The Beginnings of Understanding A Majin Tanei Nougami Neuro fanfiction by Unknown D Flamerose.

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Yako is going through the period of life, changing from a young lady to an adult. Those changes in her physically, mentally, and her own personal confidence are noticed by the demon and are growing to his liking.

Summary, of the First Half Chapter 3 to chapter- undecided

She is going through the period of life where she changes from a young lady to an adult. Yako is growing more mature in both body and mind, she is becoming a woman; her self-confidence becoming stronger. These physical and personality changes are noticed by the demon. Her ability to understand human emotions have evolved increasingly. Through time, he has observed his slave evolving to be more mature, more confident, more intelligent, more understanding--all more rapidly then he had anticipated. And these changes are growing to his personal liking.

Neuro's way of treating her has not altered--so it seems. Until reading further in the chapters, you shall notice more of their own understanding for each other. Thus the outcome begins to form. (As we continue reading The Beginnings of Understanding)

The rating shall change to M due to all the soon to be said horrible, sadistic and just plain bad jokes; may contain adult material.

Unknown D Flamerose

Sorry !! I had a writers block on how to start the story!! I think I might start off with a background chapter...or from somewhere in the manga...