Xiana: Happy late Atobe's birthday, everyone! This story is based mostly on the mini-movie thing, Atobe's Gift, so if you haven't seen it, you may want to watch it before reading, though it's not entirely necessary... It's a good movie though. Lots of fanservice. Lots of Atobe. And a very ambiguous and completely absurd ending, which I am taking advantage of here. To that end, this story begins a few minutes before the movie ends, and will continue from there!

It might be important to listen to the song that goes along with each chapter. In this case, it is Departures! Sung by Aozu! This is the perfect song to go along with this chapter, because it's also the end of the movie!


Chapter 1: Departures

"And though the night is coming to a close, dear friends, not one of you should even think of leaving."

The arrogant drawl, made slightly scratchy by the loudspeaker it echoed from, was music to the girls' ears. "Did you hear that, Sakuno-chan? Does he mean we can stay here, with Ryoma-sama and all the rest, forever?"

"It certainly sounds that way, Tomo-chan." After a brief second in which they confirmed that they weren't dreaming, Ryuuzaki Sakuno and Osokada Tomoka hugged each other, squealing loudly.

Some of the nearby guests looked as if they wanted to do the same, but refrained because they weren't familiar with their neighbors or had too much masculine pride to hug another teenage boy. Shiraishi Kuranosuke, one of the former, left to search for one of his teammates (He had heard Tooyama Kintarou yelling about his friend "Koshimae," so he was probably still close by) after coughing slightly nervously. Shishido Ryou, who was one of the latter, turned to his doubles partner, Ootori Choutarou and instead said, "Sure is nice of Atobe to do all this for us. Did you know Kabaji was that important to him?"

Whatever Choutarou had to say in response was drowned out by the roar of huge engines from somewhere far below them. Suddenly, the roof of the convention hall split to reveal a fishbowl-like dome towering over the room and the body of the largest airplane anyone had ever seen.


At the ballroom that served as his headquarters, Atobe Keigo smirked. "It seems everything's going according to plan. Even Ore-sama is impressed by how well the servants did this time. Heh. Regardless, I've heard that there's a grand festival being held down in Rio de Janeiro, and it seems to me that when we get there, we'll be just in time to continue celebrating your birthday, ne, Kabaji?"

"It's not my birthday," Kabaji Munehiro rumbled from his usual position beside Atobe.

Atobe turned to him in mock exasperation. "Can't you just-" He was cut off by a butler, who informed him that preparations had been completed and the aircraft was ready for take-off. Completely forgetting about his conversation with Kabaji, Atobe strode confidently over to the control panel and, after strapping himself in securely and waiting for his companions to do the same, pressed the large red button marked "Launch." He lounged comfortably in his chair as the main boosters fired up and the surrounding city block disappeared, replaced by a large runway.


The other tennis players and miscellaneous guests were not aware of these actions, and thus could not enjoy the liftoff as much as Atobe as they were not securely restrained and consequentially slid all around the building as gravity and other properties of physics did their work. Kaidoh Kaoru was particularly unlucky, for after crashing through one of the many booths that had been set up to profit from the festivities, he was consequentially followed –and crushed- by Yanagisawa Shinya, Kurobane Harukaze, Amane Hikaru, and all 4 members of the popular J-Pop idol group, The Chocolates. The worst part about the situation was that "David" had joked, "I must be caramel filling because I'm surrounded by Chocolates," and the girls had started giggling. Bane, blushing fiercely, had aimed a kick at David… but missed and hit Kaidoh instead.

Others fared almost as badly, but some had little to complain about. For example, Kamio Akira was able to accidentally-on-purpose run into Tachibana An and then told her that the only way he could make up for it was to protect her from any others who lost their balance, which mainly consisted of him embracing her tightly while she attempted to get away without hurting his feelings. Momoshiro Takeshi used the commotion as an excuse to dive head-first into the buffet table, figuring he could explain his gluttony by claiming that, having already contaminating the food, he didn't want to let it go to waste. Marui Bunta had the same thought, and attempted to leap into the desserts, but miscalculated and landed on top of the previously-sleeping Akutagawa Jirou, who woke up right away but nearly passed out again from the sheer excitement of being jumped by his hero.

