The Sitter

Chapter 1: Left Alone

"Emmett, no football it's bad for Renesmee." Emmett grunted. "Come on Bella!"

"Edward and I are going to Port Angeles today. We won't be back until tonight. Good bye guys!" The Cullen's said there goodbyes while Renemee played on the floor. Before Bella walked out she turned to her. "Make sure Uncle Emmett keeps the TV off." She giggled. "Ok mama."

After Bella and Edward left Alice stood up. "I'm going to the mall." She gave Nessie a kiss. "I'm coming too!" Rosalie grabbed her purse. "Let's go." When they drove off in Alice's Porsche Emmett grabbed the remote. "No Uncle Emmett! No TV!" Carlisle laughed and rose to his feet. "I think I'll go hunting. Esme, Jasper, join me?"

"Sure." They replied and headed out the door. "Wait! Someone take Nessie!" Emmett called after them. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!" He yelled. Renesmee patted his leg. "It's ok Uncle Emmett. I want to go to the mall too."

Chapter 2: Poke

Emmett was on the couch, his arm on the side and leaning his head on his palm. "Poke." He felt something on his other arm. "Poke" Emmett opened his eye and looked at Renesmee sitting next to him. She was staring at the wall in front of her. She slowly moved her arm over. Renesmee touched him on the arm. "Poke." She was poking him. "Poke."

"Nessie what are you doing?!" She looked at him then back at the wall. "Nothing. I'm bored, so…I'm poking you."

"Well what do you want to do?" She put her hand on her chin. "Ummm……Visit Jacob!" Emmett's eyes dropped. "No." He replied coldly. "Fine, tell me a story." Emmett thought long and hard. "Three Little Pigs?"

"Heard it."



"How about Little Red Riding Hood?"

"A bunch." Emmett sighed. "Did your mom ever tell you about Miss Jenny?"

-Read Truth or Dare…Mostly Dare to learn more about Miss Jenny-

"Who's that?" Emmett laughed. "Ask Uncle Jasper when he comes home." Renesmee shrugged. "How you heard of Super E?" She shook her head. "No." Emmett clapped his hand together. "Good."

Chapter 3: Super E

"Ok so…um…Once upon a time there was a super hero, and his name was Super E. He was tall, strong, handsome-" Nessie looked up. "Emmett, I don't want to hear you brag about your self."

"It's not about me, it's about Super Em- I mean Super E." Renemee pointed at him. "Liar."

"Just let me tell you the story. Anyway he had a beautiful wife named…"

She rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, Aunt Rosalie." Nessie frowned. "No! Her name was…Rosy. And they lived in an awesome, cool, house in…Ireland! Yeah and Super E saved people and stuff. And Rosy eared a bunch of money doing her job as…a doctor! And this one time Super E was saving this cat from the evil, blood thirsty, stinky, mean, werewolf. And his name was Mr. J!" Nessie looked up with puppy eyes. "But I like Jacob…and Quil and Sam and Paul…wait, no I don't like Paul that much." Emmett cover her mouth. "Let me finish." He growled. "Anyway Super E saved the cat and gave it back to the lady. The lady was all like 'Oh thank you, you saved my cat. Thank you so much.' And Super E flew off laughing 'All in a days work.' The End." Emmett smiled and looked at Nessie. "That story was dumb."

Chapter 4: Jasper's home

"Well you tell a better one." Emmett crossed his arms. "Hey guys. What are you up to?" Jasper glided in the door. "Where are the rest?" Emmett asked. "Still hunting. Why?" Emmett lifted Renesmee off the floor. He sat her in Jasper's arms. "You take care of her." Emmett was out the door in a flash. Nessie looked at her Uncle. "Who is Miss Jenny?" Jasper looked at her coldly. "Did Emmett tell you this?"

"Yes." Jasper set her on the floor. "Your Uncle Emmett is going to have a talk when he gets home." Jasper growled coldly. Nessie pulled on his jeans. "Who is Miss Jenny?"

"No one." Jasper looked at her. "Want to watch TV?" She grabbed the remote. "Ok." Jasper turned it on and sat down. "Comedy. No. Soap opera. No. Cartoons. No. Nothing's on." A soft rumbling noise came from the rug. Jasper looked down. She was sleeping. "Emmett you big woos. This is no big deal." Jasper whispered to himself. He turned to the foot ball station.

Chapter 5: Burst of Anger

"EMMETT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! I TOLD YOU NEVER TO BRING UP THAT NIGHT AGAIN!" Jasper yelled in rage. Alice put her hands on his shoulder. "Calm down, Jazz. That night was bad for all of us."

"NO! We should put him in a dress and drag him downtown!" Jasper's face grew to a light pink. "Please calm down Jasper. It's ok."

"No it's not!" Carlisle, Edward and Bella moved forward.

-remember Bella is a vampire by this point.-

Alice moved her hands in a tight grip around him. Jasper baring his teeth at Emmett growled. "Calm down!" She growled in his ear. He sighed. "I'm sorry." Jasper and Emmett turned to Edward. "Next time…you baby sit your own kid." They turned and left. Jasper going upstairs with Alice and Emmett and Rosalie outside. Nessie looked at everyone. "Who is Miss Jenny!" The others laughed as Edward began.