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Summary: Part of the My Love Shall Ever Live Young extras... in the main story, Emmett mentions kicking Jasper's ass 'cause he'd caught him with Bella in the backseat at a high school football game.

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Little Sister

He'd come back to Forks from UDub to see the old team win the game that sent them to the playoffs, to cheer on his old teammates, and bask in nostalgia for a few moments. The game is long over, and the high school's parking lot rapidly approaching empty, when Emmett sees Jasper's crappy little hatchback.

The windows are just beginning to fog up, and with the hatchback's faint rocking, Emmett knows that someone is back there with him. Good ol' Jasper, folding his long, lanky-ass body into the backseat of the little car, with a girl, no less. He doesn't know how his friend does it; Emmett is claustrophobic just sitting in the tin can with wheels.

He shakes his head. Maybe it's Alice. She's had a crush on his buddy Jasper for years now; she could be avoiding her parents by not using her own car. The idea of little Alice banging some guy in the backseat of a car isn't appealing-is actually pissing him off as he thinks about it-but it's Alice and he knows she's aware of boys and social do's-and-don'ts. Better than his sister, who has zero experience with boys.

With a smirk, Emmett settles on righteous anger and a healthy does of violent mischief. He'll kick Jasper's ass for "taking advantage" of Alice (as if Alice the All-Knowing could be taken advantage of) and then they'll be the cute couple Alice has always wanted, and everything will be right in the world.

Flexing his fists, he prepares to have some fun at Jasper's expense. It isn't often he leaves the way wide open like this.

He's about three seconds from ripping open the door and embarrassing his friend when he gets a good look through the window at who is in the backseat with his old teammate. It isn't Alice. In that instant, he understands the phrase "to make the blood boil." Before, it had been something he thought was stupid-boiling blood would hurt, right? Pain equaling anger hadn't made sense.

He almost laughs, it's so ridiculous; he knows the reputation of Ice Queen that Bella has. That she'd be doing something she should never, ever, be doing, and in such a low place as the backseat, is unbelievable. But it is Bella in the back. With Jasper between her legs. Bella's shirt is pushed up around her shoulders and she is all skin, and Emmett can see almost everything-including what Jasper is doing to his baby sister.

Seeing his sister almost completely naked in the seat wrenches his gut. He stumbles back several steps in shock. It couldn't be-it isn't-but it is. His piece of shit best friend is going down on Emmett's baby sister. That dirty mother fucker.

Emmett wants, in that moment, a red-hot poker. First he'll use it to castrate Jasper, then he'll use it to gouge out his own eyes in an attempt to erase the memory of seeing Bella like that. He swore over her crib, gave his word, that he'd protect her and look out for her, and he's failed. Because of the guy he'd thought of as his brother from another mother.

Bella's voice carries out from the car, and Emmett knows that he can't barge in and interrupt. He can beat Jasper to a pulp whenever he wants, and he surely will, but Bella is the single most important person in his life after their mother, and nothing is worth her being hurt. If he does the wrong thing and she's very hurt, he's afraid she'll shut him out completely. He can't stand the thought of her not talking to him.

He walks away and hates himself for it. What he ought to be doing is breaking Jasper's face in the woods lining the parking lot.

At his parent's house, he folds himself into the porch swing and waits. He hopes revenge really is best cold. Or maybe lukewarm. He knows he won't wait long enough for it to get cold. The image of Bella, almost naked with her legs spread wide for Jasper, is seared into his mind and he will never, ever forget it. He lurches to the railing, and the chili dog he'd eaten comes back up onto Renee's flowers.

He's not sure how long he sits there, rocking pensively, getting angrier and angrier, but he's wound tight when Jasper's little hatchback trundles up their driveway and Bella slides out, looking pleased with herself. She blinks in surprise when she sees Emmett sitting on the porch, but she recovers quickly, and bounces up the steps to give him a big hug.

"Big brother! I saw you at the game, but you never said 'hi!' Did you have fun?"

"I did. It was a good game." Emmett can barely keep his voice even. But that's the deal: don't let Bella know anything is wrong. Get her inside. Get Jasper alone. So he bears it, and smiles down at her. "Jasper had a good game, so I'm taking him out for some guys-only time. You okay with that?"

She shrugs, looking blissfully unconcerned. "Sure. Why wouldn't I be?"

Oh I don't know, Emmett thinks. Because girls get clingy when they start banging their boyfriends.

Emmett arches an eyebrow. "Jasper's bringing you home from the football game. Usually that means-"

Bella huffs. "Don't be silly. It's just Jasper, brother bear. Go do your guy thing." She gives him another quick hug, and then darts inside.

Just Jasper? What the hell does his (former) buddy think, stringing his baby sis along like this? You don't do what they were doing and call your partner in crime 'just' anyone. White heat fills Emmett's eyes. It doesn't take him long to bound down the stairs and make it to Jasper, who's gotten out of the car, but made no move to tell Bella goodnight.

"Hey man," Jasper says, and holds out his fist in greeting.

Emmett's return fist bump is harder than necessary, and Jasper's eyes lower in confusion.

"Want to go out for a bit?" Emmett can't help the growl that accompanies his words, and he's glad to see that in addition to confusion, he now sees Jasper look worried.


It's half answer, half question, but Emmett isn't answering, and instead he slides into the passenger seat and shuts the door with a slam.

