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Love You Madly

Edward's arms were around me as I stirred in the soft bed. It was still dark but I could see the moonlight casting shadows around the room from a huge window facing the ocean. I was thinking how I needed to get out of these clothes but didn't want to leave his warm arms. Now that I was here I didn't want to go. Not for a second.

It had been a long journey to get to this place but it felt right.


He shifted, taking me and the covers towards the center of the bed, while tightening his grip around my waist. Again, I wiggled my body towards him, removing any distance between us.

Edward and I had spent several nights in bed together but only kissing and sleeping. My room was too close to my father's and I was terrified of getting caught. Edward, of course, was a risk taker by nature and loved the thrill of climbing through the window and sneaking into my bed.

This was one of the only nights we'd had together with no limits, no boundaries, or parents down the hall. The only time we'd both been in agreement of where we stood in our relationship.

We'd both been preparing ourselves for this. During all our time together, Edward and I talked about getting to this place and how we would handle it. I had been pushing so hard and he had fought against me to the point we'd been forced to deal with the issue head on. We had spent hours talking about his sexual background and the fact I had a past of my own. I'd lost my virginity the year before to my then boyfriend and although it wasn't all flowers and unicorns, it had been with someone I'd cared about.

Edward promised me he had been safe with all the girls he'd been with. The last thing he wanted was to get stuck in this town raising a kid. I agreed with this whole heartedly and was determined I wasn't going to repeat my mother's mistakes and have babies at 18. We were prepared because even though we hadn't been able to agree on when it would happen, we both knew it would.

All of these thoughts went through my head as I laid next to Edward, feeling the heat roll off his body. I took his hand off my stomach and laced my fingers in his, running my thumb across his own. This was enough to make him stir and I felt a sight grin cross my face.

Edward nuzzled his face in my neck placing slow kisses across my skin. I pushed my hips back a little, making contact and could immediately feel the effect I was having on him.

I heard him moan softly in my hair as he clutched my hip with his free hand, his other still in mine. He released me and climbed across my body, pushing my back against the bed and hovering over me.

In the moonlight I could see his hair falling into his eyes as he leaned in to kiss me on the mouth. His face was rough and scratchy on my chin but I couldn't get enough and I pulled him, by the collar of his shirt, closer.

I had kissed Edward so many times before and it was the one time he was completely transparent. If he was angry, his kisses were fast and tense or if he was being flirty he would taut me with playful touches. Then there were the times when you could feel the intensity of the moment but the frustration of him holding back, struggling against his greater desire and instinct.

But tonight, it was different. For the first time I could tell he wasn't holding back. Not only had his kisses changed but every movement and touch was with purpose.

Encouraged, I lifted my hips to his, meeting his body, compelling him to make contact with me. Breathing hard he sat up and reached for my waist, tugging the button loose and sliding my pants down, dropping them to the floor.

"Bella, as hot as you are in those pants, I've been dying to take them off of you since the first moment I saw you tonight," he told me. I sat up on my knees and pulled the string on my halter top, allowing it to drop and revealing I was braless. Edward took in a sharp gasp of air and in the darkness of the room I saw his eyes darting between my eyes and my chest. I noticed his fingers clutched in tight balls as he struggled to keep them off of my breasts. The battle was short as he reached out and brushed their sides with his thumbs, making me shiver.

I ran my fingers under his shirt, pulling it upwards and over his head. "Well, I've been waiting to get that shirt off of you for weeks," I said back before leaning in to suck and nibble on his chest. My fingers fell to his jeans and I fumbled with the button, unable to manage taking his pants off.

"Fuck. What's wrong with your pants?" I muttered before giving up. I flopped back on the bed in frustration and watched as Edward easily took them off and threw them on the ground.

I grimaced and said, "Show off." I could tell he was holding back laughter at the fact I lacked appropriate motor skills.

