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Sasuke's POV.

It was a little later in the Rain Village they were looking for Aba but having no luck.

Sakurahad trained with Tsunade, Sasuke trained with Kakashi and Narutotrained with Jiriaya. They were now ready.

"Where the hell is she?!" Naruto y elled profoundly.

"I hope were not to late." Sakura mumbled.

"If we are her death will be one thousand times more painful." I said slowly.

"Believe it!"

"To bad Kakashi was too busy reading porn to come." Sakura said.

"It was expected."

"He is a pervert."


"Let's hope she ended up a sacrifice to that one god, Jashin or something."

"That would be a relief."

"Don't you want to kill her?"

"Yes but it would be better for me to never see her alive again."

"Oh. O.k."

And they set of on the Sue Hunt of the century.

"Hey I was looking on my shelf again and I found a scroll that explained that Sue's were trying to become more powerfull so they came here to get men for the job. And they had to send my dad to kill them." Naruto said.

"You should have told us that in the village!"

"Sorry I didn't want anyone to overhear us."

"That makes sense Sakura. We don't know if anyone would tell her."

"Oh right sorry."

"COME ON LETS SING A SONG!" Naruto yelled.

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"It's good Karma."

"O.k." Sakura said.


"Let's start!"

(The song Professor Umbridge from the 5th Harry Potter CD plays in the background.) (I know Sasuke would never sing but, it's to get rid of a Sue. desperate times call for desperate measures. As you can tell I'm not a song writer.)


"Sue's are pretty Sue's are smart,

Sue's just want to steal your heart."

-End Chorus-

"They may seem cuddly and cute,

But if your not perfect you get the boot.

They sing charming songs,

But just to cover up their wrongs.

They love even the smallest flies,

But will tell you deadly lies.

They will clean up gristly grime,

But could commit any crime.

They are perfect seeming girls,

But could kill for a pretty set of pearls.

They have bright pretty Eyes,

But will hardly ever utter cries.

They have voices as charming as a bell,

But they are monsters strait from hell.

Sue's are pretty Sue's are smart.

Sue's just want to steal your heart.

So when in doubt,

Remember this anthem will help you out."

"Wow Naruto that was pretty good."

"Thanks Sakura!"

"Yeah not bad."

"I think it really shows how evil they are!"

And as if they had somehow allowed it to be so they came across Aba in a small hotel room about to stab Itachi's unconsie form in a matter of moments.

"ABA STOP!" Naruto yelled.

"No! I have to do this so Sasuke will love me!" She cried passionately.

"I wouldn't love you if you were the only chance to revive my clan!"

"I LOVE YOU! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT!?" She yelled bursting into tears.

This caused Naruto to lose it and go all demonic on that bitch.

"YOU ONLY LOVE YOURSELF!" Naruto yelled.

And then he jumped into the air, tackled her to the ground and stabbed her repeatedly in the heart.

"You will pay for this.." Where the Sue's last words before she died.

And after that a gold liquid escaped her eyes and mixed with her green blood(She's not human.) and began to form a toxic cloud. They only just got out in time.

"Sakura we need the antidote you brought."

"Here." She said giving them each a bottle of the liquid. She took hers and poured some down Itachi's throat.

"Lets go home." She said.

"O.k." and with that they were about to go back to the Leaf Village when they heard a strange sound coming from behind a bush.

"What is that?" Naruto asked.

"It's her pet wolf." I said.

Just then the small animal rubbed it's head against Sakura's leg.

"I guess we shouldn't leave it here." Sakura said picking it up.

"Lets give it a new name! Because anything she named it probably sucks." Naruto said.

"O.k how about Silence?"



"Lets go now."

And they left with two of Naruto's shadow clones carring Itachi.

When they reached Kohona they rushed to the hospital.

They were slightly panicked because in the whole trip Itachi had not stirred once.

Once they got to the hospital Itachi was taken to the emergency room and Team Seven went home.

In the Mary-Sueniverse.

Terror and tears were aroused as they decided to never send another there.

Two weeks later they received notice that Itachi was O.k and Sasuke went to go see him.

"Hi." I mumbled.

"Sasuke I'm sorry I lied to you."

"It's o.k."

"I'm sorry about that girl."

"Don't be."

"Well see you later."


Later Sasuke asked Sakura out. She said yes.

Naruto asked Hinata out. She said yes and fainted.

All is now well in Kohona.

The End.

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