"The usual place?"

Usually when they hang out, they go to a quiet spot in the woods where they can overlook a small ravine and just shoot the shit. Emmett doesn't want to go there, though. It's too special. Bringing Jasper there now will only pollute it.

"Nah. That's a bit of a drive tonight. What about the park out behind the bus barn?"

Jasper shrugs in agreement and points the tin can in the right direction. When they pull up to the park, which is hidden from view of the town by a row of thick manicured hedges and the fence that surrounds the school district's bus maintenance barn, Emmett launches himself out of the car and walks around to the driver's side. Jasper has the window down, so Emmett leans in, resting his forearms on the door, and gets in Jasper's face.

"I saw you in the parking lot tonight. With Bella in the back seat. We're going to have a talk."

"Emmett-" Jasper's face is white, and he has a classic 'oh shit!' expression.

It stoke's Emmett's anger high, and in the beat of his heart he's as enraged as he was standing there in the high school parking lot. There's no thought. He rips open the door and reaches into the car and wraps his hand around the closest part of Jasper that he can reach-his left bicep-and, powered by anger, he drags his friend out of his car and shoves him into the cracked asphalt and gravel. He kicks the door shut.

Emmett bends down and snatches Jasper up again, and it is like his friend isn't close to his own height, or a wiry lean kind of muscled. Jasper had parked close to the tree line along the back side of the park, so he hauls the now struggling Jasper into the woods.

He has every intention of putting Jasper into the hospital. The guy was his friend. His cousin had been crushing on him for years. And what does the jackass do? Take Bella, Emmett's baby sister and Alice's best friend, in the fucking back seat in the high school parking lot.

Bella is worth so much more. Alice deserves better. Their friendship should've been stronger than this.

He whips Jasper around and all but tosses him into a thick fir tree. Emmett is viciously gratified to see little bits of blood where Jasper's palms and forearms had hit the cracked asphalt. He hopes the tree's bark bites into his back.

Jasper opens his mouth and starts to say something, but his eyes lock on Emmett's, and whatever it is he sees there-rage? hatred? betrayal? disappointment? There's so much Emmett is feeling, it could be anything-and he closes his mouth, just nodding once, accepting the inevitable punishment.

Emmett is already swinging. He feels Jasper's nose and cheek under his fist, and hears a snap, and knows that at the very least, the boy's nose is broken. He whips his arm back for a second swing, and the sight of the other boy, sagging against the tree and bleeding, is satisfying, but not enough. Nothing will be enough for what he'd seen tonight, for the casual disregard his friend had shown Bella when he'd brought her home after.

Jasper doesn't fight back, and Emmett takes it as tacit agreement that he'd fucked up and won't repeat the offense. When he's finished venting his rage on the friend he'd brought into his home and into the lives of his family, when he's punished him for the utter betrayal, he scoops the unresisting form up into his arms and carries him to the backseat, where Jasper's blood drips onto the cloth upholstery and, Emmett hopes, wipes out the stains of any other fluids that might be there.

He drives Jasper to the hospital. Looking in the review mirror as they pull into Forks General, he glares at the swollen face he sees. Jasper's eyes haven't swollen completely shut, yet, and Emmett is pretty sure Jasper can see him. "Not a word to Bella about this," he warns. "You can tell Uncle Carlisle whatever you want, I'll deal with that fallout if I have to, but not a word to my little sister. We clear?"

Jasper's nod is short, but definitive.

Emmett cradles his friend against his chest as he carries him into the emergency room, and it's when harsh florescent hospital lights illuminate them that he sees all the damage that he's done, and he begins to regret giving into his anger.

Charlie and Carlisle have been telling him for years that at his size, with his remarkable strength, he can't loose control of his temper, but that's exactly what he's done. The nurses swarm over them, Jasper is placed on a gurney, and they work quickly to take care of him. The vestiages of Emmett's fury are gone, now, as he assess Jasper's injuries. Both eyes are swollen shut, nose obviously broken, left cheekbone a misshapen swollen mass, jaw twisted oddly. Emmett winces. He remembers how that hit felt. Jasper's holding his left arm at a weird angle, and Emmett realizes it's probably dislocated; he has a vague memory, through the haze of anger, of feeling the shoulder give. Bruising is already starting to show up, and it's painfully clear that along with the obvious injuries Jasper is going to be a patchwork of black bruises soon.

Christ. Had he done that? To his friend?

Emmett's stomach heaves, but he's frozen to the spot, his feet planted firmly on the linoleum floor. He wants to look away, but he can't because that's his friend they're rushing to the back, and he's the one who hurt him. Uncle Carlisle comes up to him, is talking, but it sounds like he's speaking through water, his words indistinct and distorted. Emmett can't look at him anyway because he's too busy tracking the gurney as it's wheeled to the back. Where the surgical rooms are.

He focuses on his immediate surroundings in time to see Uncle Carlisle examining his hands, which are bruised, scrapped, and bloody at the knuckles.

"My office," Carlisle snaps, his expression grim.

He can only nod dumbly in response.

He hopes Jasper doesn't die, he isn't permanently hurt, and that his friend's baseball scholarship at UDub isn't ruined by his injuries. He hopes he's forgiven for acting like he's nothing better than a thug.

In his uncle's office, he drops into a chair and rests his elbows on his knees, his head in his hands.


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