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The Kings and Queens all assembled in the throne room an hour after Caspian had his talk with Peter and Edmund. They sat at a large round table. Lucy sat next to Susan, who sat next to Edmund. Edmund was sitting next to Caspian, who sat next to Peter. The first few minutes, pleasantries were said to each other, as they hadn't seen each other in a couple hours. Everybody was pretty comfortable with each other. They trusted each other with their lives, especially since they'd been in this type of situation at least once before.

Peter looked towards Susan and saw her quietly laughing with Lucy. He looked around the table. Edmund was talking with Lucy and Susan, no doubt telling them a ridiculous story about something he had discovered in the hour before their meeting. It better not be about me, Peter mused, I get teased enough already!!! He saw Caspian sneak several peeks towards Susan's direction. Oh Su, I hope you forgive him. He seems to be really in love with you.... Peter cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention. "I realize I'm not the High King anymore, but, can we get down to business? I want to find out what Caspian thought of." Everyone turned towards Caspian, who sat up in his chair a little straighter.

"Um, right. I actually used an idea I got from a plan Susan told me. She'd suggested we send in a person to infiltrate the White Witch's hiding place to learn what she's planning. Once that person would've gained her trust, they would have been privy to information that could help us. She suggested she herself should go." Caspian stopped here, waiting for the outrage from her family. It came soon enough.

"WHAT," Peter roared, "where you thinking?"

"She is not doing that!" Edmund protested.

"Absolutely not!" Lucy stated.

"I didn't necessarily say I agreed. I think that instead of having a person infiltrate the army, we should have a True Narnian do it... But only if they volunteer! I will not forcibly send someone out to the White Witch, because then that person will probably end up getting themselves killed. I don't want that. This was the only way that I could think of that our plans would be hard to get suspicious of. We should all contribute to whom we think should go. We have to make sure that that Narnian is stealthy, sneaky, and a good enough actor to not raise suspicions if confronted."

"They should be loyal too, so that we will always know where their allegiance lies." This of course came from Ed, as he was the one who knew the White Witch better than any of them. He was still tender about loyalty, from having betrayed his siblings and their friends.

"I think that they should be a good fighter in case something happened, so they wouldn't get in trouble." Peter thought everyone should have a way of protecting themselves, so as not to be put in danger and not prepared. He knew the problems being unprepared could cause, leading to all types of events.

"I think they should be smart." Lucy valued smarts, because even if you had experience, if you weren't smart, that could lead to hazardous situations where others were hurt. Nobody should have to suffer for others' mistakes, in her opinion. Just look at Caspian's situation! Because the Telmarines before him had caused trouble, people had thought Caspian was horrible, but he was actually very nice.

"I think that compassion would be needed. There is no need for unwanted brutality." Susan was thinking in the same mind frame Lucy was. If someone didn't have compassion, that could breed hatred and hatred lead to revenge. If they were doing this for all of Narnia, they needed to be able to realize what was good for the nation as a whole, and not individually.

"Hmmmm..." Caspian started mentally listing names of people with those qualities in mind. Only one person was known by all of them, and he was undoubtedly the bravest of them all. "Well, I thought up a list of names of people with these qualities. I'll write them on a sheet of parchment and you can choose whichever person you think it should be." Caspian wrote down all of seven names and circled the one who got his vote. He passed the paper to the right, towards Edmund and watched as he made his choice. Edmund passed it to Susan (who glanced at Caspian until it was her turn, made her vote, and then looked at him again, as if she was trying to figure something out about him), who passed it to Lucy, who passed it to Peter, and he eventually passed it back to Caspian.

Caspian looked at the paper and saw that they had all circled the same name. It stood out like a beacon against all of the rest of the unmarked names and parchment. They all seemed to agree with this choice, as if they had communicated telepathically. Nobody else was chosen. Only this one person had their complete faith in him, the power to make or break Narnia...

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