A Child, or a monster?

The alley was filled with too much noise, especially on these nights. Without warning a slimly grey creature toppled onto the streets and took off running full tilt down the open street. He was pursued however by a man with wavy thick black hair, and stubble on his face. He wore a long Black over coat. Over dark clothing. The beast was leaking green and yellow blood. It was bent over like a beast, though it's stone gray body was not furred. Horns and glowing red eyes complemented it's maw and jagged teeth.

The man's pursuit was not in vain. He caught up to the monster and with the weapon he had just been allowed by the father, he smote the things head shear off. "Gargoyles." The man said. His voice carried a heavy British accent, and was smooth and deep. The man approached the beast and spoke words of departure to the beast as he drew a cross across his chest.

The creature was dead and he had to get away now. The tell tale sign of thundering steps echoed down the alley. The authorities of the city. He had no time. "This way." The man turned his eyes furrowed in confusion. A teenager stood before him. He wore plain black clothing. His hair was a shocking moon silver, though it was obvious that he could of not been more than 18. "They'll catch you." The boy warned. And ran off. The man obviously had no choice but to follow the lad.

The boy was quick and navigated the streets with such ease that the man could barley keep the lad in sight. Gradually the following thundering foot steps of the authorities got further away and then altogether died.

The boy came suddenly to an old and decrepit house. He pause and waited as the man reached him before speaking.

"I've heard a lot about you, you know." the boy said shying away as he spoke. He was tall and lean. His breath came easily and smooth. While the man's breath came in harsh gasps. "They call you a murder. A monster, even a demon... Gabriel Van Helsing." Gabriel looked up, his deep brown eyes clearly showing the shock and suspicion. "How do you know my name?" he asked.

The boy turned his head to the man facing Van Helsing fully in the face. He had two different colored eyes. One was a ruby, blood red. The other was a brown so rich and smooth that it shone like gold. His skin was pale, pale. His facial features were proud, and noble. Yet sad, and lonesome. "I know a lot Van Helsing." The boy paused and listened, closing his eyes for a moment. Gabriel thought about his sword for a moment. But pity and mercy held his hand. And he did nothing.

The boy opened his mismatched eyes and cast Gabriel a look of horror. "You better go Gabriel Van Helsing. The others are coming." And without another word he disappeared inside the building. "Vampires?" Van Helsing whispered. He knew beyond a doubt that, that child was not human. Yet he had felt no malice in the boy. The boy had even saved him from capture by the authorities. This was not the first time that Gabriel had been faced with a trail such as this. When he had gone to Transylvania he had come to be friends with a monster. It was also a cruel twist of fate that during that mission he had been sent to destroy the vampires.

"Lord, Why must you constantly test me." he said lifting his head to the heavens and scowling, gritting his teeth. The sun was coming up, and Gabriel knew he had to return at once to the church. He caught a glimpse of silver in one of the upper windows. It was gone in an instant. Gabriel walked away, but he couldn't help but look back. The sight he saw unnerved him. No less than twenty black humanoid forms were dropping silent as shadow onto the roof and disappear through one of the holes.

Gabriel returned to the church he had chosen to stay at while completing his mission. As he marched into the chapel room his assistant and friend, Karl hustled to his side. "You killed it didn't you. The father told you not too." he whined instantly. Gabriel shook his head. "I had no choice Karl it killed five people. Ate them, bare to the bone!" Karl gulped. As Van Helsing walked past. And knelt before the alter to pray to god.

"Did you find out who's controlling the gargoyles?" Karl asked after Gabriel had finished his prayers with an Amen. "I might have." he answered getting to his feet, he thought back to the young vampire that had saved him. Why? He couldn't find an answer, and he prayed for guidance.

"Van Helsing? So who do you think it is." Gabriel turned to Karl and said with a resigned sigh. "Vampires." Karl's mouth dropped open and dropped the record book he was holding. "Not vampires! Didn't we just deal with them?" he gaped. Gabriel nodded. "At least this time we don't have to worry about werewolves." He said with a half crooked smile. Trying to cheer up his down hearted friend.