Hey people! So, like it says in the summary, this is the sequel to katie mase's 'When House Discovers Fanfiction. You don't have to read it before you read mine,

although I would highly recommend it as it is a great story. My story has the same structure, chapter-wise, with only a few select. differences. Hope you enjoy and

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Sam sighed loudly before leaning back in the uncomfortable motel chair and closing his laptop. He had been scouring the web looking for information on the case he and his brother were currently working for almost two hours now, and he still hadn't managed to find anything. He was just about ready to destroy his laptop when the motel door opened and Dean walked in. He was carrying a small grocery bag-which no doubt contained something like beer and chocolate bars-in one hand, and supporting a large pizza box in the other.

"Hey Sparky," he greeted his little brother, "find anything on the case yet?"

"That's a big fat no," Sam mumbled as he re-opened his laptop. He heard Dean sigh as he placed the bag and pizza box on his bed, before he walked over to the bathroom.

"Me neither," he muttered before he closed the bathroom door. Sam turned back to his laptop, exiting the page he was currently on and pulling up a search engine. He needed a break from this job. An immature thought suddenly entered his mind and he typed 'Sam Winchester' into the search box, curious as to what he might find. A number of sites came up, although most were restricted links to police websites in which he was considered a dangerous fugitive. He was about to exit the page when something caught his eye.

"Fanfiction?" he quietly read aloud to himself before clicking on the link. What came up was a number of stories written about he, Dean, Bobby and a number of other people they had come across through various jobs.

"Find anything good?" Sam jumped as he realized that Dean was standing right behind him.

"Yeah," he chuckled, "but it's not about the case." Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Your not...looking at porn are you?" He asked, sounding a little disturbed.

"What?! No!" Sam exclaimed, "It's a site where people write and post stories...and tons of them are about us." Now Dean looked confused.

"Soooo...losers who have no life and lots of free time on their hands write about...you and me?" He asked quizzically, kneeling down so that he could better see the screen.

"I guess so," Sam agreed. A small smile then spread across his face. "Wanna read a few?"

"Hell yeah!" Dean grinned

So, that's the prologue. Next chapter'll be crack fics (that one should be good ;) And by the way, didn't mean to offend anyone with the whole 'losers who have no

lives and lots of time on their hands' comment. Had to make Dean believable ;) Anyway, next chapter should be up soon, Later!