Chapter 1

Privet Drive no More

Lying on his bed, hot, sticky, and covered in sweat, lied the sixteen year old Harry Potter. Opening his eyes to the pitch blackness of his tiny little bedroom, he glanced over to see what time it was. The clock read two forty six in the morning and Harry let out a long sigh. This was getting old he thought. It had been three weeks since the Department of Mysteries fiasco and he had been sulking in his summer time prison cell ever since.

Sitting up and turning on the lamp on his bedside table, he took a glance around his room. Standing up and wishing he could take a shower to get all the sweat off of him, he noticed Hedwig locked in her cage in the corner. "I'm sorry girl. I forgot to let you out before I fell asleep," said Harry as he opened up her cage so she could go out flying. Hedwig jumped out and landed on Harry's shoulder and she started to nip at his ear.

"I really am sorry girl" he said trying to save himself from her angry tirade. Hedwig started to calm down as Harry looked her right in the eyes as he spoke. "I've really made a mess of things girl," Harry said as he was stroking her feathers. "It seems just when I think I have things figured out, something happens or some one I love and depend on gets ripped away!" Hedwig hooted softly as if to say I know, but I'm still here with you. Harry smiled, still petting Hedwig while walking over to the window he said, " At least I still have you girl. You take care of yourself out there tonight, I just cant afford to lose you too okay?"

Hedwig hooted softly and nibbled on his ear again except this time much softer. She jumped off his shoulder and took flight out the small semi-barred window to freedom. Watching her fly away, getting smaller and smaller and enjoying her freedom until he could not see her any more. He turned around and sat down on his bed, staring across the room with a blank look on his face then he let out a long sigh. "I wish... I wish.…" sighing again he thought out loud, "I just wish I had some control over my own life!"

"I can help you with that Master Harry Potter Sir"! Harry, who was startled fell backwards off the bed and landed with a loud thump on the floor. Jumping up with his wand already in hand and pointing in the direction from witch he heard the voice, said "Who's there? Show yourself now or those will be the last words you ever speak." in such a menacing way it would have scared most Death Eaters. "Im sorry for scaring you sir" said the strange voice in the shadows of the dimly lit tiny bedroom. Walking out into the light where Harry could see who was speaking. DOBBY!! said Harry, relieved that he wasn't being attacked by some Death Eaters.

"What in the world are you doing here?" said Harry as he was putting his wand back into his holster. "I am here to help my Master achieve anything and everything he wishes of course," Dobby said as if it was clear as day. "Dobby, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm not your Master, I'm just Harry, your friend." Dobby just stood there in shock as his eyes started to fill with tears. Harry realizing this could get out of hand real quick, walked over and knelt down in front of Dobby.

"I want to thank you Dobby for always looking out for my best interests witch includes keeping really quite while I am here at Privet Drive, so I don't get in more trouble with my good for nothing Relatives. Do you understand Dobby," said Harry as quietly as he could. Dobby nodding his head that he understood, and slowly he started to calm down to Harry's relief. "I can help you with your wish Master Harry Potter Sir," said Dobby while looking up at the frown that started to grow on Harry's face, Dobby realized his mistake and attempted to correct it. "I mean Just friend Harry Potter Sir" said Dobby with a confused look on his face looking to Harry for justification. "Dobby," said Harry, "my friends call me Harry." Dobby started to smile as his eyes welled up again with tears. "Now lets talk about that wish you said you could help me with," said Harry with a mischievous smile.

"Well Master" said Dobby in a whispered voice, "you said you wanted to take control over your life and I can help you with that." "How exactly do you plan to help me do that Dobby?" Asked Harry. "We House Elves have many powers that wizards don't have, taking control over your life is easy," said Dobby with a little smile. "Oh really, and just how do you know that?" said Harry. "Has Master forgotten already? Dobby started taking control over his own life just after your second year at Hogwarts, although I did have a little help from the most courageous and most honorable wizard of all time." As Harry sat there, staring at Dobby, it finally dawned on him. Dobby was absolutely right, he did start taking control over his own life. "You know Dobby," said Harry with a slight smile, "you and me have allot more in common then I once thought. We both were just puppets on a string, The Malfoy's pulled your strings and Dumbledore, The Dursley's, The Order of the Phoenix, and just about everybody is pulling mine."

