. "Thirteen?" he spoke up. "Sorry, chica, we don't need a longer rap sheet." Then he looked at Sara. "Lo siento."

They walked off. "Was that really necessary?" April asked, furiously.

"You wanna talk about necessary? Was it necessary to leave your niece alone in the car? This is why I don't trust you enough to baby-sit the girls. Get in the car!"

They walked back across the street, to the car. "What's the big deal?" April asked as they drove to her school.

"The big deal is I could have been arrested or worse, someone could have taken her!" Sara looked through the rearview mirror at her, as they pulled up to her school. "Don't get into trouble!"

"Whatever." She replied as she slammed the car door.

Sara looked down at her cell phone for the time once she got to headquarters and realized for was late. In her defense, Sara did warn Pollock before hand.

"Agent Drew, you're late on your first day." Pollock, her new boss, said as he walked up to her at her desk.

"I warned you, sir. I had to take my sisters to school and my daughter to daycare. I told you I wouldn't be here until 8:30. If you don't like that, then fire me." She fired back without even looking at him.

"Sisters? Where are your parents?"


"And your baby daddy?"

"Decided he didn't want to be a dad."

"How old are you, Agent?"


"So, you're a twenty-four-year-old F.B.I agent and a single mother, not only taking care of your infant daughter, but also your orphaned sisters. Are you sure that this is the right job for you?" He inquired.

"You'll have the answer to that after my first case. Anymore questions?" She was getting annoyed with all the questions.

"Insubordinate, you and Agent Scott will get along." He looked at Nicole and Jess' desks. "On the bright side, you're the first one here. Excuse me." She watched as he went to his office. We are gonna butt heads regularly,she thought to herself.

"Agent Scott, where are you? I'm actually starting to worry. I hate it when you make me do that! CALL ME!" He hung up the phone and immediately picked it back up and started dialing. "Cortez, you three are late. Call me." He hung up and picked up again. "Mastriani, where are you, Scott, and Cortez? Do me a favor, Call me!" He really was worried. Nicole was late an occasion, but Antonio and Jess were not. In fact, Jess was pretty anal about being on time. He walked out of his office to Sara and handed her a sheet of paper. "Agent, your first case: find your team!"