Author Note: This story begins in the midst of the gang's graduation from P.S. 118. The overall journey of this story will cover the gang's teen years.

BECAUSE THE HEART NEVER LIES – Is a culmination of some of the greatest moments in film and television. As a result, a lot of the plotlines are borrowed from other sources. Good luck, with spotting most of them.

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P.S. 118 – Eighth Grade

The figure entered the room carefully. Glancing around and stopping ever so often to make sure that no one was there. Carefully but surely she tip-toed to a desk adjacent from Mr. Simmons's desk at the front of the room.

Upon reaching her destination she rested a fire extinguisher she stole from the janitor's closet on a desk near by. Where is it! She thought to herself as she rummaged through the items clustered within the desk. If my plan is going to work I have got to find that book! As she continued her hunt she came across a photo of a beautiful young girl. Her lush long auburn hair was braided; brown eyes sparkling against her porcelain skin. Her smile shone with outermost affection. In the corner of the portrait a message had been scribbled, it read: To Arnold. All my love, Lila.

Lila! The figure sneered with outermost jealousy. What does Arnold see in this broad! Can't he see that WE belong together? The figure continued browsing through the items in the desk. Rage coursing through her body as she continued to think of Lila.

Lila. Lila Sawyer. A.k.a little miss perfect. The source of my contempt. How I loathe her. She's so shallow! Arnold's so brainwashed with her "ever-so's," and her so called "innocence." The girl is a bonafide slut. Arnold's just too sweet of a guy to notice. He's to busy seeing the good in people to see Lila as the scum that she really is. But don't worry Arnold, you'll find out sooner than later that little miss perfect isn't the one for you.

Smiling the figure finally stopped her search. She had found what she was looking for. Pulling the book out of the desk, and glancing around once more to make sure she was alone. Sorry Arnold, but this is for your own good. Flipping through the pages and smiling to herself, she pulled a lighter out of her pocket. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Chuckling to herself she pulled out her cell phone. Carefully dialling the intended number, she strutted over to the front of the classroom, and dragged a metal trash can closer to Arnold's desk.

"Hello" an angelic voice answered from the other line.

"Hey Lila, can you meet me by my locker? I just realized that I forgot to empty it, and since tonight is the graduation ceremony I don't think I'll have enough time to do it later. Do you think you could help me? Plus I still have that book of yours to return" the figure gushed eagerly anticipating the response of the clueless girl.

"Sure, I'll be there in about 15 minutes. I'm in the gymnasium with Sheena right now. I'm ever so sure that this will be an opportunity for us to bond. I can't believe elementary school finished so quickly. I'm ever so sure I'm going to bawl like a baby tonight," the redhead babbled.

"Well, I'll see you soon then Lila. Bye."

"See you ever so in a bit," she responded cheerfully, before hanging up.

Laughing sinisterly the figure then began to dial the number of another individual.

"Hello," a husky voice answered on the other end.

"Hey? Arnold? Do you wanna join Lila and me for ice cream after school? She's gonna be here in about 15 minutes?"

"I'm actually with Gerald right now…hold on a second," he stated. There was a pause and then she heard whispering on the other end.

"Hey, I'm back. Gerald says he's up for ice cream. We'll meet you by your locker in 10, okay."

"Yeah," replied the figure swooning. "See you guys soon. Bye," she concluded dreamily.

Damn that boy has a sexy voice. Ending the call the figure threw the book into the metal trash can. Well now that phase one is complete, I must continue with phase two. Putting her cell back into her pocket, she reached for the lighter she had held previously and lit the book a flame. As the flames continued to destroy the book, she flashed back momentarily to events of the previous day. She had been lucky that neither Arnold nor Lila had seen her lurking behind them in the library. Apparently, Arnold had found some book – his dad's journal to be more specific, which also included the possible location of the whereabouts of his parents. Arnold had conveniently stated that no one but he, his grandparents, Gerald, and now Lila knew about the book. He had confessed the intimate details of what the journal entailed to Lila. He also told her that he intended on going to search for his parents that very summer. Lila had expressed her desire that he not go, as she was afraid that he might never come back.

