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Full Summary; Everyone knows of Orochimaru's powerful curse that he marks people with called the Curse Seal. But what happens when Haruno Sakura gets taken into captivity by Orochimaru to use her as a test subject to advance the curse seal to a whole new level of power? And the worst part is: it was a success. Now, with this new ability, Sakura tries to fight her way out of Orochimaru's clutches, only in futile attempts. She refuses to be bound to Konoha's most deceitful enemy; the man who took Sasuke away from her. But now the battle is between her and the man she once loved as he now controls everything about her. The new advanced curse seal completely locks Sakura to the person who holds her in their grasp, and this person just happens to be Uchiha Sasuke. But even with being bound to such a cold, arrogant man, whom she once loved, Sakura is starting to remember the reasons why she loved him; but what of his feelings for her? Now Sakura only has one person to turn to for help; help she desperately needs to be freed from this terrifying grasp. But if that one person wasn't there for her when she was twelve, why would he be there for her now, when he was part of the problem?


x;Captive: Physically and Mentally.

This was just the beginning. Sakura knew that. She knew the moment her heavy eyelids forced themselves open that she would never be the same person she was; that something about her had changed. Not a small change that won't take long to adjust to, but a drastic change. The Sakura everyone once knew and loved was now gone, taken over. But by what? All this is very confusing to her. She doesn't know what to think, what to do, or what to understand. But what she does know is that she can feel this mental being, living inside of her. This new source of power. It's so overwhelming. So frightening.

Sakura can hear things she knows she'd never been able to hear before; sense things that were out of a normal shinobi's reach; see things that were not meant to be seen. But how? How did this happen? These new changes taking over her body, what were they? Or, what was she?

What's going on! She screamed in her mind, confused, terrified. In an instant reaction, her eyes scanned her surroundings. This place was unfamiliar to her. It made her feel so alone, so isolated. It did not look like a place she has seen or been in before. So, the answer came in an instant to her: She was not in Konoha. If that's the case, then where was she?

Sakura looked down at her body and saw leather straps holding her down around her waist, shoulders, and legs. She was a prisoner; a captive. Her memories betrayed her. She couldn't remember how she got here, or even where she was at the moment. It was all a blank to her. Or maybe it wasn't real. Yeah, maybe that's it. None of this could be real. She couldn't be walking around Konoha happy in one second, and then the next second go blank and not know where she was.

It's just a dream. It has to be a dream. None of this seems real. She mentally assured herself. She couldn't accept that this was something other than a bizarre nightmare. These changes she feels, this place she's in, it's all so unreal! So fake! It has to be a nightmare. What other explanations could there be?

This is no dream. Sakura froze. Did…did someone just speak to her through her own head? No, she has to be hallucinating. Who could do such a thing? No one! That's who. With a loud groan, she closed her eyes, feeling exhausted and worn out. Her body felt numb and her eyes felt sore, just from being opened. Even the layer of clothing on her body felt heavy and thick.

"I-is someone there?" She asked out loud, with her eyes closed, looking as if she was about to fall asleep. She could have sworn with her own life that she heard a voice inside her head. Someone communicated with her, but not out loud. How ridiculous she feels, even asking if someone was there. There's no one. No one in this room, or in her mind.

Go to sleep. We will be with you shortly enough... There it was again! Sakura knew she wasn't hallucinating that time. A male voice was communicating with her through her own mind. But, before she had time to argue, or oppose him, there was a mental push in her mind, ordering her, commanding her. It came when she least expected it, and couldn't control herself from slowly falling into a deep slumber, just as he commanded her to do―empty of all thoughts.


"Well, how is she?" Kabuto walked into Satoshi's room, examining him. With a clipboard in his hands, he leaned against Satoshi's door and had his pencil ready, waiting for the information Satoshi has received on their new experiment: Haruno Sakura.

Satoshi shrugged, lazily. He stood up, walking over to his door, and right past Kabuto before stopping a small distance away. "It was a success." He replied in a simple manner. He wanted to tell Lord Orochimaru himself on how well the experiment had turned out. He, himself, was very pleased with the results. He never had any intentions that it would turn out as successful as it did.

This was definitely the beginning of a new generation of curses. Orochimaru-sama would be so pleased with Satoshi's success. With this new and improved curse that Satoshi himself came up with, Orochimaru can not only choose people he find interesting, but he can control them as well. But, it only works with certain people; people who have this certain ability that no one else has. And until they can fully take the source of this ability and put it into anyone they want, there will only be a handful of people it will work on. This new curse is different from the curse seal that came from the origins of Juugo. There is no second stage that turns you into a monster. This one is different; it's far more useful.