When I called him a show off I meant this in more ways than one. I had never seen Edward fully nude before and it was a little shocking. I'd only seen bits and pieces never the whole thing at once. He was lean and muscular, more than the other guys our age, and he lacked the gangly awkwardness many seemed to have. My eyes were drawn to his erection that was huge and full, and frankly a little intimidating.

Edward noticed my appraisal and I looked away embarrassed that he'd caught me. I was surprised though that he looked a little unsure as well since he was always confident and so sure of himself.

"Come here," I called and touched the bed. That was all it took and he dove towards me, covering my body with his. We kissed for a while and he traced the lines of my curves with his fingers, stopping only to catch our breath and shift to unexplored areas. I found myself obsessed with the fact I could make him shudder simply by grazing his neck with my teeth and even more pleased that I could make him crumble by running my thumb over the head of his dick. The sound of his grunts and pants into my ear were thrilling and made the ache between my legs almost unbearable.

Edward, was of course, enthralled by my breasts, and spent a great deal of time rubbing and sucking and playing with them. But he was good, experienced, and I knew I was lucky he'd paid attention all those times with other girls. He took his time and after taunting and teasing me he ran his fingers down my thigh and in between my legs. He groped for a moment but quickly found my clit and rubbed light circles causing me to buck forward, banging his erection into my stomach.

I was panting heavily, teetering on the edge when he looked up at me and said, "Are you ready?" and I nodded.

Because I was and I could tell he was and for once we were both in the same place at the same time.

I moaned in protest as he took the pressure away and flipped us over, placing me on top, straddling him. He ran his fingers down my sides and settled them on my hips as I lifted up over him and lowered myself down. I slid him in slowly, adjusting to his size before making some tentative thrusts. Edward's pelvis met mine and we quickly found a rhythm which caused me to softly moan as he stroked my breast with one hand and found my clit again with the other.

With abandon we rocked against one another. Grunting and straining we smashed the headboard into the wall over and over until I heard Edward breathe, "Babe, come for me…" He pinched my nipple which was all it took to tip me into a quivering mass, shaking and writhing over his body. Using Edward's chest as support I held on as he continued to thrust in me with increasing force. Finally, he gasped and moaned all at once, his face constricted in a mixture of anguish and ecstasy.

Edward's movements slowed and his face smoothed. He pulled me towards him, wrapping his arms around my body and we laid together for some time, naked and sticky with sweat but thinking that sex together might actually be flowers and unicorns after all.


I rolled off of the bed and over to the dresser grabbing a t-shirt for Bella and some shorts for myself.

"Here," I said and helped her slide it on. I pushed her hair back over her shoulder and leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were swollen from all the prior kissing and in the growing light from outside I could see her chin and cheeks were red from my stubble. I rubbed my thumb across it and said, "Sorry about your face."

She shrugged and smiled, "It's okay. I told you I wanted to be marked by you. Now I am. Inside and out."

I gathered her in my arms and pulled us under the covers, spooning, and keeping her ear where she could hear me. "I love you, you know," I whispered.

I heard her sigh and say, "I know. And I love you."

"I think you're turning me into a big girl." I said laughing at myself.

She turned her head slightly and asked, "Why is that?"

I buried my head in her hair feeling the heat on my face.

I groaned and ran my fingers through my hair. "Because you turn me into mush. I lose my shit around you and all I want is to be with you, all the time. Bella the last few weeks were the worst of my life." I told her.

Bella turned all the way around and wrapped her arms around me this time and gave me a kiss. "It was horrible. Let's not do it again, okay?"

I nodded and pulled her into my body, resting her head on my chest, I smoothed her hair down and agreed, "Never again."


I could feel sweat dripping down my neck as the sun beat down from above. It was one of those rare days in Forks when it actually felt like summer. My palms were splayed in front of me, pressed down on an enormous rock on the side of the clearing. The sun was glinting off of the charms on my bracelet. I could see the new one, a clown, moving back and forth.

Edwards was panting into my ear, "Fuck Bella…ugh…bend over a little more." I shifted and was overwhelmed by the difference it made.

