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Rainbow Baths

Bubbles of every color filled the small tub. A small boy ran his hand through each color, giggling and changing his hair to match. Tonks smiled at her son and pushed one of his toy boats toward him. Teddy squealed and made waves for the ship to face.

"Come on Teddy," Tonks chuckled, grabbing a towel from the bathroom closet. "Time to get out."

"No dry! No dry!" Teddy yelped as she picked him up and set him on the mat. He wriggled and twisted as his mother tried hard to get all the water off of him.

"Teddy, it's time for PJs," Tonks told him as he finally succeeded in squirming out of her grasp.

"No PJ!" he yelled, running down the hall. Slipping a little, he hid underneath the hall table, peeking out from the tablecloth to giggle at his mother.

"What's going on?" Remus asked coming from the kitchen with a cup of tea.

"Your son's an exhibitionist," Tonks smirked at him.

"Doesn't want to put on clothes again?"

"Nope. He's under the table."

They saw a shock of violet hair disappear under the white cloth. Remus chuckled and handed his cup to Tonks. Quietly, he walked over to the table and reached under. He pulled the shrieking two year old from under it and held him firmly as he walked back to the bathroom. Tonks, drying up small wet footprints, shook her head as she heard Teddy laughing. Ten minutes later, Remus emerged from the bathroom holding Teddy out in front of him.

"Ha!" he said triumphantly. "Hey! That's my tea!"

"Mmmhmm," Tonks nodded, taking another sip. "I'll make you another cup. Let's get him to bed."

Remus smiled and nodded, following Tonks to Teddy's room.

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