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x; Captive: Physically and Mentally.

Written by: xoLiquidVamp


Chapter 7; Experiment: Till Death Do Us Part

He has me frozen in fear, so I can hold nothing but my haunting memories.

W-what did you say? She was shocked. What else could she be? Hearing something like that. Something so drastic. She can't imagine being bound to Sasuke. But, what of Satoshi…?

I know it's hard to take in at first. And believe me, I will give you time to think about it. But, you are fully the underdog now. Someone has superior authority over you. And that is something I cannot change. But… maybe we can take this power away from Sasuke, and reverse the curse, making you bound to me instead. Sakura noticed the soothing way he was explaining this overwhelming situation to her. As if he was trying to win her over. Baby talk his way into her mind. Although, right about now anything could win her over. And his offer was sounding pretty damn good.

Free from Sasuke… No longer bound to such a ruthless man… Hell, his offer was sounding tempting. Like hell she wanted to be bound so such a dark, brooding man. The man she once loved was dead. No point in thinking he was still there, because she can read him. She's been inside him. She knows. He's been fully corrupted. The Sasuke she knew was no longer existing.

Yes, that's right. Sasuke has been fully corrupted. He has no goodness left in him. Trust me; I've been inside him, too. He does not plan to have any goodness in him. He will make you suffer. Torment you for the rest of your life. Which, being bound to him, may not be much longer…

Her heart clenched at the thought. He is perfectly capable of killing her. He can do it whenever he pleases. And what can she do to defend herself? Absolutely nothing. He has the killer instincts of a predator. And she is his unlucky prey. Just a tool. She is a ploy to gain more power. Nothing else. What other importance is she in his eyes?

I know this is overwhelming for you, Satoshi spoke to her mentally, continuing to keep their secret bond linked. But you need to control your emotions. With your heart clenching like that, Sasuke will feel it if he's still with you. Which we both know he is. He is aware of the sudden fear that swept through your body. If you don't keep your emotions under control, he will eventually interfere, knowing something is definitely up.

Just hearing him say that was so frustrating. Because it was the damn truth. She has no privacy, no nothing. He was aware of everything she did. Everything she thought. Every word that went through her opened mind. He knew it all. And it made her angry past her limits. Because he challenged her independency.

I'll do it. She spoke to him suddenly. It didn't take her long to make her final decision. She knew what she wanted. Freedom. She honestly felt Satoshi would give her freedom. Something Sasuke would never do. Because she was his tool. His prey. His power. Satoshi was here to help her. She would do anything to break the bond between her and Sasuke. Anything.

Are you sure you don't want to think about it for a little longer?

Are you stupid? Sakura was beyond being nice and vulnerable. She was at the point where she wanted the situation fixed. Right. This. Second. When would I have time to think? He is aware of my thoughts all the time. The only reason he isn't right now is because of this mental barrier you put up. I don't have any other time to think about it. And besides, what's there to think about anyways? Isolation and misery with Sasuke? Or more freedom? I think that answer speaks for itself.

Sakura felt Satoshi's smirk inside her. His complete amusement. His dark satisfaction. It felt oddly strange. As if something sinister was corrupting his mind. She would expect that of Sasuke. But what of Satoshi?

She shielded that thought from him. He didn't need to know about her second thought suspicions.

Alright then. We'll have to work hard and silently though to make this work. There's only one possible thing you can do. His serious tone gave Sakura higher suspicions. It didn't seem like him at all. He seemed out of character, not who he was earlier. She was now unsure if she could truly trust him or not. But she knew one thing: She knew she'd risk it. Because she does not want to go through hell being bound to Uchiha Sasuke.

And what's that?

She felt another sickening smirk inside her. When the time comes, I will inform you of it. It will be all about timing. You'll hear from me again very soon.

She had no time to question him. Because she felt it. He disconnected from her. And was gone.

Down the dark, deserted hallways of Orochimaru's hideaway, Satoshi silently made his way to the advanced curse seal lab, to further gather information on the latest experiment he has concocted. He needed to get things ready, because he knew that the first test subject, Haruno Sakura, would without a doubt take up his offer. It was just so simple. And in all honesty, he had to thank Sasuke for that. Because he is the one she hates.

Yes. She hates him. Such a ruthless man…

Satoshi was just getting angry thinking of it. He himself hated Sasuke. Hated him. He looked to Sasuke as a rival. His enemy. The man he had to be better than. Sasuke has that certain aroma about him. He doesn't have to do anything and he's already intimidating.

