Rejoice, good people! The sequel to Ocean Fortress is here! Anyways, I didn't bother to title this one with "Legend of Zelda" because... Well... she actually doesn't do anything terribly important in this story and she's not going to get kidnapped and needing to be rescued... Nope. So yeah... The title makes me think of Phoenix Wright... cuz I'm a video game dork that way... God I need to get off the internet and my DS...

Anyways, in Ocean Fortress, the goddessess never really made any other appearances after Vaati found himself so... the sequel is going to remedy that. Hehe... Rating might change later too...

This one's pretty long for a first chapter, so I'm proud of it. But it's really fast paced just because... I don't like description. D: Anyways, I'm taking up your time with my ranting. READ NOW BIZNATCHES!

After going through so much trouble, the night had finally come. He'd fought hard for this, so, so hard and he won. And now the night was here that he'd officially court Zelda. Link had fought dragons and Stalfos knights, but politicians were by far much more deadly foes. He'd brought the matter up with the king first, his grandfather backing him. The king gave his full support, the rest of the Court, however, did not. It had to be one of the biggest scandals in Hyrule's history. Never mind that he went through Hell and back again to save the Princess and Hyrule. But after all that trouble, he was finally approved by all of the Court to court Zelda, if not grudgingly. And their first official act as a courting couple was for Link to be Zelda's official partner for her Coming Out Party.

Standing in front of the mirror, straightening out his dress tunic, making sure he had his good gloves on, actually combing his hair… But where…?

"Mom!" he called a bit frantically. "Mom, where's my hat!?"

His mother shuffled in, holding a green cap and biting off a thread from it. She handed it to him, with a small smile. "Right here."

He sighed in relief and took it from her, settling it carefully on his head.

"You look so handsome…" he heard his mother say.

He gave her a big grin. His mother didn't look like she did five years ago, no, her age was showing now and the lines in her face were more visible. But aside from Zelda, she was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He hugged her. "Thanks, Mom…"

"Link!" he heard his grandfather's raspy voice call out. He seemed to have aged greatly in the last five years as well. He no longer trained the soldiers at the Castle, he left that up to Link now.

"Yeah, Gramps?"

"Boy, yer gonna be late!" his grandpa said as he slowly crept in the room.

"Late, what do…" he glanced over at the clock and groaned. "Sorry, Mom, I have to go!" And he sped out the door, hearing his mother cry out for him not to run too fast else he should ruin how good he looked. Luckily, he didn't have to worry too much about that. He hadn't told anyone yet about it… He ran, but not to Castle Town. He ran towards the ranch just outside of it.

"Hi Malon, bye Malon!" he said with a quick wave as he passed an auburn haired girl. She wasn't surprised, she was used to this.

"I got her saddled up already! Don't do anything reckless with her!" she shouted to him as he ran into the stables.

Sure enough, the mare was there and saddled up. She whinnied happily at the sight of him. He just smiled and climbed up on her quickly. He grabbed her reigns and kicked her off to a start. She sped off and Link, already used to the discomfort of a saddle, ushered her on. He was really glad he took that job at the ranch in his spare time. Plus, Epona was a beautiful horse. Fit for the man courting the princess. Even better, he was the only one the mare liked, aside from Malon.

He cut a lot of people off on the way to the Castle; pedestrians, carriages, everyone. It wasn't really going to sound good later, but he'd rather be punctual and receive a bad wrap for it than be late and ostracized for it.

The guards of the Castle quickly scattered away to let Link and Epona through, cursing loudly at him. He didn't even pay attention to what they said. He brought the mare to a sliding stop at the door. He climbed off clumsily and handed the reigns to the flabbergasted doorman and ran in.

A guard immediately grabbed his arm from the side. He recognized him as the guard that was Zelda's personal bodyguard. The man scolded him for being almost late and he just kept saying "sorry, sorry, sorry."

"Don't say sorry to me." the guard said as he opened up a large double-door and pushed him in. Link staggered in and scowled at the guard who followed him in.

"Oh thank the goddesses, I thought you were going to be late." he heard Zelda say. It was then that he actually saw her the first time that day and he felt his jaw drop to the floor. She turned to face him completely, the large, lacy skirt shifting and following her movement. "How do I look?" she asked.

