Welcome to the world of Sues! This is 100 crack. The main sues name is Aba which is Afrikaan for born on Thursday. I got a 119 on a Mary-Sue test on Pony Press! SasuSaku.

Disclaimer: I only own the plot.

Suggestive situations.

Possible side affects:
Need to gore eyes out.

Mary-Sueniverse: A place where Mary-Sues and Gary-Stues (Male Mary-Sue) rule.

Sueciety: The leading Sues and Stues.

In the Mary-Stuniverse:

"Lady Aba, you know why you are here I presume?" The leading sue said in a melodic voice.

"You have noticed the lack of our kind in the Ninja world and you want me to go there?"

"Yes you are one of the best Sues here. We wish you luck with your journy."

"Thank you."

"Now you must go."

And with that she left to pack.

She was perfect she had waist lengh light purple wavy hair tied into a ponytail. She had a perfect figure. she was born on a Thursday. She had a beutiful face with angelic gold eyes and soft pale skin. She wore a pink t-shirt with lace trim and slightly baggy pants with many pockets that still showed off her sexy figure.

After a very short time of packing her and her adorable wolf pup Destiny. It is a pale pink coulor with a light blue star on ist head. It had looked like that since the day she found it in the woods alone.

She took a deep breath and teleported to Kohona.

To be continued...

Well this is the start the rest of the story will be in Sasuke's POV. If you flame her it's a good thing! Positive comments about her will be laughed at.