Chapter 2: Reserved

"I'm bored. Can't we dare ourselves on the way there?" Alice complained. Edward eyed Alice. Emmett looked at her with grin. "I think Miss Jenny has enough on her plate." Jasper sunk further into his seat. Bella giggled. "Speaking of plates. you can go to a fancy dinner."

Jasper looked up. "With who?!" He looked around the car. Bella winked at Alice. "With Emmett of course." They looked wide eyed. "What?!" They shocked. Emmett stuttered. "Listen about earlier I was just joking." Alice played dumb. "You were?" Emmett complained. "Do I have to?" Edward mumbled something. Emmett grabbed his shoulder. "What was that Eddy?" He hissed. "I said you might as well. She going to make you."

He leaned back relaxed. "Well in that case." He faked a huge yawn raising an arm and slowly bringing it down on Jasper's shoulder. Jasper reached up and hit him in the face. "Don't touch me or I will kill you." He hissed. "Acts nothing like me." Rosalie mumbled staring out the window. "Yeah tell me about it." Everyone in the car chimed.


Alice bounced out of the Volvo and up to the doors of the restaurant. "Hurry up!" She cried to the slow moving group at the car. She growled and ran in herself. Emmett opened Jasper's door and took his arm. Jasper-or Jenny- shook it off and scowled. Alice bounded out of the restaurant and announced,

"I've reserved two seats for 8:30. It's 7:10, so let's go show off our precious Jenny!" The Cullen's burst out laughing with the exception of Jasper. Rosalie grabbed Jasper's arm and led him into town, the Cullen's following.