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Part I: Complication

The car felt cramped and Cindy was feeling suffocated. This isn't where I want to lose my virginity, she thought as Nick hungrily kissed her neck. His hand ventured under her shirt and she suddenly felt very sick. The sensation in her stomach wasn't from butterflies, it was from--she pushed him away quickly, leaning over, her mouth opening—the need to vomit.


Cindy looked down at the ugly chunks in Nick's lap and vomited again.

"Cindy!" Nick excalimed.

She looked away, embarrassed. "I'm sorry," she whispered, wanting to vomit agian, her eyes welling with tears and the bush on her face red with fire. All she wanted to do now was get the hell out of that car and run far, far away, so she opened the car door and ran out.

"Cindy!" he called out after her, but she didn't stop, not until she was upstairs and in her room.

Nick didn't even drive after her. She dind't want to look back but she didn't hear a car behind her as she ran all the way home.

I can't believe I threw up on him! She thought as she slid to the floor, her back against her bedroom door.

Cindy threw herself on her bed, utterly embarrassed and completely mortified. She screamed into her pillow until her throat was sore and her tears melted into her muffled cries.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You threw up in his lap?!"

Cindy nodded, her cheeks aflame. With a sigh, she closed her locker.

Libby chocked back a laugh, though not very successfully.

"It's not funny!" Cindy scolded.

Libby tried not to laugh. "Oh, no," she said. "Of course not." But she couldn't help herself. She burst into laughter. "And the you ran away!" She laughed harder and snorted in the middle only to come out laughing even harder than before.

"It's not funny!" Cindy scolded, but Libby could not stop herself.

"What I miss?"

Cindy turned around as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered. When her emerald eyes met Jimmy's blue ones, she felt herself melting.

"Oh, nothing," she managed, feeling just a little woozy.

"Nothing?" Libby said, giving herself some time to breathe before she laughed again. She put a hand on her hip. "Try a whole lot of somethin'!" And she burst into laughter again.

The sight of her made Jimmy laugh along. "So are you going to tell me?"



Cindy and Libby exchanged stares, but Libby's face was far from serious. She took a deep breath as Cindy tried to warn her. Libby smiled as she inched closer to Jimmy. "She threw up on Nick's lap last night when they were making out in the back seat of his car," Libby explained.

Jimmy didn't know how to react, so he simply stared.

Cindy covered her face as Libby laughed. I'm glad she's enjoying it, she thought, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks again.

A smile blossomed on Jimmy's face. "You were disgusted by him," he said. Libby's laughter slowly calmed as she wiped away her tears. "Because you didn't want him."

Cindy stared, unsure for a moment, but a smile of her own bloomed on her face. Her embarrassment completely forgotten and in it's place was a playful flirtation that needed it's daily liberation. This was their "relationship" now. They still fought, sure, but they weren't as competitive. Most of their fights were reduced to nothing but playful teasing, flirtation, and even innuendos of sexual desire. It had begun when they hit high school, but Cindy had no complaints. She honestly preferred it this way, though at times she wanted more.

"Are you implying that I want you instead?" she asked teasingly. This was when her body language began to change. She was sure of herself and the smallest of gestures hinted at an invitation.

Jimmy's smile broadened as he looked at her, his eyes surveying her, accepting her invitation. For a moment he said nothing, but then he leaned close, his eyes looking into hers. Their noses almost touched and then he tilted his head and for a moment, Cindy thought that he would kiss her and secretly she hoped he would.

Her heart began to race as he continued to lean forward and just when she thought that his lips would finally touch hers, he moved. His lips lightly breezed across her cheek and up to her ear.

"Yes," he whispered, answering her question and then he pulled away, looking at her with am innocent smile. Her heart hammered in her chest as he looked back at her. He waved and walked down the hall, leaving Cindy stunned with a sudden need that she did not expect.

"Whoa," Libby brethed, stunned herself. "I thought he'd kiss you for real." She turned to Cindy and looked at her. Cindy was in some astonisjed daze that oleft her eyes looking just a little dreamy. "Then what would Nick say?" she asked. Cindy did not move. "You know, you're boyfriend. . .Nick?"

