It was two days before Ariel and Prince Eric's 2 year wedding anniversary. Ever since Ariel became a human, and was married to Prince Eric, she was extremely happy but seemed to always think about how she missed her Father, sisters, and the rest of her friends in the sea. She had always wondered if she could have the best of both worlds because she could not seem to live with out either. The day before her wedding anniversary, she shared her feelings about this with Eric. Eric has always been concerned about her happiness, considering she left the only life she knew to be with him, and wanted to try and make things better for her.

Coincedently, that same day while Ariel was walking along the shore collecting sea shells, Flounder and Sebastion flopped ashore out of breath. Ariel asked them what the hurry was and Flounder found the energy to blurt out the new. "We heard that Ursula had a terrible accident and is no longer an evil witch" exclaimed Flounder. "Yes dis is true, her work now is to help people" stated Sebastion. Immediately, Ariel had an idea. She thought if Ursula was doing good for people, maybe she could cure Ariel's unhappiness.

Later that day, Flounder and Sebastion went to Ursulas cave to ask if there was anything she could do to make Ariel enjoy the world of a human and a mermaid. Ursula explained to them that there was a potion Ariel could drink that would allow her to be both, human and mermaid. She also told them it would work on Eric as well. However, this potion only works if it is taken before being a human for 2 years. Flounder and Sebastion realized they would need to hurry because there were only hours remaining until the 2 year anniversary of Ariel becoming a human.

Flounder and Sebastion raced back to the shore where Ariel was waiting anxiously with Eric. The two explained what Ursula had told them and before they could finish Ariel had already taken the potion. Eric was apprehensive at first, but swalled the potion shortly after Ariel. After a few minutes, Ariel dove into the sea to find her mermaid tail! Eric did the same. Ariel was so happy she finally had all she ever wanted. Ariel and Eric swam down to the castle to surprise her father. I wonder what he will have to say about this...