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When the sun won't rise no more

A young man was walking down the busy street. His hair wavered in the slight wind and his blue eyes held a steady gaze on the horizon. The clothes he wore were torn in several places, making tan skin show from time to time. The boy was badly beaten, but no one seemed to care. The only reactions he received were disgust and disapproving looks. Some people even got out of their way to avoid him.

As Naruto reached his apartment door he thought 'Finally!' and dropped the grin he always plastered on his face every time he went outdoors.

This flat was his sacred place. Not because it was some kind of Nirvana for him or even that he liked this place, but because this was the only place he allowed himself to drop the act.

Uzumaki Naruto was the demon carrier of Konoha. He was feared, despised, outcaste, but most of all he was hated. He used to say to himself that it did not matter to him whether they hated him or not, he didn't need them. He wouldn't respond to the hateful words they sad do him. And that felt good. It felt like he had beaten them, outsmarted them in their own league. It hadn't taken very long time until he was shown just how much he needed them. Suddenly he was not allowed to shop for groceries, he was kicked out from his previous apartment and one day this weekly beatings started. He never attempted to fight back. It was of no use. By doing that he would give them a reason to kill him. After all, he was a danger to society. Sometimes he wanted to ask the Hokage why they just didn't kill him after the seal, but he figured that it would to ask for an execution. That was another question one could ask for it wasn't like he actually wanted to live, it was just that… He didn't want to die. His death would be their victory and he couldn't stand that thought. The celebration that they without a doubt would have. There was also another reason…but not one important enough to think about….or recognise for that matter… It would be best to just forget about it. That's right, just forget about it.

Naruto sat down on his bed and sighed. He needed to get his thoughts out of his head. Why couldn't he spare himself the agony and just move on? Because he needed it so much, came the immediate reply from his head. He groaned and buried his face in his hands.

Love. As corny as it sound, he wanted to experience love. He knew that if he got to feel that he wouldn't have any fears of dieing. If he got to feel the warmth of another person next to him, or whatever the loved ones feel, he knew he could die happy. But it was impossible. He knew that. No one would ever like, god forbid love, the demon carrier. That was just a fact. Now restless he walked up to the bathroom mirror. He put on his mask and just watched his face in the mirror. How it looked with the split lip and multiple wounds, still smiling and gaze steady. It hurt. Not the wounds, well the wounds too, but mostly the fake smile. The smile that fooled everyone. He dropped the mask once more. It was exhausting. The smiles, the laughs, the constant fear of being discovered. And it was hard. It was hard to not see the glares, not hear their harsh words and to not feel their beatings. Today had been especially hard. The training with team seven had consisted of a lot of insults, which of many were true. He wasn't this stupid before. Maybe all the hits Sakura and the villagers placed on his head finally had gotten to his brain and damaged something. Or maybe it was the malnutrition, or the lack of sleep. He had seen the villager gang that usually beet him up, but he didn't try to hide or get away today. There just wasn't any resistance within him anymore.

He got out from his bathroom to get some clean clothes. That's when he heard the knocking.

SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru

Sasuke paused in front of the door. He was supposed to bring Naruto some mission scrolls. He didn't have to deliver them tonight, but since he wanted nothing planned for his free day he figured he would have to do it now. 'So this was where Naruto lived? Very well, here it goes.' Sasuke knocked.

"Knock." 'What was that?' Naruto thought. The sound was heard again and Naruto felt the panic creep onto him. 'O, fuck! I can't take another one. I have to pretend that I didn't make it home.' The intensity of the knocking increased and Naruto felt his heartbeat do the same as he held his breath just to not do any sound that would tell on him. After a while it stopped and he could hear steps slowly leaving. He gently let out the breath he had been holding and slumped down on the bed. He could feel his whole body shiver. That had been so close. Nobody had ever before tried to get him from his apartment and the thought that the violence might increase frightened him. He felt exhausted and decided to hurry up into the shower before he fell asleep upon the bed. While discarding his clothes all the way into the bathroom, he made sure to not spill too much dirt and blood around him.

SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru SasuNaru

Sasuke had been about to force Narutos window open when he saw Naruto sitting on the edge of the bed. 'If he was home, then why couldn't he open the fucking door?' At the exact moment, Naruto stood up and started to undress while walking to the supposed bathroom.

Sasuke was entranced. He hadn't expected to see cuts and bruises colouring the blonde's body. It wasn't like he hadn't seen anything worse; it was just that when Naruto left the practise today he could have sworn that he didn't have these wounds. It looked like he had gotten into a really bad fight and some of the cuts reminded him of torture. What had the blond gotten himself into? What usually looked like a smooth, well muscled body was now a mess of blue and black along with streaks of bright and rusty red. He could feel the anger starting to boil inside. Naruto left the training area just about two hours ago. Whatever happened had to be something quick. 'Naruto is keeping things from me. What the hell have the blonde idiot been up to? Naruto is strong, like me. There are not many people that can take him down. Especially not that fast. This must have been done by someone outstanding. Someone like my brother. Why didn't he tell me? I deserve to know.'

Hell bent on getting some answers, he forced the window open and hopped inside. He could hear the sound of water running in the other room. 'Always question your enemy when vulnerable' he thought as he quietly entered the bathroom.

"Why are you looking like someone beat you to a pulp?" He asked. Naruto turned around, shock evident on his features. "What the…"

"Why?" Sasuke pushed. Trying not to blush at Naruto naked body.

"Out! I did not invite you to my home." Naruto shouted while trying to shield himself from Sasukes Sharingan red eyes.

"Answer me Naruto. Who did this?"