"Oh," Cindy replied, pulling herself away from the trance she had seemed to be under.

"Yeah," Libby replied as she took Cindy's arm. "We should really get to class before Mrs. Brooks has a heart attack."

Cindy nodded, allowing Libby to lead her away.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I'll go make more copies and drop these off for you," Cindy offered, lightly lifting up the small stack of papers in her arms.

"Thanks a mill, Cin," the girl replied.

A mill? Cin? Ugh. "No problem," Cindy said, a smile plastered on her face. She walked out, hating how the girl shortened every word that she could.

Cindy decided to stay after school for the school newspaper and was reduced to doing errands all because some people had found her last article offensive. This was her punishment. The principle had suggested this to "give people time to forget", he said. Bleh! How could people take offense to her when she was merely quoting another student? Stupid student body. Pfft!

She walked steadily down the hall, careful not to fall. It would be a big pain in the ass if she tripped and dropped all the papers. She sighed as she looked up and then her breath caught. Jimmy was headed towards her, his head was down and he was talking to himself.

"Jimmy?" she called.

He looked up. "Oh, hey." He looked happy to see her, but a little nevous.

"What are you doing here?"

He was silent for a moment. "Oh," he said. "Uh, Chem Club."

She nodded. Figures, she thought. But wait. Did the Chemistry Club have a meeting today? They don't usually meet Tuesdays.

"You're here for the newspaper, right?"

She nodded again. "Speaking of which, I have to be on my way," she said quickly, moving around him.

"Wait," he said, pulling her back. She looked at him. "I came here to tell you something."

Her heart began to race as she turned her body to face him. "What?"

"Actually," he said as he rubbed the back of his neck, looking away, "I came by to give you something."

She stared at him, surprised. Give her something? What could it possibly be? What could he want to give her?

In seconds his hands were cupping her face and his lips were on hers. He kissed her full and deep. It was rushed at first, but he slowed, keeping at a nice even pace for her to easily follow. He was passionate, but not hungry and then she suddenly felt the papers slipping out of her hands as Jimmy's tongue slipped into her mouth. He lightly grazed hers with his almost. . .lovingly. . .

She wanted to wrap her arms around him when she felt her back pressing against the lockers. She didn't even stop to wonder when it was that she had even come within inches of a locker. He whispered her name and she felt herself melting in his arms. He pulled away from her and then turned away, a pained look on his face.

Cindy kept her eyes closed. She didn't even notice his departure, so when she opened her eyes in time to see him disappear down the hall, she thought she was seeing things. Had that all been a dream? It was way too real. She felt him. She felt his hands, his lips, his. . .she suddenly wanted to go after him, but she felt frozen and too weak in the knees to move. Slowly, her knees gave out and she fell softly to the floor.

One of the girls from the newspaper rounded the corner from where Cindy had come. She probably got worried when Cindy didn't come back, or maybe she was irrated that she was taking so long. The girl quickly spotted Cindy on the floor, papers scattered everywhere. "Cindy!" the girl exclaimed as she rushed to her."What happened?"

"I. . ." she looked into her lap. "I don't know."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The door bell rang once, twice, three times before Jimmy made it to the door. He sighed, exasperated. His dad was probably coming back again for something else he forgot. First, it was his car key and then his wallet and then his money, which he forgot to put in his wallet. "Did you forget your house key again, dad?" he called as he reached for the door. He opened the door as he spoke, "You should really keep your car key and your house key together, so you-"

When he looked up, Cindy stood there, looking a little flushed.

"Oh." He pasused. "Uh, come in." He stepped aside to allow her in. She made her way inside and then he closed the door behind her, wondering in a panic what she was doing there.

"Thank you," she said.

He nodded. "Um. . .Cindy, about that kiss today," he began, adverting his eyes, "I only did it because, well, you know."

She stared at him. "No, I don't know," she said. "Tell me." Her curiosity peaked as she waited for him to answer. She corssed her arms over her chest, trying to make it look like she meant business.

"Well," he began, "I thought that you. . .It's. . .well, I. . ."

Suddenly it hit her: he believed the rumors going around in school about her "putting out". He thought she was easy!