And Sakura was bound to that. That… monster.


Satoshi quickly turned around, hearing the door behind him slowly open. But, he saw no one. All he saw was the door slowly opening up on its own. There was no one on the other side. Alarm went up inside of him, and he kept his caution up. This was not normal.

"Who's there?"

Of course no answer. Spooky hideaway, spooky lab; can't miss the spooky sound effects either.

He tried to shrug it off, brushing aside the fact that fear was dwelling deep inside the pit of his stomach. Because something was up. It was not his imagination.

He closed the book to his experimental data, picking it up to take with him. He felt a dark aroma in this very lab and it made him feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Shifting his eyes around, he peaked around cautiously. Nothing unusual happened. He was here alone. So why the sudden darkness?

He was completely unaware of the two red eyes lurking over him.

His own hand spanned his throat, as he suddenly felt his own breaths becoming deeper and deeper. What was happening? Why was this sense of fear taking over him? He has nothing to be afraid of. Absolutely nothing…

That is, until now.

He dropped his data log entry book and gasped as his very own hand tightened around his throat, choking himself. He fought hard to pry his own suicidal hand away from his throat, trying to capture as much air as he could. It felt futile though.

"W-what the heck is going on…" He choked out as he fell onto his knees, his free hand trying to pull his own hand from killing himself. His vision was getting blurry, his world was getting darker. He couldn't breathe anymore. He couldn't hold himself up much longer. His knees were weakening by each second. Slowly losing air he desperately needed.

Can't… hold on…

Losing strength…

Losing vision…

Wh-what's going… on…

His body fell to the floor, as if the life was taken out of him.

"Argh…" Satoshi groaned as his eyes slowly flickered open. He continued to lay on the ground, completely unaware of the fact that he was in his very own alternate universe. He rolled his head to the side and looked straight ahead in that direction. And that's when realization finally hit him. Hard and ugly.

"Where am I!" He sat up quickly to get a better look around. Everything was dark, barely visible, but he knew for a fact he was not in his lab. The sky above him was pure black, with tiny white dots, like that of stars from a distance, spread out everywhere. It looked like outer space in an odd, twisted, unrealistic way.

"Am I dead?" He stood up, fully taking in his new surroundings. There was no one here. Just him. All alone. In this quiet, spooky area. It made him feel uneasy. Because the question still remains: Where is he? And how did he get here?

"What the hell is this!"

That's when he heard it. The deadly, dark voice laced with pure venom. Haunting him. "You and I have something we need to discuss. Privately."

Uchiha Sasuke.

The alternate universe around him started shifting into this threatening, evil arena. The sky above him became blood red, forming black clouds into the shape of a black void, as if it was going to suck him up into its endless pit. The ground beneath him started to crack, as if he was laying on thin ice. This world Sasuke created… it's unspeakable. It's as if he is enhancing his abilities every second with this new curse seal. It would seem Sasuke has done something even Satoshi himself cannot do. Sasuke has created his own alternate universal world that only he and Satoshi know about. Sakura cannot connect in here.

This is something not even Satoshi can do. And he created this power.

His power has surpassed my own… how is this?

"You were never a match against me. Even now, standing before you, fear is corrupting your very being. You are fearing for your very life at this moment." A vision of Sasuke blurred into view a couple feet in front of Satoshi. His posture showing off pure dominance and masculinity. He is making is vitally clear that he is the dominant man. He is the powerful, brooding figure that will not hesitate to take needed action.

Uchiha Sasuke had no amusement on his blank, stoic features. Normally, he'd have a look of satisfaction for proving his power statistic point. But, for the first time, there was no amusement. He looked angry. Annoyed. And ready to confront the situation.

"S-Sasuke…!" Satoshi gritted out. Once again the damned Uchiha made him look inferior to the high superior authority over him. Satoshi felt weak compared to Sasuke. He didn't just feel weak. He is weak compared to him.

"Tell me," Sasuke took a step forward, his long legs taking large steps towards his victim. "Do you take me for a fool just like Orochimaru?"

Random vines freed their way from the stone ground that was cracking open and tightly wrapped themselves around Satoshi's vulnerable body, pinning him down so he had no chance of escaping Sasuke's wrath. Because, Uchiha Sasuke was furious.

