Hi readers!! This is my first DC oriented story, but I really like it so far. Any charector mentioned here is in the movie/TV verse, so when you picture Green Arrow, it is the Green Arrow from Smallville. Any charectors that you recognize are not mine, but Mark and Jacob are. Enjoy!! (The review button at the bottom is your friend)

"Come on!"


"Watch the trip laser."




A green clad figure crept in the rafters above the bumbling crooks, trying hard not to snigger. Oliver Queen moved silently, stepping from one beam to the other, his soft leather boots adding to the effect. As the thieves neared their target, Oliver drew an arrow, fitting it to his bow, pulling back and- there was a puff of air as the arrow left the string, heading straight for the first crook's gun. It landed squarely in the barrel, causing him to stop and peer at the weapon in surprise.

"Mark, did you see that!"

"Darn it Jacob! He found us already!"

"You suck."

Mark stuck his tongue out and dropped his guard. "Ok, exercise complete."

Oliver smiled as the lights came on to reveal a complex training maze, beams and wires placed strategically to give the room a variety of uses and practice scenarios. The Green Arrow jumped, letting himself fall before grabbing a beam and swinging until he had enough momentum to vault over to another beam and catch himself with his legs, hanging upside-down in front of his two training partners.

"Show off." Mark muttered.

"Kill joy." Oliver smiled.

"We were the ones with the inferred this time and you still caught us in under a minute!" Jacob pouted.

"Hey," Oliver said coolly as he let go of the beam, flipping to land upright in front of his friends. "I'm just that awesome."

"I think I want a beer." Mark said, walking away.

"I'm coming." Jacob said as he followed his brother.

Oliver smiled, taking off his glasses and throwing off his hood. Those two were some trip. They were identical twins, and the only thing that made them different was their powers.

Mark was nicknamed Scorpion, because he had twin retractable stingers that came out of the back of his hands, with another set in his feet. He also had an armor that mimicked a Scorpion's exoskeleton, which would cover him on mental command.

His brother, Jacob, was nicknamed Griffin, and had a set of black wings on his back, and on command he could change into a lion, still retaining his wings. They both had short, black hair with a streak of pure white through the front. Whenever they changed, Mark's armor was black with white markings, while Jacob's lion form had black fur with a white stripe in the mane.

Oliver had been friends with them for years, and they often joined him on vigilante missions. He shook his head, deciding to head for a shower then go join the boys.

"When is our turn to train?" Mark asked, sipping on his second beer.

"After dinner I think."

The brothers had gone to a bar, and were sipping on beers while waiting for their buffalo wings.

"Oliver will probably joining us huh? We had better order enough for him too."

"Already covered."

They went back to sipping on their beers, an awkward silence permeating the air between them.

"So- you see our new costumes?" Mark tried lamely, the silence getting to him.

"Alright, lets cut the crap. You and I both know what is going on, don't we?" Jacob said, low and serious.

Mark sighed. "Yea. But how do we break it to Oliver?"

"I guess that's the hard part. Should we tell him over dinner?"

"I'd say the sooner the better man."

Jacob bit his lip, nodding. The sooner the better.

Oliver stepped out of the shower, the bathroom warm and steamy. He relished the heat, inhaling the steam, a towel wrapped around his waist. He stepped out into his equally warm bedroom, slipping into some clothes. Just as he was slipping on a t-shirt, there was a noise, like a window opening, and he whipped around, grabbing a throwing knife out of a pocket in the waistband of his jeans.

"You!" There was a whistling as an arrow flew from the woman's bow, and…………

"Oliver's taking his time, isn't he?"

"Even for a spoiled rich kid it isn't like him to take this long." Jacob said, eyeing the plate of buffalo wings, trying to use humor to lighten the situation.

"Maybe he isn't going to join us this time, we didn't exactly plan this." Mark said, shrugging nervously.

"Really?" Jacob gave his twin a meaningful look.

"Right." Mark sighed. Oliver always joined them after a practice. It wasn't something they ever planned, it just was. Something had to be wrong.

"Did you try calling him?"

"Yea, he never answered."

"Try again." There was a glint of fear in his eyes.

The arrow whistled through the air, but Oliver was too shocked to react. It hit him hard, and he fell back, gasping as his head hit the bedside table, knocking him unconscious. The woman looked satisfied and jumped into the room from her spot on the window sill, the wind tossing the curtains with cool night air. She strode towards Oliver's still form, the carpet already soaked with blood. Her soft leather boots made no sound in the carpet, and as she crept closer her feet and cloak became stained with his blood.

Her eyes glinted green as she removed the molded leather mask she wore. "Now who is the champion Arrow?"

"I can't get him, something is definitely wrong." Mark said, his tone very serious.

"Alright, we had better go check on him."

They quickly paid for the meal and left, gunning black and green motorcycles as they sped out of the parking lot.


"Hey Queen! You pass out from all that booze?"



They walked through the mansion, both growing increasingly worried.

"Oliver?" Mark called, pushing open the bedroom door.

Jacob gasped. "Mark, look!" He rushed into the bedroom, kneeling by Oliver's side, his jeans already soaked through with blood. Mark hurried after him.

"Is he-"

"He is still alive, but I don't know for how long." Jacob replied, his voice shaking. He glanced down at the arrow embedded in his friend's chest. "It looks like it landed near his heart. We can't pull it out until we know where it actually is."

Mark nodded. "Hospital?"

"No, we need to get him to someone with contacts. We're taking him to Bruce Wayne."