An eerie silence took over the small bedroom on Privet Drive for several minutes. One young wizard and his most loyal friend, a House elf, sat there just staring into each others eyes until Harry broke the silence. "I've had enough!! I will no longer be anyone's puppet," taking a glance at the clock Harry continued, "starting right now I'm cutting the strings." There was a fire in Harry's eyes that Dobby, or anyone for that matter, has ever seen before. Dobby with a huge grin spreading across his face, asked Harry the one question that no one has ever asked him before. Not Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus, not anyone. Dobby asked Harry with the most sincere look on his face, "What is it that Harry Potter wants?"

Harry just sat there, staring back at Dobby with a sort of blank look on his face. He couldn't believe it, here was the first person to ask him what HE wanted. No demands of him, no expectations, just a sincere question. The fact that Harry had no idea how to answer that particular question wasn't what was disturbing him the most. What really had Harry in a ponder, was that the first person to ask him what he really wanted, was not his best friend or a girlfriend or even a parental figure, no it was a simple little House Elf. A small smile started to grow across the young wizards face. For the first time in a long time, Harry Potter, the Famous Boy-Who-Lived, didn't feel so all alone. "You know Dobby, I'm not really sure," said Harry with that smile still growing across his face, "but with your help, I think I will figure it all out."

BANG, BANG, BANG, Harry rolling off of his bed onto the floor, using his bed for cover and withdrawing his wand displaying his Seeker fast reflexes. With his wand still pointing at his bedroom door, crouched low just behind his bed, he heard the noise again. BANG, BANG, BANG! After only a few seconds to gain his bearings and a glance over at the clock, Harry realized that he had slept straight through to four o'clock in the afternoon and that noise was probably the Dursley's extremely upset because none of his chores were done. "Who is it?" asked Harry assertively. "Who the bloody hell do you think it is boy, get out here now!" Came Harry's answer. Standing up from his crouched position behind his bed, Harry walked over to open the door when he remembered some of his conversation with Dobby last night. With a small smirk on his face, Harry Opened the door to a red faced Vernon Dursley.

"Who do you think you are boy sleeping in like your on some vacation or something," screamed Vernon as he rose a fist to strike Harry across his face. Harry, surprisingly didn't flinch, in fact he looked down right happy and never attempted to move away from the punch. As Vernon's punch got closer and closer to hitting Harry, suddenly Vernon Flew backwards with a bang and slammed into the wall of the hallway. Standing up and rubbing his right arm with a face that clearly expressed the amount of pain he was feeling. Vernon's grimace changed quickly to fear at Harry's menacing voice that spoke as he walked out of his room and closed the gap between them.

"I think I have taken quite enough of your abuse over the years Vernon, time for me to start inflicting some of my own." "But..But... you can't use magic outside of school," said Dursley in the most scared tone Harry had ever heard from his Uncle before. With his wand still in his hand, Harry raised his arm and pointed it menacingly at Vernon's chest. Oh man I'm going to love this, Harry thought happily. "Really Vernon? Care to test that theory again?" As Harry walked closer to his Uncle, he stammered backwards through the hallway and almost fell down the stairs, just barely catching his balance on the railing. " Please don't hurt me, I..I...You...I mean...You don't have to do any more chores, how's that?" Laughing at how cowardly his big bad Uncle had become in the last ten seconds, Harry was living his most fondest dream.