"W-What?" Satoshi managed to blurt out as he struggled against Sasuke's domineering power. It was useless though. Sasuke was power personified. Brooding strength, brooding features. He was a man of power, a man who could bring fear to the strongest of men. He was completely corrupted.

"You think to use my captive as a tool against me?" Sasuke stopped in front of him, his eyes piercing down at Satoshi. Blood red eyes delving deep within his soul. He was all serious. He felt a deep, strong possession for his captive, and he knew about Satoshi trying to win her over. And Sasuke knew he could not allow that to happen. It wouldn't happen. And he would make sure of it.

"No! I merely just offered her a better suggestion. She hates you! And can you blame her?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. The vines around Satoshi's numb body tightened up and Satoshi choked out a little in a painful surprise.

She hates you. And can you blame her?

She hates you.

She hates you.

She despises you.




"I said don't think of me as a fool. You're real motivation is using her to get to me. Because you are not strong enough on your own. Your helpful intensions are nonexistent."

Sasuke knew the feelings Sakura held towards him. He knew her feeling of hatred. The way she absolutely despised him. He was very aware of that. Aware of the feeling of animosity she craved for him. She wanted her freedom. Something he would not give her. And she will never accept anything until she got something that she will never again have.

And he knew he had to put up with it. Because, he was not handing her over to Satoshi. He knew because of this connection he and her have, that he feels very possessive over her. And to have Satoshi try and free her from his grasp, to break this bond she is forced to have with him… it angered him.

He understands the whole concept of this revised curse seal. She is his. She belongs to him. She is no one else's. And no one else can have her.

"Sakura needs to be saved." Satoshi spit out. "Saved from the demon she got stuck to."

"If I can recall," Sasuke merely shrugged his masculine shoulders. "It was you who connected us."

"I should have talked to Orochimaru about binding her with me! Not you. You'll make her suffer."

Sasuke looked down at Satoshi with the same apathetic, stoic stare he always has. The clouds above him swirling around like that of a void; he was showing off his undeniable power. Purposely trying to intimidate Satoshi into surrender. And it worked. Because, Satoshi was greatly intimidated.

"What I do to Sakura is what is needed to be done. Nothing more. I already told you I will not kill her. I have no intension on making her suffer. She needs to learn to not bring it upon herself."

"Well what do you expect! She's probably afraid of you. She knows you're strong. And obviously ruthless. She knows there is no fighting you. How do you expect her to feel?" Satoshi hated telling Sasuke himself that he was strong. Hated it. Because he knew it gave him some sick satisfaction that he was the better man. Satoshi hasn't given up yet, though. He will not lose to Sasuke.

"Hn," Sasuke arched a brow. "It would seem that you have some sick love obsession with my captive. Am I right, Satoshi?"

Satoshi didn't have time to deny Sasuke's ridiculous statement before he continued.

"You were able to connect to her and read her first. And it was then that you got to connect with her emotions. It was then that you fell in love with my captive. And now, I can see it in you. You look to me as competition. You want her for yourself. For your own sick pleasures. You also want to use her to get to me. She is a tool for you, whether it is to get to me, or for your own fantasies."

There was no denying it. Sasuke was able to attain that information very clearly from Satoshi's mind. He had a very twisted love affection for Sakura. A dark, inhumane love addiction. Sakura was his prize. He wanted to win her over Sasuke. He wanted to use her to finally defeat Sasuke, and then he wanted to use her for her body. This mental link he had with Sakura got to his head far too much, because now Satoshi was craving to use Sakura for his own lawless deeds. She would be like a tool for him until she died. All because Satoshi was slowly gaining his sick love addiction for the vulnerable kunoichi.

"I am not in love with her. I feel bad for her. I pity her."

Again, Sasuke's eyes narrowed. He caught Satoshi's lie with ease. "You want her."

"Tch, are you jealous, Sasuke? Who would have ever thought?"

"Hm," A small gesture of shrugging his shoulders, yet there was power still easing off from him. He held it as if he held all the money in the world. "Think what you want. I have no reason to hold any burdening feelings towards my captive. But I will make this perfectly clear to you,"

The ground below Satoshi fully split open, having him start to fall down Sasuke's endless abyss.

"Sakura is mine. You won't take her away from me. I can promise you that."

Satoshi watched as Sasuke's figure blurred away, and he was left alone falling. It was an illusion Sasuke had placed in his own alternate universe, and Satoshi will be freed from his horror-bound illusion within a certain time-frame. Such as the technique Sasuke's brother, Itachi possessed, this is similar, yet combined with this curse seal.