Someone started the rumors when she first started high school two years ago after a date with a junior boy went horribly wrong. She was still unsure who started the rumor excatly. It could have been the boy who asked her out. He was very upset when Cindy told him, "No." Apparently, he was expecting to get laid. He could have made up some story to not look like an ass in front of his friends or it could have been the girlfriend he forgot to mention when he asked Cindy out. She may have started the rumor because she hated Cindy for going out with her boyfriend. Whoever it was, ruined her reputation. She was not the kind of girl that people thought she was.

Sure, she had dated a couple more boys than the average girl, but that didn't make her a slut like people thought. And she knew girls who dated more guys than she had! Five in, like, two and half years wasn't that big a number, anyway, right?

Well, Nick would make six, but it still wasn't a lot! And it wasn't like she had sex with all of them. She was actually still a virgin. She was just waiting for the right moment with the right guy. She was waiting for someone who made her feel comfortable and who was trustworthy and someone who cared as much about her as she did about them. That wasn't wrong at all and with Jimmy she felt all those thing: comfort, trust, a mutual attraction. She knew this was what she was waiting for.

She suddenly found herself at ease, her anger from before gone and her mind clear. Jimmy ahdn't kissed her because he believed the rumors. He kissed her because he wanted to be with her. He liked her.

"Jimmy," she said softly.


"Why did you kiss me?" she asked as she looked at him.

He blushed. "I. . .I thought it would be the best way to show you how I feel."

Cindy's arms slipped to her sides. She was right. He did like her. He did! "H-how do you feel?" she asked. She wanted to hear it. She wanted to hear it come from his own lips. Say it, please.

"I thought the kiss would be enough to-"

She placed a hand on his chest and he paused. "Just say it," she pleaded.

He opened his mouth, his face flushed, but he could not speak.

"Can we go upstairs?" she asked. Maybe if they were alone in a more intimate setting, he would be able to come out and say it, but she would not admit to herself that she wanted it that way for her own selfish desires. "In your room."

"W-we have privacy here," he said. "My parents aren't home-"

She bit her bottom lip. "I'd feel better in your room."

"Oh. . .kay." He led her to his room, but he did not look any less shy when they finally got there. In fact, he looked a little more uneasy now that they were alone in a much smaller area.

"How do you feel about me?" she asked as she sat down on his bed. "Please, tell me." She didn't even realize it herself, but she wanted him to spill his heart. She needed to hear that someone wanted her, that someone thought of her as more than someone to have sex with. Sometimes she felt like Nick just didn't appreciate her and recently he would try more and more to get into her pnats. Every date ended with a kiss that would turn into something more and she found it more tiring to say no each time and it bothered her.

Jimmy looked down. "F-for a long time I've. . ." he took a deep breath ". . .I've been thinking about you in ways that I find embarrasing."

"W-what do you mean?" she asked, unsure if she should be happy or upset about it. She inched closer to the edge of the bed as he began to pace.

"I started thinking about us being together, like seeing a movie together, eating meals together, having picnics, kissing, hugging, playing-" a blushed colored his cheeks "-and it was so. . .irratitating. After a while of denying it, I just stopped fighting it and found myself really, really wanting to be with you." He took a deep breath and then slowly shook his head before he looked at her again, "But you were always with someone else. If it wasn't one guy, it was another. And during the rare time you were signle, there were still other guys interested in you or who you were interested in and I felt like I could win! And then you go out with Nick and I knew I'd lost for sure!"

He sighed and sat down beside her. He took her hands in his and stared into her eyes. "It really hurt and I tried to give up, but no matter how hard I tried to surpress these feelings, they'd just resurface stronger than before."

Tears welled up in her eyes. "Jimmy," she whispered as she leaned in close. Her lips hovered above his, uncertain, but then Jimmy closed the gap between them and his lips were on hers, hungery for a taste of her. It wasn't long before Cindy's arms were wrapped around his neck and they were sprwaled across the bed, their kisses becoming more and more passionate.

They both had a single thought in the back of their minds, but they ingored it, promising themselves that they would get back to it later.

That single thought was this: This, is a problem.