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The Secret Life of Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale

Cullen Mansion – Alice's Room – 6:00 AM

"No, no, Rose. You wore that shirt a month ago! Choose another one." Alice scolded her sister.

"But I want to use this one!" Rosalie complained.

"What will people think when they see you? We have to keep our reputation up high!" Alice squared her shoulders and had a look on her face that made her look powerful.

"They'll think I'm gorgeous, as always! Besides, they never look for too long at us, they won't notice." said Rosalie, stubbornly.

"OK, but if Lauren Mallory laughs at you, I won't care." Alice folded her arms across her chest as she mentioned the school 'pretty' girl.

"She won't notice…she's had enough of my glares." Rosalie smiled evilly.

"I can hear you, you know?" Esme's voice came from downstairs. "And that's rude, Rose!"

Rosalie knew Esme was right, but she couldn't help it. She still thought Lauren deserved every glare she'd given her, but she didn't want to argue with Esme, though.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

"Now, back to the clothes…" Alice started sweetly but ended up yelling, "TAKE THAT SHIRT OFF AND USE ANOTHER ONE!" All the boys laughed from their rooms.

Rosalie growled at her brothers and husband, glared at her pixie-like sister.

"What shirt do you suggest, then?" She tried to keep her voice still, but she was furious.

Alice ran to her closet and was back in less than a second holding a blue Alice-made v-neck top. (A/N: picture in both profiles)

Rosalie tried to keep the glare on her face as she stared at the amazing shirt in front of her. Also, it didn't help much the fact that Alice was singing, "You know you want it, Rose…"

She finally surrendered and grabbed the shirt, "Okay, fine!"

Alice clapped her hands, "Yay!"

"What do you think?" asked Rosalie, who had put the shirt on while Alice celebrated, and now was staring at herself in the mirror.

"Beautiful!" Alice, whose dreams had always been to be a fashion designer, sighed and then added while she curtsied, "Another masterpiece by Alice Cullen! Thank you, thank you."

Rosalie just rolled her eyes.

"Can I do my hair today, or are you going to do it…again?" She asked.

"Do you honestly don't know the answer to that?" Alice grinned and raised an eyebrow.

Rosalie sighed, then went to sit by Alice's mirror, "Go ahead, do your thing."

Alice tried different hairstyles, before finding the one. Ponytail? No, too plain. Braids? Too much. She ended up making Rosalie's hair waved and smooth as usual.

"Wow, Alice, pretty original, huh?" said Rosalie, sarcastically. She wanted to say she would've done something more original, but she didn't want to hurt her sister's feelings.

Alice frowned as she saw Rosalie's future, but it was changing. Rosalie was debating whether to say something or not.

Rosalie got tired of the debate in her head, so she finally decided not to say anything.

Alice shrugged, grabbed her tote bag and headed downstairs with Rosalie. (A/N: Their outfits are in my profile)

As soon as Rosalie had made it to the living room, Emmett was at her side in a flash. "You look beautiful, as always."

He kissed her passionately and that soon turned into an intense make-out session.

Edward and Jasper hollered and cheered while Alice giggled.

Emmett and Rosalie's love show was over as soon as Jasper said, "What, Alice?"

Alice had closed her eyes, meaning she had seen something. Suddenly, her eyes burst open and she squealed, "Chief Swan's daughter is coming today!"

Edward groaned as Jasper rubbed circles on Alice's back and said, "Love, you know you can't talk to her, or be friend with her."

"I know." Alice's face fell and everyone gave her an apologetic look. "But she was so pretty…"

Rosalie glared, jealous. Edward smirked for he had read her mind, and Jasper did, too, as he felt her emotions.

"Don't be jealous, sis." Jasper told her, "It's not like new-girl is stealing Emmett or anything."

And with that, Rosalie growled and almost jumped over Jasper, if it not had been for Emmett's iron grasp on her.

"Don't you dare say that again!" she said through her teeth when she realized it was impossible to escape from her husband's arms.

Jasper flinched back, a little afraid of Rosalie's look.

"Wow, Jazz, you made Rose glare at you!" laughed Emmett.

"That's a new one," Edward muttered, sarcastically.

"Can we go now, please?" Alice whined.

"As soon as my dear husband releases me, it'll be my pleasure." Rosalie said coldly.

Emmett's booming laugh sounded across the house – maybe even across the forest – and he released Rosalie.

They all headed towards Edward's Volvo.

"Can't we take my car today?" Rosalie asked, hopeful.

"No." Carlisle answered before anyone else could. As he stepped out of the house, he added, "You know it attracts a lot of attention, Rose."

"But– okay, fine." Rosalie tried to argue, but hated being glared at, so she stopped.

As always, Edward and Emmett were in the front seats, while Rosalie, Alice and Jasper squeezed in the back seat. Alice and Jasper were being the corny lovebirds again, and Emmett and Edward discussed cars. Rosalie tried to get in their conversation, but the boys were all against team BMW, so Rosalie dropped out of their car talk.

Rosalie's thoughts were all going to the same direction as always – her face. The Volvo's windows were so shiny always, that Rosalie was always distracted by her reflection. But for once, she didn't like what she saw. The lilac circles under her topaz eyes were starting to make her look like a … vampire.

"Rose, that's what you are." Edward said, reading her thoughts. As much as she wished what Edward had said was a lie, she had to admit, unfortunately, her brother was right.

"I know. But I meant like Dracula vampire…like scary vampires."

"You already are scary, Rose." Jasper pointed out.

"Argh!" Rosalie tried to get to Jasper, but Edward's hands stopped her.

"We're here, Rose. When we get home you can take Jasper to the torture chamber."

"Yay." Rosalie mumbled. Another wonderful day at Forks High School.

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