Whisper of a Thrill


A flash of lightning filled the bedroom of Maxine Gibson a split second before thunder crashed, causing the teenaged girl to bolt upright in her bed in fright. She shook her head and tried to slow her breathing, blinking as she realized it had just been the noise from the storm. Slowly, her eyes adjusted to the room and that was when she noticed there were papers scattered over the bedspread plus one thing that normally was never in her bed: a boy.

Terry lay on his stomach with his arms underneath his head, snoring softly. Max palmed the side of her face in exasperation when she remembered they'd been up studying for a test for most of the night. She picked up the clock beside the bed and groaned. 2:45AM. School would start in another five hours or so. She hated being woken up before a school day.

Terry snorted in his sleep and she fought the urge to chuckle, crawling towards him on her hands and knees. Her hand hovered over his shoulder but she stopped, tilting her head. Max chewed her bottom lip. Maybe she shouldn't wake him. It would take him another half-hour to get home and at least another fifteen minutes to fall back asleep. She'd feel bad for making him do all of that. Then again, if she let him stay, her sister would probably tease her again. Max's sister was convinced that the two of them were 'involved'. The very thought of it made Max roll her eyes.

Honestly, she never considered the thought of Terry being interested in her in that sort of way other than engaging in crazy-hot teenager sexcapades. Besides, he had Dana. Dana: who was practically perfect in every way except for getting jealous easily and needing his attention all the time. Max felt a little bad for thinking that in the back of her head, but it was true. She knew these things because she listened and paid attention, which was how she'd managed to discover Terry's secret in the first place.

Max withdrew herself from hovering over Terry and peered at the bookbag lying at the foot of the bed. It lying on its side and open, spilling a corner of the Batman suit out into the dim light. Max felt her pulse double in speed just looking at it. Terry was vehemently against Max being any more involved in crime-fighting than she already was, but she hopelessly dreamed that someday she'd do something to impress him and he and the old man would finally let her on the team. It was such a Boy's Club sometimes.

She chewed her bottom lip again as a crazy little idea popped into her head. Try it on, the little voice in the back of her head whispered. Just for a second. He won't even know. He sleeps like a rock. You know you want to.

Five minutes later, Max had tiptoed off to the bathroom across from the bed and slid into Terry's suit. Like she'd predicted, the suit shrank and adapted to her body, molding perfectly to her bare skin like a glove. She left the cowl off for the sake of feeling like she didn't deserve to wear it and performed a little pirouette in the mirror to take it all in. She felt so…powerful wearing it. Was this what it was like for him every day? She'd never felt more alive.

Of course, she couldn't resist pointing her wrist at the shower and pretending to shoot some badguys. Unfortunately, her fingers twitched on the controls and shot a batarang straight into the wall, lodging it deep within the tile. She jumped and dropped her arm, peeping over her shoulder to see if Terry had woken up. He was still sprawled on his stomach, dead to the world. Good.

Deciding not to tempt fate any more, Max quickly changed out of the suit and pulled her pajamas back on before sneaking back to the bedroom and slipping it back into his bag. Mission accomplished. Just as she crawled back on the mattress, Terry yawned and woke up, blinking sleepily at her as she tugged the covers back on the bed.

"What time is it?" he muttered. She smiled a bit, thinking he looked ridiculously cute when he was half-conscious.

"It's almost three. Get some sleep." She patted the spot behind her and he merely nodded, climbing up over the covers and slipping beneath them with a tired sigh. They'd slept like this before almost without thought because they were best friends after all. Max settled down into her pillow and flicked the lamp off, swallowing the room in darkness. She was almost asleep when Terry's arm crept around her waist and his lips brushed her ear.

"Try my suit on again and I'll kill you."

Max groaned and buried her face in the pillow. "Goddamn you, McGinnis."

He grinned wolfishly and kissed her shoulder affectionately. "Night, Maxie."

"I hate you."



A/N: Surprisingly, I have NO idea where this came from. I was just sitting here and decided I wanted to do something cute and this popped out. The title is actually a quote from 'Meet Joe Black', a fantastic Brad Pitt movie I watched earlier tonight. Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to review. (And no, I don't intend on making another chapter. It's just a little one-shot.)