After the plane got off the ground and leveled out, most of the passengers made their way to the center of the vehicle in search of their friends and teammates, mostly so they could complain about being kidnapped so suddenly without much warning at all. They briefly noticed some lights glowing on the ground, but didn't pay much attention to them even though they might have been arranged in the form of an important message. Of course, they were far more concerned with the safety of themselves and others, and a well-known fact is that only nerds have time to read.

After reading Atobe's message, Inui Sadaharu and Yanagi Renji grinned before opening their ever-present notebooks and scribbling furiously in them.

"There has been some good data to gather today, Sadaharu," Yanagi commented, turning to a fresh page in his book.

"Yes, Renji. Very good data indeed…" Inui's glasses glinted evilly as he finished a paragraph regarding Atobe's ability to play doubles.

The others didn't think that there was any good data to be found at all, as they had far more pressing concerns. "Ne, Yuushi! Isn't that Atobe annoying, taking us all away without so much as a warning?" Mukahi Gakuto shouted, catching sight of his doubles partner Oshitari Yuushi in the crowd. He jumped, flipped, and landed on Oshitari's shoulders. "Some guys from Saint Reindeer or whatever ran into me while we were taking off, so I'm all bruised up now!"

Oshitari, who was strangely used to it, didn't even flinch when Gakuto landed on him. "Indeed, I believe it caught us all by surprise. The name of that school is St. Rudolph. And I don't know what you want me to do about your injuries. Do you need me to kiss them and make them all better?" he asked dryly.

"Nooooo, I just wanted a little sympathy. What are you thinking? I'm pretty sure you're not my mother, Yuushi." Gakuto climbed off of Oshitari to stand in front of him, pouting.

"At times, it almost seems like I am, Gakuto. Now then, will you accompany me to Atobe's room so that our complaints might have more of a purpose?"

"A chance to annoy Atobe? Sure!" Oshitari offered Gakuto his arm, and the two strolled off in search of their captain.


At the top of the specially-built mountain that Atobe had created specifically for the physical challenge event, the entire Rokkaku team (minus David and Bane, who had struck up a conversation with The Chocolates and didn't plan on rejoining their teammates any time soon) was strapping on skis to slide down the mountain.

"Why are we doing this?" Itsuki Marehiko demanded for the 15th time, holding a ski pole nervously.

"So we can be the first people ever to ski down a flying mountain!" Aoi Kentarou, the excitable captain, yelled, pushing off in a flurry of snow.

The team watched him zip down the mountain, laughing at the foolish freshman when he wasn't able to turn in time and crashed into a mogul, landing headfirst in the snow and waving his legs wildly in the air.

"Even if you've never gone skiing before, it's probably best to just go along with it for the time being," Saeki Kojirou sighed, patting Itsuki sympathetically on the back before weaving his way expertly down the mountain to rescue Kentarou.

"If it makes you feel better, I've never been skiing either. We are a team that prides itself on our beachside training, after all," Kisarazu Ryou added, zooming away with what could only be described as "natural talent."

Itsuki was left with the only team member that hadn't yet spoken. "Wait… who are you again?" he asked curiously.

"I'm Satoshi," said Shudo Satoshi.

"Oh." As the conversation was finished, they decided to rejoin their teammates.


"Nyaa! Look over there, Oishi!" Kikumaru Eiji shouted, pointing to the snow-capped mountain in the distance.

Oishi Shuichirou glanced over to see five red dots making their way down the slopes. "Isn't that a little dangerous? I mean, we could run into turbulence at any time, and if that happened, there could be some sort of avalanche and people could be seriously injured," he fretted.

"Aww, lighten up. They're just having fun… and we should too! There's still plenty to do in this festival-like atmosphere! Come on, we should visit the shrine, and scoop goldfish, and eat at a sushi bar."

"Well, I don't think there are any shrines or goldfish scooping booths around here (and what would you do with a goldfish anyway? You know your mother won't let you have any more pets). I hear that Arai-kun has a tennis game set up somewhere around here, though, and Taka-san's stand is right over there." The two wandered down the sidewalk through the "festival-like atmosphere," as Eiji had correctly described it, watching familiar-looking passersby… pass by. Eventually, they made it to the small room that had been rented to Kawamura Sushi for the day, and upon entering, saw their teammates Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji Syuusuke eating sushi at the counter while Kawamura Takashi served up more for the other customers.