Moments later we were both in a heap, on top of the rock, struggling to gain composure. I found my voice, "Well, that takes one off the list I think."

Edward laughed while he began adjusting my shorts and shirt, smoothing out the fabric and dusting off the smudges of dirt. "Yeah, definitely. No one will top that one ever. Except maybe you. You are definitely one surprise after the other," he said kissing my lips quickly.

After spring break we had decided to make our own 'map' of Forks and literally spent all our free time charting new territory and reclaiming others. I giggled. "You keep showing me new tricks like that and I'm your slave for life."

We walked over to the blanket spread across the green grass and I couldn't help but smile at the lazy grin spread across Edward face. There were several constants about Edward. One was that he loved me. The other was that he loved sex. Lesser but still important he loved his friends and his cars. Once we were able to make all these things work together everything clicked.

We were happier than I would have expected. Edward still had his moments, his temper tantrums, and he was still completely stubborn but he had grown so much over the last year that the little things didn't bother me. Those were the things I'd loved about him all along.

As school came to a close he had been totally focused on his main goal, getting out of Forks. He had been accepted to Dartmouth but was struggling with the fact I'd been wait-listed and things didn't look good for a late admission. He tried to get his father to bribe me in, he wanted me to cheat on my tests and applications but I was firm that if I was going to get in it would be on my own merit. He'd wanted to argue with me on all of this but he didn't because I think these were the things he loved about me as well.

Puzzle pieces can't be the same if they are to fit together. They have to be different and we had come to understand this is why we are happy together.

I waited for a couple minutes more before I asked Edward, "Can you hand me my bag?" and I reached out for it as he passed it over. I desperately was trying to keep a straight face. "Let me see, I got something in the mail today but didn't have a chance to read it." I told him.

Edward had settled his head in my lap and had his hand up in my hair, twisting a strand around his finger. "Oh yeah?" he asked absently, clearly not paying much attention.

I felt a smile creep across my face even though I was trying to stifle it, "yeah, it's a pretty big envelope. Here…" and I dropped it on his chest.

It was thick and white and had the words Dartmouth in the upper left hand corner. I watched as Edward picked it up and tilted it so he could see it while on his back. His thumb rubbed over the lettering and he shot up, sitting across from me. He looked up at me and cocked an eyebrow while tearing off the end of the envelope.

His eyes were wide as he read the information, his lips moved as he read the letter. Quietly, he said, "You got in." He appeared stunned, by the news.

"I did." I said nodding.

A small smile hinted on his lips before saying, "So you're going with me?"

"I am," I said though my own growing grin.

He closed the space between us, tossing the papers on the ground, "You know, this is what I wanted the whole time."

I watched his eyes and they were slightly manic, filled with happiness and excitement. I reached for his hand and felt his lips touch mine. His happiness came though his touch, electrifying my entire body.

I pulled away, gasping for air and hopped up, pulling him with me. I told him, "Come on, let's go tell my dad and the others."

We gathered our things and carried them down to the car, tossing them into the back of the Cutlass. Edward followed me to my side of the car and opened the door for me before jogging back around to his side.

The Cutlass flared to life and he started us off in the direction of our family and friends. With the top down my hair whipped around my face and I had one hand firmly tucked in Edwards resting on the console between the seats. I began thinking about the last year and how things had changed so much and how much we had been though.

I thought back to my first days here, when I met Alice and I was caught up in the panic of a new school.

I recalled the shock of seeing Edward again, and the heartache I felt when he rejected me.

I felt my stomach twist at the thought of our kiss under the stadium bleachers and the feel of his fingers on my stomach as he discovered my piercing.

The football games, the making out, James and Tanya, and all the other things that made this whole experience complete.

Edward and I survived the drama and love, fights and sex, and grown up shit like pregnancy scares and accountability.

It was worth it, every moment, to make it to where I was now.

As we drove down the road I looked over at Edward, he gave me his smile, the one now that was just for me and I couldn't believe it had all lined up this way, one step away from our own little happy ever after.

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