At first he said some gibberish but he finally managed to say, "Beautiful…"

There was a large, fancy opening ceremony. The King did a lot of talking and there were a lot of speeches from some nobles who knew the princess since she was little. It was all very boring. After what felt like hours, the actual party began. He couldn't wait for the food, that was for sure. He hadn't eaten since breakfast, so he was ravenous. He only had a few bites, though, before Zelda dragged him off to the dance floor. He was a little grumpy at first but he got over it. The two were teenagers having fun at their party, dancing the night away.

The band had finished the song and then the King stood up. Taking a deep breath so he could enunciate and the whole room could hear, he announced that they were going to try something a little different. Link knew what was coming, Zelda warned him about it.

"It's supposed to be a test." she told him earlier, "It was the Court's idea, they're trying to test your devotion to me."

"All those who came with a companion," the King said, "Are to dance with someone they did not bring with them!"

Boys and men of all ages came to ask Zelda for a dance. With a nervous smile and shrug to Link, she reluctantly accepted the hand of one the boys. Link also had quite of a following among the girls but for some reason he felt uncomfortable accepting any of them.

"Excuse me," he heard a voice from behind him. He straightened up in surprise. It was a voice he could've sworn he heard from somewhere… He turned with a puzzled look on his face. It was a woman, older than him but very pretty. She seemed eerily familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it. She curtsied and gave him a polite smile. "Could I have this dance?"

"Um… sure…" he said, but it came weirdly. He was so, so sure he had seen this woman before.

She gave another polite smile, and they both assumed the waltz position. The music started, he stepped forward. She stepped back. She knew it how it worked, male leads, woman followed. She was familiar with this, but he wasn't sure how. He was sure he'd never seen her in the Castle, at least not all gussied up like this. But he knew her from somewhere… Towards the end of the song, curiosity got the better of him and he had to ask.

"Have I met you before?" he asked.

She smiled, this one not polite but genuine and almost amused. "Yes."


The song ended and they let their hands part. She bowed, as was customary for the woman to do after a dance, and then said as she was about to walk off, "Ten minutes, out in the hall, I'll tell you everything."

He just stood there, baffled. What was that about? Should he go out and see her or… What was he thinking! Of course not! … But it couldn't have been what he thought it was, right?

After Zelda had found him, she had finally let Link actually eat. He tried not to seem too distracted. That woman was still on his mind. Not really because he was interested in her… no, it was because they had met before and he just couldn't place where. It was driving him nuts! He thought about bringing it up with Zelda… he wasn't sure how she would take it…

Ten minutes… "Uh, Zelda… I have to use the bathroom…" he said.

"That's right, you didn't go beforehand did you?" she said. "Don't take too long okay!"

He blinked in surprise. He was sure he was going to get some sort of resistance. Normally she'd say "Why didn't you go before?" or "I saw you go three times already!!" something to that effect but this time… Should he be suspicious?

Pushing the confusion o the back of his mind, he got up and traveled through the maze of people to the hall. It was much easier thought than done because the room was awfully crowded. Still, he managed to make it to the hall in one piece, and the woman was waiting there.

He marched up to her, not bothering to hide the frustration he felt from not figuring out where he'd seen her from. "Who are you and-"

"I knew it!" he heard Zelda shriek.

Horrified, he turned to see the princess stomping towards him.

"Link, who on Earth is…" she paused for a moment as she took in the woman's face. "Rayeh?"

The woman grinned broadly and bowed. "Your Highness, Princess Zelda. It's good to see you again." she said.

Rayeh…? Rayeh…? The name was familiar but… where… he racked his brains and then it hit him. The linen maid! She was the maid from five years ago! But… wasn't she…

"What are you doing here?!" he blurted out. "And dressed like that!" Last time he met with her, she was working to hold her own and now… now… she was barely recognizable just from her dress!

She opened her mouth to say something but a black blob started to come out of the wall, taking a form of a hooded creature with red eyes and a lantern hovering nearby. "Lady Rayeh!" it said in an annoyed tone. "What is taking so-"

"Poe?!" Link blurted out.

The specter shifted its attention to the teenage boy. "Oh… Oh there he is."

But before the conversation could go on, someone cried out, "GHOST!"

LAWL! Did you guys think I was going to do something naughty there? Pshaw, of course not.

... I frikkin love Poe. He's so adorable! X3