Damnit Uchiha..! I won't lose to you!

Satoshi knew it had to happen. He had to do it now. He had to figure out a way to connect with Sakura, even while falling in a blank abyss in Sasuke's alternate universe. He needed to connect with her. Somehow, some way. Because his plan to get her to connect with him had to happen. Ad she has to play her role.

There has to be a way to connect with her even in here…

Satoshi knew that because the connection was in a state of mind. And so, without any other thought, he began mentally searching for her.

When Sasuke reappeared back into Satoshi's lab, the first person, to his surprise, that confronted him was Sakura.

Where did you go? I thought I had free access to your mind. Yet, for a while I could not find you. It was as if you were dead.

Sasuke found himself smirking towards his captive. He saw it now. He understood it perfectly. He could feel the tension inside Sakura. She was shaken up. Afraid. Worried. Yet now, relieved. He knew very well that she held no compassion for him. He knew it and accepted it. Yet, because of this mental bond, her mind has become a slave to him. So when he was out of reach from her mind, unwillingly, she was emotionally breaking down. She would love for him to die so she could be free, but her mind would not accept it, because she was mentally and emotionally attached. He felt it in her. She was in a state of breaking down right now.

That's not true. She denied. I don't need you here. I wouldn't break down if you left.

Sasuke didn't even bother to hide his amusement. But he did hide the uneasiness he also felt. He saw how emotionally attached she really was. Even though she refused to believe it was true. She tried to harm herself because he was out of her reach. And Sasuke had no idea that going into a parallel universe would make her mind feel the need to harm itself. He knew he had to be careful with this new power, because it didn't occur to him that something like that would make Sakura's mind go into isolation chaos. Go ahead and deny it. YOU may not miss me. But your mind, body and soul would because you are attached to me. And you would go in an unhealthy state. Just as you did.

He felt Sakura roll her eyes. I did not, and I will never. Now hurry up. I'm sick of just sitting here while you talk to Orochimaru.

Sasuke stretched his back, to ease his tensed shoulders and walked out of Satoshi's lab, slowly making his way down the hall. He was going to head back towards Sakura, until just suddenly he decided not to.

Go back to your cell and rest.

It was all he said before he cut off the connection with Sakura. He was tired from creating such a large alternate universe and letting out a lot of power. He had no interest in dealing with Sakura right now, because he knew for a fact that she wouldn't willingly do anything for him. So, instead, he decided he'd go to his own room and get the sleep his body desperately wanted.

And he knew his command would send Sakura straight to her cell.

Later that night, Sakura continued to sit up against the wall in her cell, completely annoyed with her "master." He was too lazy to just come and get her himself after talking with Orochimaru. Typical. She found that she was unable to sleep. It would not come to her. She was very tired, yet unable to shut her eyes and let the sleep engulf her. And she knew it was because this whole thing was still new to her. How can she just shut her eyes and accept her fate?

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" She whispered out loud.

Earlier when she felt Sasuke's mental bond vanish from her grasp, she did just as he said she did. Her body started to emotionally break down because her mind felt as if Sasuke was out of her reach. Her mind felt like Sasuke was dead, and she had the odd urge to kill her own self just to follow Sasuke.

"Ugh!" She pounded her fist against the wall behind her. She, herself, had to fight the urge to stop herself from seriously committing suicide just to be with Sasuke. She didn't want to. She could careless at the moment if he was gone. But her mind was so caught up with him that it was emotionally torturing her.

She was about to commit suicide before she felt the connection return.

And Sasuke was unaware of that until he returned.

"I was going to kill myself… Because of him. That man! And I felt powerless to stop myself." She tried to stop her own self, but her mind was too emotionally tormented to think logically. This curse seal almost made her end her own life because of him.

Her fist clenched into tight balls as her body started to shake. She didn't know how much longer she could take this. She was going insane. She almost killed herself! This was just something she could not live with. She could not bear this on her shoulders.

I wouldn't have let you kill yourself, Sakura.

She heard him. His voice. Her captor's voice. Yet this time, he sounded… assuring. His deep voice laced with pure black velvet. For the first time, she felt as if he was trying to sooth her. And she felt as if she could trust him.

You weren't here. You wouldn't have even known before it was too late.