Of the three, only Taka had displayed any surprise when the plane had taken off. Fuji had been too busy enjoying a fresh plate of wasabi and salmon rolls to comment, and Tezuka had been sipping green tea too stoically to bother to look up. Taka, on the other hand, had been delivering a new round of drinks to a knot of Yamabuki regulars when the plane had suddenly launched, and, caught off-balance, he had tripped, spilling the sodas all over little Dan Taichi. Pandemonium had ensued when Akutsu Jin had sprung angrily to his friend's defense. Minami Kentarou and Higashikata Masami had attempted unsuccessfully to restrain him, while Dan had asked pragmatically if Taka had any spare clothes and was just getting up to retrieve them when his green headband slipped in front of his eyes and he tripped across the table to land in Muromachi Touji's lap. Akutsu had shifted the focus of his rage from Taka to the goggle-wearing boy, and Sengoku Kiyosumi had taken advantage of the confusion to steal the last crab roll from Akutsu's plate, smirking gleefully at the chaos as he savored the tasty sushi. Fuji and Tezuka hadn't bothered to try and stop the fight. In fact, they hadn't even noticed what was going on. Sometimes Taka worried about his taste in friends.

Now he looked up from his wasabi rolls (Fuji had ordered more, and requested with a smile that they be slightly spicier than the last batch) to greet the new customers. "Welcome! Please take a seat and I'll be right with you!"

Eiji rushed in and leapt onto the stool beside Fuji. Oishi followed more slowly and took a seat beside Eiji. Fuji turned to the new arrivals and innocently offered them a piece of his sushi, but they politely declined and ordered something rather more normal. They began discussing the day thus far, and eventually the conversation got around to their destination.

"I think we're going to America! That Atobe guy's probably going to use his connections in Hollywood to get us into a movie, ne, Fujiko?"

"I doubt it. We're heading a little too far south for that. I'd be inclined to guess somewhere in South America. Caracas, perhaps, or Lima."

"That doesn't seem nearly as exciting! What is there to do in one of those places?"

"Well, it should be fine just as long as we make it there safely. You're good at entertaining yourself, Eiji."

"I just hope we don't crash…" Everyone (except for Tezuka who was still staring down into his tea) turned to look at Oishi. "I-I mean… don't you ever worry when you get on a plane that something will go wrong and it'll crash?"

"Nope, never! Nyaa, don't bring something scary like that up all of a sudden, Oishi!" Eiji yelled, shivering a little.

"I haven't ever been on a plane before, so I've never bothered to think about it before… and at the time I was a little occupied with Jin and everyone…" Taka admitted, "but I guess it is a little worrisome."

"I've always wanted to be in a plane crash," Fuji said cheerfully. Everyone turned to stare at him. He continued, "It always seemed like it would be so interesting."

"B-But Fuji-san… It would be very dangerous, I'm sure. There might be a lot of casualties…" Taka said hesitantly.

"I'm sure you're right. But of course I would survive, so it probably wouldn't matter all that much."

Oishi felt it was time to change the subject, and rather regretted ever bringing it up in the first place. "Hey, when we were outside earlier, we saw some people skiing down the mountain out there."

"That did sound fun. Maybe I'll take a break for a few minutes and give it a try."

"I don't think that's a very good idea, Taka-san. It could be very hazardous," Fuji commented, placing a hand gently on Taka's shoulder. "You never know what could happen in extreme weather. There could be some sort of avalanche."

"You sound like Oishi, all concerned and over-protective," Eiji said.

"Like Oishi-san, Eiji? I don't think so…" Fuji opened his eyes so wide that the other three were forced to gaze into his piercing blue eyes. "I believe I'm even more concerned than he is. I've also considered the dangers of the pool, the racetrack (which already almost killed poor Tezuka-san and Atobe-san), the dance floor and karaoke center, and even the structural integrity of the sushi bar itself. I have decided that this is the safest spot by far, so I recommend that you stay here for the duration, Taka-san.

"And if you could get me some more of those wasabi rolls, I would appreciate it," he added belatedly, closing his eyes again.

"S-sure…?" Taka said, taking Fuji's empty plate and finding it suddenly necessary to disappear into the back room for some fresh ingredients.

"Ne, Fujiko, you just want to monopolize his cooking, don't you?"

"You know me too well, Eiji. It's true, though I do feel quite safe in here." A slightly uncomfortable silence followed his words.

Eiji spun around restlessly on his stool before turning to look past Fuji at Tezuka, who still hadn't moved. "That must be some, uh, really good tea."

