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Project 86 - "Bottom Feeder"

So little of what seems to be
Is ever really there
So much of what's here I resent
I am a demagogue
Born of eternal flaw
Forever just a memory my friend
So when I disappear
She will still be here
Sifting my remains through the ashes

She's not ordinary
She's just like me

But there is something wrong
Inside of me that says
That she and I are one in the same
So I'm not alone
She's just like me

CHAPTER # 1 – Upside Down

Ginny's delicate hands stretched achingly across her sketchbook.

She seemed to have been staring at the same page for hours, painstakingly aware of how slow time was passing by. Knuckles turning white, her blackened fingers clenched around the pen in frustration.

The Weasley had been sitting on the Quidditch sidelines for over an hour, trying to capture Harry in all his glory during practice. Sighing, she flipped the page over for what felt like the hundredth time. Convincing herself that this was due to some kind of physical awkwardness, she rolled into a more comfortable position on her stomach to try yet again.

The ginger girl continued rolling over, recognizing the masses of red, orange, green and silver blobs rapidly approaching. Scooping up her books she ran to get a good seat for the match. Ginny ran to the Gryffindor seats in the very middle of the stadium, perfect to keep an eye on Harry for some much needed inspiration. Shortly after adjusting herself she noticed a few patches of flaming hair identical to her own, quickly followed by a head of bouncy brown curls moving through the crowds and made room for the others to sit.

"Ginny! How nice of you to save us seats!" said the smiling brunette, gratefully embracing Ginny as the rest of the pack muttered their thanks under Hermione's fierce glare.

"It was the least I could do, I got here early enough - to say the least. I'm surprised you found me." Ginny had always enjoyed Hermione's company, it was too bad she was followed by Tweedledum whenever possible. She loved her brother as deeply as any sister, but Ronald could be just as patronizing and downright domineering as her mother and father combined.

"Well, add a foot of luscious locks to Ron's hair and we have you right!? How could we miss you!" laughed Hermione, as she straddled the bench to talk to Ron.

Ginny simply smiled and laughed in return, as she had trained herself to do. She had always been known as Ron's baby sister, and apparently her being seventeen never effected that perspective. As she grew up, everyone went out of their way to make her apart of one of her brothers, and that had even extended to Harry; being Harry's little fan club rather than an actual person. Rather than being Ginny. Except for Harry. Harry. He had swept her off her feet just when she had given up on him.

A timid blush crept up into her cheeks as she thought of all the borderline scandalous displays of affection. Not to mention the attention the couple received after the news of their relationship had spread. The famous Harry Potter, snatched up by a poor Weasley. Wait, wasn't she Ron's little sister? She didn't know which to feel more insulted about - everyone seeming so surprised or everyone thinking she was the lucky one. Ginny snapped out of her seething train of thoughts when she felt a pair of soft lips graze her cheek.

"Harry! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" shrieked Ginny, previously oblivious of any presence even relatively close to her own.

"Wish me luck!" he chuckled, then with a kiss on the cheek and a casual smirk he was off just as quickly as he'd come.

"Oh... good luck Harry."

Ginny reached for her cheek, slightly shocked at how riding up on his broom for a kiss seemed so natural to him. Though Harry's affection had been a constant reassurance for months, it was still unsettling to feel the tenderness that had been kept from her for so many years.

One thing was for sure, it had made a number of the Hogwart's even most beautiful girls scowl in her direction. Especially when he showed such unfailing devotion. Thankfully Madam Hooch stepped out onto the field to begin the game and everyone stood up cheering.

The Slytherin and Gryffindor teams circled around the stadium showing the usual forced civility under the scrutiny of Madam Hooch. The whistle sounded and the game was off!

Ginny regained her focus on Harry, pen ready on her sketchbook. Harry rocketed upward, with Malfoy right on his heels. Harry jolted through the layer of clouds chasing the snitch. Malfoy slowed and pulled back into a gracious back flip, skimming the clouds upside down. It was common practice to stop at the clouds during the winter, nobody wanted to get soaking wet while flying. The thick cloud cover made it nearly impossible to see a foot in front of you, let alone chase a golden ball smaller than your fist.

Harry forgotten, Ginny frantically flipped the page, entranced by Malfoy's almost romantically fluid motion of skimming the cloudscape. He let his arms fall naturally as he flipped, delighting in the simple sensation of hanging upside down. She barely blinked as her pen raced across the page, capturing the smoothness of the back flip and the ease of the movement evident in his muscles. Malfoy dropped from the sky, twirling in a blind reckless abandonment that did not go unnoticed by Harry, who had just frustratingly burst from the cloud line. Harry dove after Malfoy, assuming that the Slytherin was chasing the snitch.

Malfoy slowed his dramatic free fall, much to the ease of Ginny – and every other girl in the stadium. He hung for a second until he lazily opened his eyes. Ginny stood frozen to the spot, her sketchbook still in her arms and eyes wide. Malfoy floated just past her arms reach - eyes open but glazed, not recognizing her blatant stare.

Ginny's breath caught in her chest. She couldn't swallow. She couldn't breathe. She'd never felt such an ache to reach out and touch someone, to sense someone. Ginny slammed herself back to reality, Draco. Draco Malfoy, the ultimate bloody wanker. It was a split second ride that had given her a upside down ride of her own.

Malfoy spun up onto his broom, eyes now locked with Ginny's. Ginny reached out instinctively, shyly. Gasping when seeing the snitch flutter by Malfoy's face, only to jump back as Harry slammed into Malfoy from above. Harry had finally caught up with Malfoy to find the Golden Snitch floating right next to his cheek. Harry leaped off his own broom onto Malfoy's, rolling off him onto the ground. Harry gripped the snitch above his head in triumph, and half of the stadium exploded in a red and orange wave of cheers.

Harry rushed over and flung Ginny up into his arms in celebration. Ginny squeezed tightly, lost in the happiness of winning against their beloved house's sworn enemy. The sight of Malfoy's limp body startled her out of her warm embrace, and she wrenched herself from Harry's grasp.

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