Fields of Gold

Chapter 14: After You

"They're together, right?"

The dark haired woman in the passenger seat of the car looked at the back seat. Her blond haired child was sitting in her booster seat, her black dress a tad messy and her hair falling out of its bun. Bethany sighed and rested her head against the seat as she watched her 6 year old daughter.

"Yes, Kimmy, they're together. They're happy and safe. I promise."

"Uncle B?"

"What is it, kiddo?" asked the man driving the car. He had surrendered the jacket that went with his suit to the 6 year olds little brother who was asleep in his carseat.

"Are they watching us?"

"I'm sure they are. Grandma and Grandpa are gonna watch you and keep you safe until you can join them in Heaven."

Kimmy nodded, "What about Jacob?"

"Jacob, too." Bethany answered as she reached over and took her little brothers hand in hers.

Bartleby had tears in his eyes that he was trying to fight back by clenching his jaw. He stared at the road and tried not to think about the events of the day. The service had been beautiful, but it hurt to put both his parents in the ground.

"They're in a better place, B."

"I know." he said, his grip on the steering wheel loosening a bit, "It still hurts."

Bethany nodded, "I know. But it'll get better. And we'll see them again."

He nodded, "Yeah."

Gabi sat down in the shade of a tree they had found. Bartleby sat down beside her, and they stared over the hills. "I named my son after you, you know." she said at last, her head leaning back against the tree trunk, "Well we did. Loki and I, I mean."

Bartleby looked at her, "You had a son?"

"And a daughter, named her Bethany. She got married 8 years ago, 2 years later she had her daughter. Who she named Kimberly, and then a few years after that she had her son. She named him Jacob."

Bartleby nodded.

"They were cute."

"Do you think Loki's coming?"

Gabi nodded, "Yeah. But I didn't expect him to be on time. He's usually a little late."

"I am not."

Gabi smiled and looked up at him, "You are too."

The End

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