"It is," Fuji smiled in response. "It was recommended specially by Inui. I quite enjoy it myself."



Fuji Yuuta and Mizuki Hajime were standing in the center of the previously packed concert hall. "So… what exactly are we doing here, Mizuki-san?" Yuuta asked suspiciously, looking around the dark, deserted area.

Mizuki stepped a little closer and Yuuta backed away. "Why, I merely thought that since it was getting late and neither of us really had anything better to do, we could practice here for a while…" he said smoothly.

"But we didn't bring our equipment with us or anything…"

"True. I'm trying out a new technique of visualization, and I think it will work fabulously for you. Now close your eyes and think of your greatest rival."

"Huh? My brother?"

"If you feel he's the most important rival… If that makes you nervous, you can think of someone more reassuring, like Atsushi-kun."

"Not you?"

"No, of course not me. At this point, you still need a few heroes in your life to be what people like your brother can't: a good role model. Now please stop wasting time, close your eyes, and pucker your lips."

"WHAT?!" Yuuta screeched, quickly escaping by dashing to the other side of the room.

Mizuki sighed, wrapping a lock of hair around a finger. "That was a test. I'm disappointed to see that you have so little trust in me." He held up a small, dark, flat object and, approaching cautiously, handed it to Yuuta. "I merely wished to reward you for your hard work. What did you think was going to happen?"

Yuuta crammed the chocolate cookie into his mouth in an attempt to draw attention away from the blush spreading over his face. "N-nothing! It just confused me the way you said it," he growled.

Mizuki turned delicately away, brushing away the crumbs that Yuuta's outburst had scattered across his favorite violet, rose-patterned shirt. "Mm, you need to practice listening to what people's hearts are telling you, rather than their specific words. If you've finished your snack (and I hope you enjoyed it because you're not getting any more for at least a month), may we continue with our visualization training?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"First, you will need to consider your opponent's stance…" Mizuki described the imaginary scene for Yuuta until the other boy felt as if he was standing right on the tennis court, about to face off against his older brother. "It's his serve first. Are you ready?" he asked, coming to a stop behind Yuuta.

Yuuta nodded almost imperceptibly. Mizuki placed his hands on Yuuta's shoulders and began rubbing them gently. "You know his serve. You've faced it hundreds of times. You're going to hit it right back at him."

"R-right… Mizuki-san, do you have to touch me, though?"

"What are you talking about?" Mizuki whispered into Yuuta's ear. "Of course I do. I'm here to protect you, to help you win the match. That's what this training is about. It's to help with your confidence, and with a player like me to back you up-"

"My brother absolutely humiliated you in your match. He let you get ahead 5 games to love, and then he dominated. He completely owned you, just to prove a point. He-"

"Be quiet." Mizuki proceeded to shut Yuuta up in the only way he knew how.

Namely, by shoving another cookie into his face.


Marui, on the other hand, had just finished scoffing down all the cookies in the place and had just turned to the pie section when he was slapped upside the head by Sanada Genichiroh.

"Marui! Stop that! You'll gain too much weight, get out of shape, and place a heavier burden on Jackal-kun," Sanada bellowed, raising his hand for a second blow.

A gentle tug on his sleeve stopped him, and Yukimura Seiichi gazed up at him through long, dark lashes. His limpid blue eyes seemed to stare straight into Sanada's soul, so intense was the look he gave him. "I'm sure he understands that what he did was wrong now, and he won't do it again, will you, Marui-kun?" he cooed softly.

"Of course not, Yukimura-buchou!" Marui cheered happily.

"See, Genichiroh-san? Really, I understand that a lesson was needed in this situation, but don't you think that twice is overkill?"

"Y-yes, I apologize, Yukimura-buchou. It won't happen again. I-I will try to act with more restraint next time," Sanada stammered.

Yukimura smiled beatifically and turned to Kirihara Akaya, who was standing beside him. "Thank you, Genichiroh. Now, Akaya-kun, shall we pay a visit to the man behind all of this and compliment him on a job well done?"

"Yes, 'Mura-buchou!" Kirihara exclaimed. That would have been that, but before the Rikkai regulars could leave, Jirou woke up suddenly and blocked their way.

"May I help you?" Yukimura asked politely, using a very dangerous smile that would have made most people want to run away and immediately kill themselves for one reason or another.

