Well, I'm back, this time with a different story. I was having a writers block on my original story Running
Out of Time while i was listening to some music, when all of a sudden the song from the movie Titanic comes on. Not "My heart will go on but the last song that the musicians are playing as the ship goes down. I dont know what came over me but i just started writting this, until the song ended.

This will not affect the main story that I'm writting, so dont worry. but basicly its a death of a hero, in my own way.
NOTE!: Jinx and Kiera are just good friends, nothing is going on between them!

Disclaimer: Jak and Daxter don't Belong to me.

Rain falls upon the earth, soaking my dark clothes and hiding all the tears that run down my face, but I don't care. A sob escapes me as I close my eyes, not wanting to see his peaceful body go. People around me hush the words, "I'm sorry," but it has no affect. I clench my fists and bow my head, my long blue soaked hair falling with me as the streams of water fall onto the green grass. Someone near me gets an umbrella over me and I look up at them. He has a sad look on his face and is staring down at me with a tear in his eye. His blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and a light cigar in his mouth. Another sob escapes my grasps as I grab a hold of his body and start sobbing into his strong chest. Even through the rain I hear the orchestra start to play "Nearer my God to Thee", a song that he wanted for his funeral. But I didn't care.

The priest walks up to the open casket, which he wanted open in any weather, rain snow or sun, just so that we may have one more final look at him. Though I can't make out the words, I know that he is talking about the usual stuff they say in funerals, he lived a good life and was going to a better place etc. but it all didn't make a difference, he was dead, and no one, not even me, can bring him back to life. The orchestra starts to play louder as they close the casket, slowly. I take my head out of his chest and look at the body before they completely close it. Even though he had died in the most horrible of ways, he had died with a smile on his face. Not a silly smile, but a smile that he always wore, the smile that made me fall in love with him in the first place. His blonde hair was soaked but it still had the sheen it always had. He was being buried in a black suit, with a red tie, and white dress shirt. His hands were in the middle of his chest, holding on to a ring, his wedding ring. He said that he wanted it to be held in both his hands, right over his heart. I had the wedding ring that he gave to me. Even though the suit covered it up, there were about five bullet holes in his chest. I was thankful that they were hidden up; otherwise I wouldn't be standing here. But I didn't care.

A sniff escapes me as they close the casket for good. The band was playing a little bit softer now that the rain had softened up. The priest was giving the last part of his speech as the casket slowly made its way down into the earth. As it goes down, a lot of men and women dressed in black walk up to the casket and start placing the red roses on top, Torn, Ashlien, Tess, Jinx, the one I was holding onto and managed to get rid of the hold I had on him, Daddy, Sig, Seem, Alison, Rose, Tony, Krow, And finally, the saddest looking one of them all, Daxter. I look down at my hand where I was holding the last white rose. Since I had clenched my fists, my hand was now bleeding. I didn't care, for this pain was nothing compared to the one in my heart. I walk up and place the rose on top of the others; my blood mixing in with the whiteness and water of the rain, making the rose look bloodstained. I walk back as the casket gets down lower. Jinx puts his hand on my shoulder as I lean my head on his chest. As the casket passed the green grass, almost as though on cue, the rain had stopped. A lot of people including Jinx moved their umbrellas and looked up into the dark cloudy sky. But I didn't care.

As the casket finally reached the bottom, the cement that he wanted to be placed over him was dropped into the 6 foot deep whole. As the cement dried quickly, more flowers were placed on top. The same people with the same red roses placed them on top. This time I had a black rose in my other hand, also bleeding. I walk up again and place it on top. I walk back and look back at the black rose. Even though the rain had stopped, the orchestra still played the song. And then, as though by a miracle, I notice a snow flake falling. I know that everyone was quiet now, looking as the snowflake made it's ascend. Slowly but surely, it landed right on top of the black rose I had placed. More tears start falling as I turn my head and dig it into Jinx's chest, small sobs escaping me. But I didn't care.

I turn back to look at the snowflake as more start falling onto the ground and around the grave site. A guy dressed in all black places the tomb stone at the head of the grave site as the snow continues to fall. Again, as though by a miracle, a beam of light broke through the clouds above and shone brightly onto the tombstone. People awed as the priest got a candle and placed it at the bottom of the tombstone and lit it up. On the tombstone read the usual, "R.I.P. Here lies Jak Mar, husband, friend, brother, son, and more. Born June 21, 992-Died December 25, 1021." But I didn't care.

Slowly and surely, people started to depart, passing by me saying again "I'm sorry," but I didn't hear them. Soon it was just me Daxter and Jinx next to me. In a calming voice, he whispered, "Come on, let's go, you can come back tomorrow or another time, but for now, let's get you some coffee." He directed me away as I kept on looking back and as the beam of light from the sun began to expand and was now fully covering the entire grave. His grave sat on top of a small hill, and I had to crane my neck just to keep looking at it. But I didn't care.

No I didn't care, because all I cared about was the fact that he was dead, and that he won't be seeing his baby, our baby, be born. I hold onto my stomach and massage it as we kept on walking to the awaited limo. I brush my tears with my free hand as we reach the limo. Taking one last look to the gravesite where the light was now starting to take over the whole hill, I sit down into the limo with Daxter sitting on my lap as the door closes. The limo speeds off as Jinx puts his arm around me for comfort. I lean into him and stroke a tear eyed Daxter, heading to the naughty Ottsel for a drink in Jak's name. But I didn't careā€¦

Sad aint it? yeah when i worte this my sister almost started to cry. hope you guys enjoy this as well,

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