We can't have that the figure thought glumly to herself. This is going to be THE summer that you realize that WE belong together. I can't have you going off and messing this up. She seethed on as she continued to watch the book being damaged; completely engulfed in flames. This way you can't leave. And being that little miss perfect is the only one that knows about this journal; she'll be the perfect person to frame for the crime. Gerald would never do something so hurtful, and Lila did express her disappointment. Picking up the fire extinguisher the figure slowly began to douse the flames. The book was completely burnt to a crisp. Nothing was readable. With that the figure carefully cleaned up her surrounding area, making sure that she had gotten rid of any evidence that would link her to the crime.

Placing what was left of the journal onto Arnold's desk; she picked up the fire extinguisher and slowly crept out of the classroom. Glancing around occasionally making sure that there were no witnesses she made her way to the janitor's closet; she then placed the extinguisher back to the place she had found it.

She then sauntered back down the hall to her locker. Conveniently enough her locker was just meters away from their homeroom. The smell of smoke was making its way down the sombre hall. She reached up towards her locker and began to nonchalantly turn the dial to open her lock. Just as it clicked open she heard the telltale voice of Lila echoing through the hall. She was mindlessly singing lyrics to Leona Lewis's bleeding love as she approached. Stopping shortly, she looked towards the figure.

"Do you smell smoke?" Lila asked alarmed.

Turning around the figure replied, "Sorry Lila I have a cold. My nose is so stuffed I can't smell anything!"

Lila's cheerful smile slowly descended from her face. "I ever so think that it's coming from…the CLASSROOM!" she yelled in sudden horror.

She then sprinted towards the classroom in shock. As soon as she disappeared within the room, Arnold and Gerald appeared down the hall.

"Hey baby girl what's poppin?" Gerald suavely greeted.

"Nothing much," the figure responded.

"Where's Lila?" Arnold asked as his emerald eyes scanned the hallway.

"In the classroom," the figure responded innocently.

The figure then closed her locker. "Let's go get her," she said simply. Both boys nodded as they began to make their way towards the classroom.

They were just inches from the door, when Gerald stopped abruptly. "Hey man," he said as he put an arm on Arnold's shoulder to stop the blonde boy in his tracks. "Do you smell…"

"SMOKE!" Arnold concluded. His green eyes widening in sudden realization. Both boys bolted towards the classroom. The figure followed them in equal distress as not to give herself away.

Once inside they found Lila in tears on the floor near Arnold's desk, the dishevelled journal in her hand. "Arnmosld," she sobbed, her words becoming incoherent. "yowur…" sniff …. "dad's jouwmrnaaaaaaaal," the redhead continued to bawl.

"What!" Gerald asked in utter confusion; not from the seriousness and disbelieving event that had taken place, but from the fact that he had not made out one word of Lila's hysterical outburst. Arnold's outburst however, cleared up why she was crying.

"My…my dad's journal," he stated dejectedly. "wha - what would… why!" he yelled in despair as he collapsed with grief onto the floor beside Lila grabbing the demolished journal .

The look of disbelief and heart wrenching sadness filled the features of Arnold's handsome face.

Gerald tried his best to comfort his friend. "Who would do something like this?" Gerald asked in utter confusion.

Arnold's features suddenly became hard. His face became flushed with anger.

The figure slowly crouched down beside Lila. "What's going on?" she asked innocently. Her face filled with outermost concern. Inside however she was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Arnold slowly got up. His back faced towards his friends. Fists clenched. Body completely engulfed in anger.

"There's only one other person that knows about this journal Gerald!" Arnold stated coolly despite his appearance.

Here it comes, the figure thought triumphal to herself. Arnold's about to tear little miss perfect into ever so shreds.

"Only one person," Arnold continued, "could do something so cruel."

"Who?" Gerald asked looking with disbelief at the fragile book his best friend clutched in his hands.

Arnold turned around. He looked Gerald dead in the eyes and said "Helga Pataki."


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