Title: Excuses, excuses
Theme: #63 - Hero
Rating: G
Length: 244 Words

He's giving her that grin again, and she quickly suppresses the urge to hit him. After all, it wouldn't do that have a harassment charge against her, not when she's filed so many against him…

"You should date me," Tony says, his smile hopeful, subtracting years from his face.

Pepper reaches over and straightens his tie, asking, "And why should I do that?" She can't wait to hear this week's excuse. Last week's was, "Because our babies would be beautiful," and the week before had been, "Your hair matches my shoes."

"Because I'm a superhero," he grins, squaring his shoulders and puffing out his chest, offering her a wink.

"You're not a superhero," she says, tucking his note cards into his inner jacket pocket, refusing to meet his eye.

"Then what would you call me?' Tony asks.

A little too seriously, but meaning every word of it, she says, "You're just a kid with a sheet tied around your neck, and one of these days you're going to try jumping off the roof, and we all know what happens next."

The week before last, her excuse had been, "You'll lose those shoes before the day is over."

The week before, "You'll get yourself killed before they reach grade school, and I'm not keen on being a single mother."

She turns sharply on her heel to leave, relieved that it will take him another week before he's recovered and ready to ask her again.