K, should be doing other things, but I've had writer's block for ages. However, a random surge of NS love recently has made me try my hand at Naruto. I haven't written Sakura or Naruto before, besides writing Naruto in a KakaNaru drabble for a friend, so it'll take me a while to get used to them. If you see any OOCness, tell meh and I'll kill it with fire.

A-Z NS Drabbles


"Hey, Sakura-chan, do you wanna go out for some ramen?" Naruto asked and laughed nervously, directing his gaze anywhere but the cherry blossom headed girl.

Sakura blinked at him, before her lips quirked upwards.

"Ok, but you're paying and we're not staying there after midnight like we did for your seventeenth."

He had been elated when she'd agreed. The date had gone smoothly, with her losing her temper only once, when he had somehow wound up choking on ramen. He'd passed out for a little while, to be woken by panicked callings of his name. When his eyes finally fluttered open, he'd been greeted by beautiful green eyes, but they were watering.

He'd grinned at her toothily, ramen stuck to his teeth.

"Want some Sakura-chan?"

She'd reared back, face contorting into a frown, though the tears still threatened to fall and jabbed him with her elbow. He'd coughed up some ramen, but she didn't take him up on his offer of having some.

To his bemusement and disappointment, she'd sat back down and given him the colder shoulder, until his hurt, puppy dog and ramen covered face had thawed her rage.

So, the date had ended well, and, four days later, Naruto was trying his luck again.

He wanted to make sure his Sakura-chan relaxed. She'd been busy at the hospital for a full two days and hadn't had any time to stay off her feet. When he had appeared, perched on the window with some flowers and a bashful look, he had not taken into account the sills had just been washed, so tumbled forward and straight onto the patient's valuables. The patient had screamed bloody murder and Sakura, who would have to clear it up, did not seem amused. Naruto had fled before the twitching on Sakura's eyebrow had transferred to her whole body.

Oddly enough though, when he had come back later that night, cautiously surveying the situation, the mess was still there, but the flowers not.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto called excitedly when he saw the weary girl exiting the hospital.

With a sigh, she began walking the other way from him. Confused, he tailed her, until it became apparent she was so tired she hadn't even noticed him.

Placing a hand on her shoulder, Naruto put a big smile on his face and said, "Sakura-chan, do you-"

"No damnit!" she cut him off, sweeping his hand away in her distress. "I don't have the time. I've got tons of work to do!"

Despite her exasperated attitude, Sakura's heart began to sink a bit like Naruto's had plummeted when she watched his face flash between a multitude of pained emotions.

Before she could express her regret, he had gone.

The following morning, a dejected Naruto was sitting idly, stirring ramen. He hadn't been expecting Sakura-chan to yell at him like that, but he was probably just too annoying-too much like a brother-for her to take seriously.

So when she appeared with an anxious look on her pretty face, glancing around fervently, his heart and stomach lurched. What was she...?

He nearly suffocated from the lump in his throat when her eyes locked in on him, her mouth forming a surprised look.

He, to his chagrin, could not look away as she strode towards him, or fend off the red streaking across his features. He could also not prevent the way his heart swelled with compassion and the desire to make her happy when he was close enough to see her sad demeanour.

They stayed there silently, gazing at one another, until Sakura snapped her head away, reddening slightly. Finally, Naruto found he could look away, and lowered his head, blushing heatedly.

Upon finishing his ramen in a hurry, uncomfortable at Sakura's uneasy presence, he debated whether to turn round and ask her if she was alright. What if she didn't want to talk to him? Was she here as a coincidence or-

"Are you...done?" a soft voice interrupted his musings.

He nearly jolted out of his seat with shock and gawked at her.

None to keen on the look she was receiving, the girl, flushed, frowned at him.

"Ah...yeah, I'm done now Sakura-chan," he replied absent-mindedly, forgetting his plans to sulk and drown himself in ramen all day. She smiled ruefully at this and placed down some money. Naruto switched his gawk to that. "Ah?! Sakura-chan...what? Why are you paying for my-!?"

"C'mon," she interjected, grabbing his arm with both hands, "it's fine."

"But Sakura-chan, you shouldn't have had to-"

"The festival Naruto," she said simply, sending him a smile that made his being flutter, "you wanted to go there with me, right?"

He inwardly hyperventilated. This wasn't right. He'd obviously fallen asleep in his ramen bowl. There was no way Sakura-chan would ever-

"I-urh-S-Sakura-chan?" Naruto stuttered, cursing his lack of eloquence.

Sakura, however, did not seem bothered. In fact, she seemed quite humoured.

"Let's go. We've only got a few hours there, and we're damn well going to enjoy it."

And so, Naruto, in complete silence, allowed Sakura to drag him out, a content smirk worming its way up her face. Despite his newly attained allergy to coherent words, inside he was jubilant.

Sakura even managed to win him a teddy in a contest which involved a hammer and a bell.

The bell she broke had to be paid for.

Not that she knew. Naruto had paid it long before she wondered why they didn't seem to care that much.