"Fuck off Sasuke. We both know you don't really care, so why pretend? If you came here looking for someone to fight, you came to the wrong place. I'm dead tired and going to bed."

Naruto did not know what to think. Why was Sasuke so interested in him all of a sudden?

"Was it my brother? I know not just anybody could do this much damage to you." At those words Narutos eyes widened and he stared at Sasuke before bursting into laughter.

"Is that your twisted way of telling me that I don't suck? Or is it just your usual obsession with Itachi?"

"He killed my clan."

"Obsession it was…"

"You don't know what its like, so don't you even try to judge me!"

Well you obviously don't know shit about me ether, so why don't you just lay off for a bit! It wasn't Itachi. I'm not lying to you. You can go home now."

Naruto turned his back to Sasuke since he expected him to leave now. The water had just turned warm and he almost groaned in pleasure at the clean wet warmth as he rinsed his hair from shampoo.

Meanwhile, Sasuke had not moved even one millimetre. He knew that since Itachi was out of the picture, he had no real reason to stay, but it was like he was routed on the spot.

'What happened to him? This is not the Naruto I know. He is so cynical and-' Sasuke stopped to think there. Actually he stopped to breathe and it felt like his heart stopped for a moment too. Naruto was soaping himself, completely unaware of that Sasuke was still in the room.

'Naruto is…Sexy.' At that thought a blush was making its way up to his face, but he willed it down….. And the previous thought too. Narutos sexiness was not the top priority problem. First came this new personality of his.

Naruto turned off the water and was about to get out of the shower when he noticed something that was not supposed to be there. Sasuke.

"Why the hell are you still here?!"

Sasuke who didn't really know that himself, just turned on his safety glare. At that Naruto stilled. Uncertainty started to spread inside Naruto. He didn't know what to do. Did Sasuke actually care for him?... No, he was probably just curious. After all, I can't be everyday you get to see your fellow team mate all beaten up for no obvious reason. Maybe he hadn't given up on a little late night fighting? Or he still thought that Itachi did it…. 'Little do you know' he thought. Naruto decided that there was no safe approach to this, so he tried to ignore Sasuke as much as he possibly could.

After drying himself off, he entered the bedroom again. After all he had forgot to take clean clothes into the bathroom. Sasuke followed. Naruto slipped on some boxers and put off the lights before he lay down in bed. Sasuke just stood there, looking at him. Finally, he said something.

"Aren't you going to cover up your wounds?"

Naruto turned around to face him with a frown on his face and a question in his eyes.

"What do you care? You aren't even supposed to be here." He said.

"Hn… You will get blood on your sheets."

"I'll wash them." Naruto replied.

"The stains won't go away."

"It will still be clean."

"No it won't."

"Yes it will."

"No it won't."

"What do you want, Sasuke?"


"Don't hn me, you broke into my home and now your interrogating slash arguing with me. Still uninvited in my home, I might add. So just tell me your fucking business here and then leave me the fuck alone!"

At that Sasuke remembered his real mission here. He started to unpack the mission scrolls that he was carrying.

"Here" Sasuke said as he handed the scrolls to the unsuspecting Naruto. Naruto sighed.

"A mission."

"Yes. You are expected to read this scrolls tomorrow and prepare, so that you are ready for the mission Thursday morning."

Naruto put the scrolls on the floor beside his bed and looked Sasuke deep in the eyes.

"Was that all?"

Sasuke really didn't want to answer because for some reason he felt that he couldn't leave Naruto like this. The result turned out to be that he was just standing there, still looking at Naruto, like he didn't understand. Like a fool. Naruto huffed surprised;

"Well, you should at least answer me teme."

Sasuke stared back, equally surprised.

"Where is your medic kit?" he said before even noticing the thought in his head. Mentally he sighed. He truly was a genius.

"I'm all out of supplies, but I don't think that I will really need them for this. This will be healed in time for the mission."

Sasuke was baffled. Narutos back looked like a war zone and he expected it to heal in a little more then one day? He shook his head slowly. Somewhere inside his mind he was disappointed too. He had found the prefect excuse to be near and touch Naruto, to wrap his arms around hi…'WHAT! Mind out of the gutter, Sasuke. Focus.'

"I don't believe you." He said.

"Well you do or you don't, its still going to happen." Naruto sighed. "Are you going to stand there all night?" Sasuke just blinked. "Truthfully it's a little unnerving to have you staring at me when I'm trying to sleep. Want to stay the night? You could at least make yourself comfortable."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked. 'Mind out of the gutter. Mind o…'

"I'm just saying that if we are going to discuss things, it would be better to do it fully awake."

Sasuke nodded and looked around the room. "And where am I supposed to sleep then?"

Naruto let his gaze sweep across the room to, before he said.

"Beside me it seems."

"No way! I'm not going to get covered in your dirt. If you have a habit of sleeping bloody, then I don't even want to try to imagine what filth could be in there."

Naruto just looked at him, but you could see the hurt in his eyes.

"All right. Just stand there or go home then. See what I care." Naruto turned around so that his back was facing Sasuke and his face unreachable to Sasukes eyes.

Sasuke didn't say a word. He knew that he had done something stupid from the response he got. Carefully he stripped off all clothes but his boxers before opening the covers and slipping inside the bed beside Naruto. He knew that he didn't want to go before he had this all figured out so he might as well sleep here too.

Naruto who had not been expecting this, took a short inhale of breath when he felt Sasukes warm skin against his. It was almost burning. Trusting. It felt so good. He wanted more.

"Good night Naruto." Naruto froze a little, surprised of the friendly greeting.

"Eeeh… Good night to you to Sasuke."

Shortly after that both boys drifted off to sleep.