Jirou, however, was completely immune. "Yes! You need to not be mean! You shouldn't beat people up just because you think they did something wrong! You shouldn't say once is enough! Never is enough! If you order someone to run laps as punishment, they are able to grow as a person, but beating someone up only makes them weaker. Plus, you hurt Marui-san! And that is unforgivable!" he proclaimed bravely, pointing at Sanada and Yukimura.

Yukimura continued to smile compassionately. "Yes, perhaps that is how you see things… Akutagawa-kun, is it?"

"My friends call me Jirou!" was the happy reply.

"Yes, Akutagawa-kun. I'm afraid that you are not a Rikkai Dai student, so I'm not sure you have the authority to judge our ways. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're on our way to talk to your captain…" Yukimura said meaningfully.

Jirou was a very justice-alicious person as well as not very good at picking up on subtle hints, so he stood his ground. "Not until you apologize to Marui-san!"

Marui felt himself unexpectedly touched by the way his slightly cute, slightly creepy stalker was defending him, and let out a quiet "Awwwwwww…"

Sanada glared at him and he quickly shut up. "Akutagawa, do not presume to tell us what we can and can't do…" He advanced menacingly towards the small boy.

"Genichiroh." Sanada stopped dead. "Akutagawa-kun, I will not apologize to Marui-kun, and he himself would be the first to tell you that no apology is required." After a subtle kick from Kirihara, Marui quickly choked out an agreement. "I believe there is nothing more to discuss."

"You've brainwashed him! And regardless of whether it matters to him or not, you're not doing what is right!" Jirou persevered.

Yukimura nodded sadly to Sanada, who prepared to forcibly remove Jirou from their path. Before he could touch Jirou, however, Hiyoshi Wakashi and Taki Haginosuke materialized in front of him.

"I hope you aren't thinking of hurting our senpai," Taki said coolly. "Otherwise, we may have to defend him."

"Well, I certainly don't want to resort to violence… but if you don't see any other solutions, you should remember that you're outnumbered," Yukimura said thoughtfully.

"Not for long," Hiyoshi smirked, looking over to the stand he and Taki had just left. "Oy, if you help us out here, we'll forget you owe us," he called out to the three manning the booth.

Arai Masashi, who suddenly found himself penniless, was sighing, "That'll teach us to set up a tennis game in a group that includes almost every decent middle school tennis player in Japan…" to his friends and fellow non-Regulars Ikeda Masaya and Hayashi Daisuke when his most recent customer called out to him, requesting aid in exchange for negation of the substantial debt they owed him. Naturally, the three rushed out right away.

"Five against four seems like better odds to me," Hiyoshi concluded. (Jirou, exhausted from his passionate argument, had fallen asleep and had been carried over to a nearby couch to get some sleep, or the odds would have been even more to Hyotei's advantage.)

Before the confrontation could continue, a harassed-looking Jackal Kuwahara stumbled up to the rest of the Rikkai group, dragging two Yagyuu Hiroshis along behind him. "I… brought them back," he gasped, panting heavily. He let go of them, and they immediately tried to make a break for it, but Yukimura fixed them with A Stern Glare and they stopped immediately.

The first Yagyuu adjusted his glasses and said, "I apologize for Masaharu's behavior. I only regret that I was not able to stop him." Yagyuu 2 merely pulled the wig and glasses off of Yagyuu 1 to reveal that the latter was really Niou Masaharu.

"I suppose your convenient arrival more than makes up for your lack of restraint, provided you will lend us your services."

As it would happen, Oshitari and Gakuto were passing by at that moment. They were complimenting each other on the brilliant ways that they were able to annoy Atobe, but upon coming to the standoff, they rather thought that a battle would serve to amuse them further.

"Now, this would seem to be a bit unfair. Care to allow us to even out the odds?" Oshitari asked Hiyoshi, who seemed to be in charge of the Hyotei side. Hiyoshi nodded quickly, and Oshitari directed his next remarks to Yukimura. "I suppose we'll be against you now, though I suppose I should warn you... Gakuto bites. Hard."

