A/N: Hey everyone. I hope a lot of people used to read the Goosebumps novels, cause this story pits Kim and Ron against the evil of Slappy the Living Dummy, a cursed ventriloquist dummy. Even if you haven't read any of the books, I hope you can still enjoy this little frightful tale. As for it's place in KP continuity, this story takes place in season four at some time between the episodes Big Bother and Oh No! Yono!

This story was written as my entry into Zaratan's Halloween contest. For those unfamiliar with the Goosbumps books, the chapters were usually short and depicted single scenes; I am attempting to stay as close to this formula as possible for the fic, to make it seem more authenticity. Growing up (and before the joys of KP) Goosebumps was my favorite book series, and I am so existed about this chance to bring two of my favorite things together. Enjoy.

Sitch of the Living Dummy

By MaceEcam


Kim froze.

She could feel the eyes staring into her back. Slowing her breathing, she listened for her stalkers footsteps. She continued reading her book, letting loose no clue to her assailant that she knew about his presence. She was almost done with the page, when she felt a cold wooden hand clamp around her throat.

"Hey Ron" Kim said.

Ron flinched, then climbed over the back of the couch and wrapped one arm around his girlfriend. He brought his other hand up and stuck the dummy that was on his arm in Kim's face.

"Heya toots" the dummy, aptly named Woody, said to Kim. Kim rolled her eyes and pushed the dummy away.

"Woody!" Ron admonished. "That was rude of you."

"You wanna talk about rude bud?" The dummy demanded. "You're the one with your hand up my butt!"

Kim laughed at that one. Putting her book down, she stretched and wrapped her arm around Ron's neck and gave him a smooch on the check. "Got your project all ready I see." she asked, looking at the dummy. Mr. Barkin, not learning his lesson from the Naked Mole Rap incident, had decided to hold a 'show and tell', and Ron had decided to learn ventriloquism. To his credit, he had advanced a lot in the two weeks since the assignment was given, but Kim could still see his lips moving.

"Yep, the Ron man's all ready. Check this out" and here he slipped the dummy off his arm and sat it on the table. Kim cocked her head in curiosity, wondering what her boyfriend had planned. Suddenly Rufus climbed out of Ron's pocket and scampered over to the dummy and climbed into it's back.

The dummy stood up.

And it started to dance.

Kim fell over laughing at the sight of Rufus, controlling the dummy from the inside, doing the cha cha cha. Ron grabbed hold of her and started tickling her, adding to her laughter.

"Rufus! Foot attack!" Ron yells. The dummy stops moving and Rufus runs to Kim's feet and starts tickling them, causing her to laugh even more.

Their fun is brought to an end by the familiar tone of the Kimmunicator. Sighing, Kim straightened her shirt and answered it.

"Hi Kim, Hey Ron. Uh…am I interrupting something?"

Ron was about to answer rudely when Kim gave him a look. It was the "Do it and no kisses for a week" look. Ron shut up.

"No Wade, it's fine. What's up?"

"I was just wondering if you're up for a mission. Monkey fist has stolen some magic jewel known as "The Eye of Delphi" from a store in downtown Middleton. Supposedly the eye allows one to see the future or something.

"Monkeys!" Ron yelled in the background.

Kim rolled her eyes and looked at her watch. It was almost time for school, but if the mission was just here is town…

"Well take it Wade" Kim said, hearing a grown from Ron. "How long till the ride gets here?" She asked.

"Five minutes Kim. Over and out." After he had signed off, Kim turned to Ron and smiled wickedly. "We have five minutes." She said to him smiling, before climbing on to him.

Ron was glad the Dr's P had left for work early.