Satoshi knocked on a large door, with snakes embedded onto it, knowing this was the chamber that Orochimaru was usually in. But there was no answer. Satoshi knocked louder.

No Answer.

"Ah, Satoshi-kun, so nice of you to pass by, now isn't it?" A dark, menacing voice came from behind Satoshi, and he instantly turned around, knowing who it was. Behind him stood Kabuto, right next to the dark, demonic Saanin himself: Orochimaru.

"Lord Orochimaru," Satoshi said in a respectful manner, giving a slight bow. "Please, I have come to explain the results of the first and second experiment."

"Ah yes. This new and improved curse seal you said would be…very effective. Come, explain to me on how this should be of use to me." Orochimaru walked past him, with Kabuto following with his clipboard still in his hand. It was necessary that Kabuto wrote down all the data and information received from these two experiments. It is essential, in case something goes wrong or if they wanted to try and improve it later on.

Orochimaru took a seat on an overlarge chair at the farthest end of the room, which almost looked like a giant throne. Kabuto walked over to the side, gathering papers from the past experiments, and reading over them to see what exactly they were testing and what the possible outcomes of these scientific experiments were.

"Now, explain to me why something such as this should interest me." Orochimaru waved his hand around in a small movement, signaling Satoshi to start explaining.

"Well, for starters, on Test one, the experiment was a failure. The subject, Hiro Natsuma, a shinobi from the land of mist, started suffering from massive head injuries. And eventually, the pain was so great that something snapped inside him and commanded him to end his life. He killed himself. I feel it is from the psychic communication that was causing him to have these headaches. His body could not handle the mental capability we were inflicting on him because he did not have, what I believe, another personality. When I was trying to communicate with him mentally, his brain could not handle the strain and on its own will, not even listening to his body's other commands, his own brain chose to end his life."

"Another personality?" Orochimaru arched a brow, amused by the way that the experiment had killed the kid, but also somewhat intrigued by the term 'another personality.' "Do go on."

Satoshi nodded. "When I say another personality, I mean something on the lines of another person deep inside your body, like an inner-self. This experiment was meant to take the body, or the inner self, and transform it, change it, making it and the person stronger. Just from giving it mental inhabitants. But, for those who do not have an inner-self, the curse is useless on them."

Orochimaru continued to look down at the boy, un-amused, and uninterested. He gave a small yawn before looking towards Kabuto, who was writing all the information Satoshi was saying, down on his notes. "If it is a failure, then why should I be interested in it?"

"Because," He smiled, a proud, honorable smile. One had made Orochimaru and Kabuto more curious as to what he was about to say. "On Test subject two: Haruno Sakura, Konoha shinobi, the results came out successful. The entire experiment came out just as it was meant to come out. One hundred percent accurate. I knew the moment she awoke in the room. She did not suffer from massive headaches that Test Subject one suffered from. Her inner self is making her capable to hear what a normal human should not hear, see far more than what she should be able to see, and sense things that she could not sense before. I have tapped into her mind and saw that she has the ability to look into another person's mind now. Just like me, she has psychic abilities and can read a person as if they are an open book. All this is new to her though, and she does not know how to react or control it. And also, because she has this new ability it gives her a chance to be controlled."

"Controlled?" Kabuto questioned. He noticed by the way Orochimaru was smiling that he was interested in this experiment very much. Hearing that someone can be controlled once this new curse is set upon them, it excited Orochimaru. This is what he's been wanting. And what makes it more interesting is that now he has one of Konoha's strongest shinobi wrapped around his finger.

"Yes, controlled. Right now, I mentally commanded her to sleep, and she had no choice but to obey me. So, at the moment she is sleeping. And she cannot wake up unless I command her to."

"Is that all it does? She can read people. And we can control her. Sounds rather boring, in a way." Orochimaru shrugged. He liked the idea of controlling her, but what he didn't like was that only her senses have been advanced. But what of her power? Has that stayed the same? The woman is strong. She was trained by his old partner and the hokage herself: Lady Tsunade. But, this curse does not give the subjects more power. What a useless "advanced" curse seal.

"This curse was not meant to give them ultimate power. I was trying to go for something different, since you already had the curse seal for that. Haruno Sakura is now under your spell, basically. She has these new mental abilities that will drive her to madness, but they will become useful in the future. With this curse, you are to…basically give her to someone, or take her yourself. And that person who, I guess in a sense, you can say 'owns her,' controls her."

