It's me, angel, they wouldn't let me have my name here but whatever.

One night, really late, DebussyThis, Bethaboo, and JDSK and I started talking about how much we love Edward and somehow it ended up going here. Who can resist Edward Zuko? Not me.

Oh yeah, I want to thank them all for helping me along the way. I was embarrassingly obsessive.

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Preface- Mexico

Chapter One- Pretty Pink Ribbon


I was standing on the sand at dawn, the wind making my hair stand on end. I had completely lost control over my hair for last two weeks. After two weeks at the beach it tends to get a life of its own as it becomes feral and wild..

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her neck, and she tightened her grip on my waist.

God. I love her hands on me--I wanted them all over me.

But it was time to go. We both knew it and broke apart. I brushed her hair out of her face and let my hand linger on her cheek as I looked her in the eye.

Okay, I thought, just one more kiss and then I'll go.

Aghh. Why were her lips so soft?

We pulled apart and our fingertips stretched between us and we walked our separate ways.

I didn't look back. I couldn't. I let the sound of the crashing waves take over my senses as I climbed up the boardwalk.

My heart sank a little and I shook my head. Two weeks and I'd become one of those guys I made fun of and laughed about in the locker room.

Over a chick. Who, mind you, I would never see again.

But, that is what summer vacation flings are all about, right?

You could be whoever you wanted to be and no one would know the difference. No one would be the wiser. No one knew who you really were or what you did or who your friends were.

No one would know that I, Edward Cullen, the boy mothers warn their daughters about, would find a sweet, nice little thing on the beach.

In a fucking polka dot bikini.

I sighed as I got into my car and drove off the island.

No one back home would know about this girl. That she was so small I could carry her like a monkey and was so silly we laughed on the floor for hours, and so adorable that I had touched her face in the dark until I memorized every part, would do this to me.

I found my favorite song, turned up the music and rolled down the windows as I drove towards home.

Summer was officially over and as I drove away I knew I had left my heart at the beach.

Hope you like it. It has been fun. I hope to update quickly as I have a secret stash of chapters. I am using the movie as a guide so do not expect things you would not see there. Unless you want some hotness. Cause I'm gonna give you that.