She didn't bother denying it. He knew. She can't hide anything anymore. Her thoughts were an open book to him. She wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging them to her chest. She was afraid. Because it did happen. She did almost commit suicide. She almost plunged a dagger that she found near where she sat into her heart. The only thing that stopped her was when she felt him return. Just in time.

Your life is in my hands. I won't let you take it. I won't let anyone take it. You are afraid because you had to experience it first-hand what would happen if our minds separated. But don't think for one second that I would have sat back and let you end your own life.

Her nails dug into her palms as her fists clenched even tighter. I can't talk to you right now.

Sakura shut her eyes, her head rested on her knees as she took in the overwhelming feelings that were bombarding her. She felt as if Sasuke spoke some truth, but she didn't want to believe it. She didn't want to believe anything he said. The fact that she almost killed herself over something so ridiculously stupid terrified her. And what was even more terrifying was the fact that she felt as if she had no control over her own actions.

How dramatic.

Sakura perched up. Her eyes widened up. She knew she was hearing too many voices in her head. Now, if she told herself that before all this, she would have thought she was crazy.

What do you want, Satoshi?

Sakura was completely unaware of the struggle Satoshi was fighting to be able to keep this connection. He was still stuck in Sasuke's dark world, yet he found a way to still be able to connect with Sakura. It wasn't as strong as a connection, but he was still able to do it. And he isn't sure how long he can keep the connection linked.

Sasuke bringing you down again?

If all you came here to talk to me about is Sasuke, please leave. I do not wish to talk to any of you lunatics who are taking over my mind with your load of crap.

Sakura went back to laying her head upon her knees, letting her feelings seek in. She felt Satoshi was still here, and couldn't help but feel annoyed with the fact that he doesn't get an expression for "leave me alone."

This is important. I talked to you about becoming free from Sasuke's terrifying grasp and being bound to me instead. Are you still up to it?

She felt her body freeze. As if time froze itself. Was she really up to his proposal? She would not be freed, but she felt like he'd break some of the limitations Sasuke had on her. And that's all the convincing she needed.

I know you are stressed right now. But, right now is the kind of timing we need. So, I need your answer.

Her eyes narrowed in determination. She was ready. She felt as if she had to do this. Yes. I want to do this.

Good. Then make sure to follow my instructions. I need you to do this, and then I will handle the rest after. Sasuke sent you to go to your cell. He did not escort you, meaning no one locked you in. Leave your cell and follow my directions to Sasuke's room.

Sakura felt her heart skip a beat. Sasuke's cell?

Yes. Your job is the most important one. You need to do this or you will forever be in Sasuke's menacing grasp.

She didn't need any more convincing. Willingly, she stood up, walked over to her cell door and to her surprised, opened it. It was not locked. Satoshi was right. No one came in and locked her in. Mentally he was feeding her the directions down Orochimaru's hideout maze to make her way to Sasuke's room. Walking down all these hallways with their twists and turns, she was unable to figure out how anyone actually remembered how to get anywhere. But her confused thoughts came to a halt when Satoshi stopped with his directions and right in front of her was a door to which she knew opened to Sasuke's room.

Sakura placed her hand on the handle, afraid to move any further. She felt like this was her limit.

Open the door. You must.

Satoshi's voice almost pleaded inside of her. But, she knew what she had to do. She felt her hands turn the handle to his door and with a loud creak, it opened up and she saw Sasuke's sleeping figure on his bed. She walked in, quietly shutting the door behind her, and leaned her back against his door, still in shock that she actually made it this far. She actually found the courage to open Sasuke's door and sneak into his room.

This is the most important part.

She tried to shove her own fear down, but she knew she couldn't. There was no hiding it. She was deathly afraid of him waking up right now. Because she was afraid of him. Even though she would not admit it. She was.

What now?

Satoshi's voice became very stern and serious, as if he was now trying to command her.

You need to kill Uchiha Sasuke.

She refrained herself from falling to her knees right there. Her body feeling more numb than it did before. Numb out of fear. I need to what?

Kill him. It's the only way. You need to kill him. Grab his sword that's on the ground next to you.

He had no captivation over her, yet she found herself grabbing the sword. Was it out of fear?

Now, go over to him, and kill him.

Her breathing became deeper as she realized what she had in her hand and what he was telling her she had to do. Would it be that easy? Could she really kill Uchiha Sasuke just like that?

Now she knew she was in a panic.

Especially when she saw his eyes slowly open.

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