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As she saw the figure outside her bedroom window break the glass using some blunt object, Sara quickly opened the top drawer of her nightstand and grabbed her gun. She ran from the room and stopped in April and Angela's room first. She saw the girls jump up at the sound of their door hitting the wall after it opened. "Girls, get up, come on!" she quickly ordered. Neither girl bothered arguing, for they could tell in the tone of their older sister's voice that something was very wrong. The gun in her hand was a dead give-away, as well. April took Angela by the hand and led her over to Sara. Angela held Boo-Bear tightly against her as they left the room. Maya's room was across the hall. Sara and the girls heard the sound of breaking glass and little Maya crying before they even opened the door. "Stay put." Sara told the girls.

"Be careful." April whispered as Sara went running in the room.

A masked man, dressed in black, was already climbing through the window. Sara wasted no time in picking up Maya and running from the room. Sara handed Maya off to April. If she ended up in a shoot out, she couldn't do it holding her six-month-old daughter. Sara led the way down the hall putting with her gun in front of her. As they made it to the living room they noticed another masked man, this time dressed in navy blue, was already there. Their once locked apartment door looked as if it were kicked open. "None of you are leaving." The man said with a hispanic accent.

"Wanna bet!" Sara challenged. She fired her weapon and hit the man in the shoulder. "Run!" She yelled at the girls as the man went down. She pushed the girls in front of her and the girls ran out the door. As Sara tried to follow, she felt strong arms wrap around her waist and she felt herself being pulled away from the door and pushed onto the ground. A man jumped on top of her and punched her face. She grunted in pain, as she tried to push him off. She dropped her gun, not good.

The girls didn't even look back before running out of their apartment building. They made it as far as Sara's car. April sat Maya on the hood, before picking Angela up and sitting her next to the baby. April turned to look at Sara, only to notice that Sara wasn't with them. "Sara!" the teen screamed.

"April, I'm scared." Angela whispered, with tears running down her face. Maya was still crying.

"It's going to be okay. We're going to be okay." April assured her. She had to think. She's never been in this kind of a situation. God, Sara, get out here! She picked Maya off the hood and helped Angela off the car. "Get on the floor of the back seat." She instructed, pushing Angela toward the door.

Angela opened the door and climbed in. April handed her Maya. Sara forgot to bring Maya's pacifier inside, so it was still in her car seat. Angela picked it up and put it in Maya's mouth and baby stopped crying. "April, aren't you coming in, too?" Angela asked.

April nodded. "I'm going to find someone that can help us. Just stay here and don't make a sound." She answered.

Angela blew her a kiss as she closed the door. April began running to the building again. She just barely made it out of the parking lot when someone grabbed her and pulled her back against his chest. April screamed and tried to fight the person. "April, April! It's okay, calm down." Nicole said as she stepped in front of her.

Seeing Sara's teammate, April instantly relaxed. The person holding her released her. April turned around and saw that it was Collin. "Thank God." She said as Antonio, Pollock, and Jess appeared.

"Where are Sara and the girls?" Nicole asked.

"Angela and Maya are hiding in the car. Sara is still in our apartment, it's on the first floor and the only apartment with its door kicked open." She answered.

"Jess, stay with the girls!" Collin said, as he, Nicole, Antonio, and Pollock ran into the building.

Sara kneed the man on top of her in the groin, before pushing him off of her. She quickly stood up. With one man clutching his man hood and another man clutching his bleeding, wound shoulder, all she had to do was worry about was the last man. Before she could look around for him, he pined her back against his chest and held something that felt like metal tight against her neck. She couldn't breathe, but that didn't stop her from trying to fight herself away. She saw the door; all she needed to do was get to the door. The man turned them both away from the door. It felt like he was crushing her wind pipe. She kicked, she tried to punch and head butt, but it was all in vain. She could see black spots now. She thought of her sisters and her daughter as she fought. What would happen to them if she died? Things were getting very dark now. She heard a faint sound of a gun shot as she blacked out.

Sara felt someone shaking her and a voice calling her name, but it seemed so far away. She heard more voices; they were getting closer now. Sara slowly opened her eyes and saw Collin kneeling over her. "Sara, thank God." He sighed in relief. Sara tried to sit up, but Collin was holding her down. "Don't get up yet."

She ignored him and pushed him away. She stood up and noticed that two of three men that broke into her apartment with the intent to kill her and the girls were still in her living room. There were cuffed and sitting on the couch with Nicole, Antonio, and Collin watching them. Pollock was putting pressure on the navy blue guy's shoulder wound. The other man, wearing dark green, was lying dead on the floor. Sara could see the gunshot to his back. "You okay, Sara?" Nicole asked.

Sara only nodded in reply. She took a good look at the men on the couch. Their masks were off and Sara recognized them. They were the men Sara found April talking to a few days earlier. She walked over to them. "You guys killed my mother, didn't you?" She asked. Her voice was hoarse and her question came out as a whisper.

"We did." The man she shot answered.

Sara said nothing more and walked out of her apartment. Collin quickly followed her. They walked out the apartment building and saw Jess waiting outside with the girls. The girls wasted no time in running to her. Sara wrapped her arms around the three and couldn't stop the tears that fell.

Three weeks later:

It was Angela's sixth birthday and Sara invited the team, Pollock, and Collin to her apartment. Pollock brought his family with him. Angela's birthday party was the next day and she was having about twenty loud five and six year olds over. Everyone was having a great time and was putting all the drama from three weeks ago behind them. Other than having a few nightmares, April and Angela never gave what happened that night much thought. Sara was just happy they got out of it alive and that the girls weren't hurt in anyway. She was also grateful that her mother's killers were behind bars and that her team and Collin came to her rescue. Collin still watched Jess like a hawk, but he was slowly letting down his guard at Jess' request. Jess, Nicole, and Antonio were not as tense as they were a couple weeks ago. They were moving on and living their lives. Pollock was just happy his agents were happy and healthy.

Angela was jumping up and down. She was very happy with the present she got from everyone. Nicole and Jess both gave her barbies, Collin got her Guess Who, Antonio got her a paint set, and Pollock and his family got her more coloring books and crayons. Sara decided to give her her present tomorrow at her party.

The adults watched in amusement as Angela played, happily, with Pollock's two kids and April holding Maya's hand, helping the infant walk around the living room. The baby laughed insanely at everyone around her. She only learned to walk last week.

They all had a good time. Sara ordered pizza. After the pizza, Angela was begging for cake. Angela's favorite cake was vanilla ice cream cake. Sara took the cake from the freezer and after everyone sung happy birthday, everyone dug in.

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