"How far of an extent can we control her?" Kabuto questioned, still writing down what was being told.

"She cannot leave. This curse is inescapable. And cannot be taken off her. These new abilities are here to stay. You can command her to do a lot of things, but to fully command her to do it, you have to give a mental push in her mind telling her to do it. You can't just tell her out loud, 'go to sleep' and expect her to do it. You have to mentally force her. And even then, she may not be willing. It'll be a commanding compulsion you'd have to give on her. Only the one that 'owns her' can command her to do it. But, you can make her do anything and she cannot refuse. Whoever has her under their control has full power over her. They, too, will get abilities not seen by any shinobi on this planet and be able to have this psychic communication. But, theirs will be far stronger than her own since she is the one being controlled. It is a difficult and complicating curse, but it will be very useful."

There was a moment of silence after Satoshi finished explaining things. He stared at Orochimaru, noticing him deep in thought. Satoshi crossed his fingers, hoping that his experiment would be agreed with. It would be perfect. If this experiment was agreed with, he can research ways to get this 'inner-self' into other people, so they would have the ability to be controlled as well. But, that will take a massive amount of research. Something almost impossible to achieve. Almost.

"Hm," Orochimaru stood up, and walked down the small stairs from his large chair. "I like it." It took a little getting used to. Orochimaru is up for any challenge that will gain him power. This curse does not advance physical power though; it advances mental power. Sheer mentality. The only way for them to be controled is to have this uncommon psychic ability, and with that it advances their system; they can tap into the minds of others, reading them, unlocking secrets Orochimaru might need. The more he thinks of this 'useless' curse that he finds somewhat week, the more he likes it, in his own, powerless way. Giving his victims this unknown psychic communication. Not something he is used to having, but it could be far useful; far useful indeed. "And since we have this Konoha shinobi already here, she is to stay here and be under my control?"

"So, you approve of Satoshi's work, Lord Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto asked, putting his clipboard down.

"Hmm…yes. Yes I do. And I know something that will make things much more interesting, as to what to do with the Konoha brat. Come, we must go see someone. He will be the perfect person to have this pest under his command." Orochimaru headed towards his door, with the other two following. "Satoshi, wake up the girl. I think it is time she gets an idea as to what is happening to her, don't you think? And Kabuto, come with me. Let us go visit someone."


Wake up. A voice echoed inside Sakura's mind and forcefully, she lifted her heavy lids up once again, noticing she is in the same room as before. But what happened exactly? She just somehow went back to sleep. She tried not to go to sleep, but somehow she…That voice just talked to me again! She screamed in her mind, thinking to herself.

Her head jolted around in all directions, trying to get some clue as to what was going on. The room was dark, almost pitch black, but she could see perfectly. As if the room was brighter than the sun itself. Her vision was perfect. No, it was better than perfect. It was astounding!

Setting that aside, she noticed that she was in…some sort of laboratory. But why? Some medical laboratory. Did they do something to her? Is that why she feels different; changed? But, the question still remained on how she got there in the first place. How could she have been captured without realizing it? She finally started to notice that this was no dream. This was reality. And she has to get out of here. She had to escape! Who knows what these people were capable of, and what they will do. She wasn't sure what they've done to her. She felt weak, worthless. She doesn't have any strength within her to be able to fight her way out. But, she knew one thing: She must escape.

You will not leave. There was that voice again. All she's been hearing was that voice. A voice talking to her through her own head. How can this be?

Who are you? She questioned back. Did she really just ask some random voice, which she was probably hallucinating over, a question? Now she knew for sure she was losing her mind. She's certain that she needs help because she's going crazy. Hearing voices in her head and then talking back to them. How much more crazy can you get?

You are not going crazy. I am here in your mind, reading you like an open book. You will not leave. Don't try and escape. You won't make it.

Damn you! She mentally shouts. She doesn't have the slightest clue as to what's going on, or who this voice was, that it was capable of talking to her through her own head, but it was starting to irritate her. I asked who you were.

You will find out soon enough. Sakura felt the presence that was in her mind vanish. Was he gone? Or was this mysterious voice still able to read her? It was all so confusing to her. How was it she was able to communicate with someone, without actually saying anything? How was it she could see in this almost pitch black room, with perfect vision? What have I become? Sakura cried to herself. She could feel something inside her. The inner Sakura that had its random outbursts was different, and it was making her different. It was as if she had some sort of monster living inside her. A monster wanting to take over her. What has happened to the once blossomed kunoichi?


