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The Secret Life of Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale

Chapter 4

Next day at school

The Cullen kids (except for Edward) drove to school in the Volvo, but none of them were in a talking mood.

"Alice?" Jasper asked suddenly. "Have you seen Edward?"

"Yes," she sighed. "But my visions aren't showing him happy. He misses us."

A growl was building in Rosalie's chest. She knew it wasn't really her business but she couldn't help feeling a rage of hatred towards the new girl. She was practically destroying the Cullen family!

"Ugh…that bit – I'm sorry, that girl!" she screeched.

"Isabella Swan?" Emmett asked, blinking. Rosalie nodded and he continued, "How do you know it was her fault Edward left? I mean, he wanted to her, but I've wanted to kill many people too but I didn't leave."

Rosalie was trying to think of a good response. When she couldn't find one, she turned and glared fiercely at Emmett.

"Hey guys, stop it," begged Jasper, "You're driving me crazy!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. I-can-make-emos-happy, but it's not my fault that's your power," Rosalie snorted. Emmett bursted out laughing.

Jasper's rage increased and snapped. "It's better than not having one!"

Alice frowned, "Guys, stop. I miss Edward, he was the one who always made us stop fighting."

In that moment, they arrived to school. Rosalie parked the car in its usual spot and the Cullen siblings hopped down. Rosalie headed to her class with Emmett following her close behind.

"It's okay, Jazz. Just ignore her." Alice was trying to soothe her husband.

"I do, Ali. Or at least I try to," he smiled. Alice always knew how to make him feel better. "C'mon, little pixie, I'll walk you to class," he put his arm around his wife and they walked together to what would be their first day without Edward.

Meanwhile, Emmett was having a hard time dealing with Rosalie. They were sitting on the back row of the classroom, speaking so low and fast, it was impossible for anyone to hear… or even understand what they were saying.

"Oh, Rosie. C'mon babe, talk to me!"

"Shush, Emmett! I'm trying to pay attention!" she lied so her husband would leave her alone.

"How many times have you had this class?" asked Emmett raising his eyebrows.

"Never in Forks High."Rosalie replied, not looking at Emmett and pretending to take notes.

Emmett took her hands in his to keep her from writing. Rosalie tried to resist his touch and kept looking forward, but she couldn't manage it for more than a few seconds. She sighed and looked at his eyes.

"Please, don't be mad," said Emmett slowly, using those puppy eyes of his, breaking through her defenses.

Rosalie sighed again. "I can't really be mad at you." She leaned in and kissed his lips softly.

Emmett smiled against her lips, "Can't resist the puppy eyes, can you?"

"What if I can't?" Rosalie asked.

"It doesn't matter," Emmett moved his lips to Rose's neck, "I can't resist you, either."

The first few classes went by quickly and Jasper waited for Alice outside her classroom so they could walk together to the cafeteria.

He smiled as he saw her. "Hey there, lil' monster."

Alice smiled when she saw Jasper and rested her head on his shoulder. "Hi."

They walked to the cafeteria together to find Rosalie and Emmett already sitting on their usual table.

They joined them and Jasper smiled when he felt the love emanating from all of them.

"Don't be to happy about it. She'll remember in… 1 minute," whispered Alice teasefully.

Jasper and Emmett laughed while Rosalie glared. But they all noticed she wasn't paying attention to them; she wasn't even glaring their way.

"Who are you glaring at, Rose?" Emmett asked.

"Swan is staring at us." Rosalie replied through gritted teeth.

"Rosalie, you are scaring the poor girl," scolded Jasper.


"What has she done to you?"

"Not to me. To the family. She's been here only one day and Edward's already left!"

"he just needs time," Jasper tried to explain.

"And like I told you, he's not happy. Tanya's very pushy. If I were him, I would come back, and I think he will." Alice smiled at Isabella just as Bella blushed and looked away.

"Alice!" growled Rosalie.

"What?" she replied inocently. "I'm just trying to improve the impression you are giving her of us."

Rosalie scowled at her pixie-like sister, who was fighting a smile.

The bell rang and they went back to class.

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