"I suppose you would know." This comment made Gakuto growl and he launched himself at Yukimura. Sanada blocked him and struck back with a punch that left Gakuto temporarily stunned. Oshitari attempted to kick Sanada's legs out from under him, but was countered by Kirihara, whose eyes were now wide and bloodshot. Hiyoshi rushed in, tackling Kirihara and knocking him to the floor, where they began fighting tooth and nail, leaving Oshitari to help Gakuto against Sanada, who was easily a match for the two. Niou and Yagyuu began beating on Taki while Arai, Hayashi and Ikeda triple-teamed the unfortunate Jackal. Marui felt a little left out since no one went specifically after him (naturally, everyone lashed out at any unsuspecting opponent every chance they got), especially since he was the cause of the whole confrontation. After one look at the full-scale war Hiyoshi and Kirihara were waging against each other, he decided it didn't matter to him that much after all, so he quickly retreated to sit on Jirou's couch and observe.

He was extremely glad he did when Yamabuki joined the fray moments later, led by Akutsu, who immediately went for Sanada, who he saw as the most challenging opponent present. The rest of the team found themselves unwillingly drawn into the fight, except for Dan, who went to sit down out of harm's way with Marui and Jirou, and Sengoku, who decided simply to cheer everybody on. Next to enter the battlefield was the entirety of Higa Chuu, who didn't seem to be on anyone's side in particular, but fought indiscriminately against whichever opponent happened to be in front of them at the moment –including each other. Fudomine and St. Rudolph attempted to stop the fight, but found themselves drawn in; Rokkaku was just thinking it should probably get involved too when a raised voice calling for them to immediately cease and desist caused all the participants to freeze and turn as one to face the speaker.

"I am ashamed of all of you, particularly those of you that are on my team," Tezuka thundered, striding forward angrily. "Might I remind you, we are all guests on this aircraft, and it is an insult to Atobe-san's hospitality to start such a brawl on his property. I don't know what caused this, and I certainly don't care, but all of you need to grow up and act your age. Everyone, 30 laps around the perimeter, and I hope you will all take the opportunity to reflect on what you've done and how ashamed your coaches would be if they were here."

Most everyone took off running quickly (the Seigaku members that had been involved at a full sprint), but Yukimura, miraculously unblemished despite the fact that he had been in the very center of the chaos, stood his ground. "Excuse me, Tezuka-san, but some of us were merely attacked and were trying to defend ourselves. I myself was attacked, but did not strike anyone-"

"I don't care. Go run," Tezuka snapped.

Fuji stepped out from behind Tezuka and smiled at Yukimura. "He had some of that green tea," he said apologetically.

Yukimura smiled back. "If that is the case, then I suppose I can understand his rather rude behavior, and will forgive it accordingly." He summoned the rest of his team and they began running as well. Tezuka sighed heavily, exhausted by standing up to Yukimura, or perhaps just beginning to feel the effects of the Inui-version tea.

"Mada mada dane," Echizen Ryoma smirked, tugging his cap over his eyes smugly.

"Echizen! 40 laps!"


Tezuka watched the last of the offenders pass out of sight, and was just turning towards the sushi shop (where he planned to ask if Taka had any aspirin that might help his pounding headache) when he noticed a couch sitting in the middle of the road. "Fuji, why is there a couch in the road?" was the first thing he thought to say.

"Saa, I believe that Atobe-san placed these around the plane so that people could rest on them if they so chose, with one of his teammates particularly in mind. Akutagawa Jirou, who I played against in the Kanto tournament, has been diagnosed with narcolepsy, and tends to fall asleep almost anywhere."

"Ah." Upon closer inspection, there was indeed a boy sleeping on the couch… but there were also several others, including one that was running his fingers through… Jirou's? hair. Tezuka stomped over to observe the scene, still feeling rather put out from the earlier events. "Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"

"Ah, uh, n-nothing!" Marui jerked away from Jirou as if he had been burned, and stared fearfully at Tezuka. "Please don't hit me."

"Why would I hit you?" Tezuka stared, obviously confused. "I don't think that's exactly called for, though I'm not entirely sure Akutagawa-kun appreciates your tender ministrations." Marui flushed, and Fuji smiled encouragingly at him. "However, it is not my purpose to judge that. Judging your earlier conduct, however, is, and you were most definitely part of that earlier fight. And leaving early does not excuse you from running the laps assigned as punishment."

"Oh, um, okay. But, what about Jirou? Does he need to run the laps too…?"

Tezuka scoffed. "Of course not. I believe he merely fell asleep in the wrong place… or rather, you chose the wrong place to have your little melee. As he was completely uninvolved with the situation, there is absolutely no reason he should be punished for it. You, on the other hand…"

"Oh, yeah… It was definitely something like that."

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