Uchiha Sasuke wondered around the halls, heading towards his bedroom to lie down. He was tired, exhausted, and was ready to lie down from his day's training. Everyday, he trained. He would not stop. If he was not training, he was on a mission. For one to get stronger, one must work for it. And that's what he does. He works harder than anyone in this village, or anyone under captivity - which was a lot of people.

Uchiha Sasuke's name is feared in these parts. He was strong; powerful; deadly. Fear overcomes those who know him. They know what he was capable of; the power he wields. He's gotten amazingly strong. So strong that even some of the strongest shinobi here fear him.

But, aside from being immensely strong, he was very popular. And not with the men…

"Sasuke-kun!" A woman's voice rang through his ears as he stopped walking and stared in pure annoyance at the woman standing by his bedroom door. By the way she was sitting on the ground, she looked like she was waiting impatiently for him; or that she has been there for a long time. And that annoyed Sasuke to no end.

"You are back! I am glad." Her smile gleamed as she stood up, brushing herself off and running over to him.

Her name was Amaya Hikari. She was beautiful, smart, and powerful. She had special abilities that were very useful; which was why Orochimaru became interested in her. The only reason she was here though was because of one person: Uchiha Sasuke.

Amaye Hikari bluntly refused Orochimaru. She would not be subjected to him or a slave to his village. But once Uchiha Sasuke came into the picture, that changed everything and she became mildly obsessed over him. Maybe a little too obsessed…

Sasuke ignored her sudden gleams and cheers, and walked right past her, into his own room. Before he could shut the door, she stepped in, clinging to his arm. Sasuke slowly turned his head, giving her an apathetic glare. He was constantly annoyed with the fact that every female always insulted their selves to be with him; to show off for him. And in futile attempts. He cared nothing for them. They were all just a burden to him.

"Get out." He stated bluntly, in a cold, menacing voice that could send shivers down anyone's spine. Over the years his personality has taken a toll of its own. He became darker, colder, and far more dangerous than ever before.

Amaya slowly nodded, letting go of his arm and backed up out of his room. Before Sasuke could shut his door once more, Orochimaru's voice surprised him.

"My my, Sasuke-kun, you haven't changed at all yet." Orochimaru stepped in the room, followed by Kabuto.

Sasuke let out a sigh of annoyance. It would seem he can't even close his door without getting interruptions.

"What do you want?" He asked rudely. His arms folded firmly over his well-built chest and he leaned to one side of his hips, shifting all his body weight over; his position showed how impatient he was feeling.

"Excuse me, Sasuke-kun, it would be in your best interest not to address Lord Orochimaru-sama so disrespectfully." Kabuto stepped in. Always, Sasuke was disrespectful to Orochimaru, or just about anyone. Especially when he was feeling mad, or exhausted; like he was this second.

"I said, what do you want?"

"Come with me, Sasuke-kun. I have a surprise for you." Orochimaru smirked, a devious, un-predicting smirk. Sasuke wasn't able to guess what his game was, but abruptly he followed. Not out of orders, but out of curiosity. Orochimaru never pulled stunts like this. Surprising him with something unexpected. Whatever it was, it had to be something that would interest Sasuke, or Orochimaru wouldn't have come to show him.

Orochimaru led him down the halls. It was like going through one giant labyrinth. You could easily get lost in this place. But Sasuke knows these halls like the back of his head. He never worried about getting lost. He couldn't. He knew his way well; probably just as well as Kabuto did.

Orochimaru stopped in front of a door that Sasuke knew was one of the many medical labs where Kabuto researched his patients or experiments. But why would Orochimaru lead him in here? "This better be good." Sasuke stated in a matter-of-factly tone.

"Hm." Orochimaru smirked and nodded towards Kabuto, who opened the door. When Sasuke walked in, he saw something he didn't expect to see. Pink hair; green emerald eyes, that Konoha headband still on her large forehead. Could it be?

"Heh, Sakura."

Sakura jumped by the sudden voice. Her eyes bolted open and she looked towards the door, her eyes scanning past Orochimaru and Kabuto (who she should have been very scared to see at the moment), and landing on the one person she never thought she'd ever see again. The very person who took her heart and crushed it as if it was nothing to him. The very person who betrayed her and everyone else in the village. That very person… Uchiha Sasuke.


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