" Why shouldn't I hurt you Uncle? I got an idea, why don't I just hurt you...lets say twenty percent the amount that you hurt me over my sixteen years of living here. I think that sounds more then fair...wouldn't you agree Uncle?" A ghastly sick colored green shade, quickly spread across Vernon's face at the thought of what twenty percent, of what he had done to the boy would feel like. "Really this necessary?" Stammered Vernon as he slowly descended the stairs into the living room. "But Uncle... I want to know what it feels like to beat a helpless individual into submission the way you so masterfully have done to me over the years. Does it feel good? Do you feel powerful? Treating me like your very own slave, making me cook tons of food for you and your fat ass wife and son while watching me starve myself to sleep! Truly it must feel amazing because you've been doing it for years...right?" Harry let the question linger in the air as Dudley and Petunia walked in from the kitchen, startled frozen at the scene that was playing out before them.

"Perfect timing lovely family, I was just mentioning to my dear Uncle about a few changes we will be having around here. Starting with rule number one... what was it again Uncle?" Harry asked his confused stuttering Uncle. "Um...ah...OH...yes No more chores? Vernon replied not quite sure this was want Harry wanted. " Very good Uncle", said Harry as he lowered his wand and calmly walked over to the couch and sat down. Waiting only a moment, Harry nodded at the empty couch across from him, and within seconds, it was filled with three fat ass Dursley's. Harry smirked, why didn't he do this years ago?

Closing his bedroom door, Harry leaned back against it as his huge grin split into a vivacious roar of laughter. Sliding down the door until he was sitting on the floor still laughing his head off, he was interrupted by a small voice. "That went perfectly Master, almost exactly how we planned." Said Dobby with just as wide a grin on his face as was Harry's. Finally slowing down, still holding his sides, Harry spoke. "I thought I was going to lose it right in the middle of playing the tough guy routine and start rolling on the floor laughing, they would of thought I went bonkers for sure at that. I'll tell you Dobby, I wasn't sure that spell you put on me was going to work or not. I mean, Vernon's fist got so close to my nose, I could actually smell the dirt under his finger nails. How did you know he wouldn't try to hit me again after that?"

Dobby answered, "I wasn't really sure, but don't worry Master, I was watching the whole time and if he tried again to…" but Dobby was cut off by Harry. "I know Dobby and really I thank you, I'm just glad that Dudley didn't need more proof that I could do magic, because this whole little trickery only works if they think I can do magic without getting caught. Now, before we start with stage two of this little plan we concocted, I need to do something first." Dobby staring At Harry with a slight confused look on his face as Harry stood up from his sitting position in front of the door and walked to stand right before Dobby. Placing his right hand on Dobby's head, Dobby began to shake for now he was living his most fondest dream.

"I, Harry Potter, pledge my magical core to bind itself to the most honorable House Elf Dobby, and promise to always treat him with respect and honor. Dobby, welcome to the house of Potter!" The tiny bedroom on Privet Drive lit up in a blinding glow so gold bright Harry had to close his eyes. Through his eyelids, Harry saw the glow, grow brighter and brighter, until it peaked and the flash was gone. Blinking rapidly, trying to get his vision back, Harry looked onto Dobby with a smile. Still staring at Harry, Dobby realized that he had never witnessed a wizard bonding that was so strong. Harry knew that Dobby was a little surprised by his gesture, and figured he should probably remind him that he needed to finalize the bond.

"Um Dobby? I Think you need to say something to ummm finalize the bond." Dobby, still staring at Harry finally spoke up and said: "I, Dobby, acknowledge the wizard oath given by Harry Potter, and I pledge to always serve and to protect the house of Potter, ….till death!" Again, the room filled with a blinding light although this light was slightly green in color, and only grew to about half the brightness that Harry's oath did. After the light faded, a sudden stillness filled the room. Breaking the silence, Harry addressed Dobby.

"Now that you are an official member of the noble house of Potter," Puffing out his chest to make himself seem more important, he continued; "we have to do something about your wardrobe." As Harry's smile grew across his face, Dobby replied, "look who's talking." Looking down at his own wardrobe, Harry couldn't help busting up laughing again. "touché my friend, touché. But not to worry, for I think our phase two of the plan will take care of that, won't it?" Dobby smiled and said, "Most definitely Master." Grabbing Harry's hand, the two of them vanished in thin air.