This, this seems familiar, Keira thought as she walked on. The place in question was Haven forest, but it looked fuzzy, as though she was remembering it. The smells were distinct but familiar, the sounds of the running water and various bugs about was all she could hear. She reached a tree and leaned against it, rubbing her pregnant tummy as she felt a kick, then another kick. She smiled as she massaged it, calming her unborn twins as she thought, they are fighting again.

She heard a sharp growl and looked up, face to face with a metal head. Too scared to move, the metal head pounced, and Keira closed her eyes, expecting to feel the metal heads claws to rip her open. After a second of nothing, she opened an eye, then both, gapping at the figure standing before her and throwing the metal heads lifeless body to the side.

The figure was glowing white with light eco, all of his body and clothes were glowing, even his hair. He turned around, his glowing white eyes meeting Keira's who automatically smiled, knowing exactly who he was,


She ran forward, arms stretched out, and ready to embrace her love of her life, her husband. Everything else, the sounds and smells of the forest began to fade as time slowed down. At his feet, she saw him smile, but he disappeared, leaving her standing in pitch darkness.

She looked around but could not see anything. Hearing a small chuckle behind her, she turned around, expecting to see Jak in his normal state, but he wasn't. Instead, it was Dark Jak, smirking at her as dark eco sparked out.

Screaming out and falling back, she began to cower away, turning around and getting on her feet to run only to be met Dark Jak again, this time closer to her face. He cupped her chin, his ebony claws feeling the smoothness of her skin as she looked into his pitch black eyes. Dark eco sparked out of his claws towards her, causing her to yelp and jump back. He smirked and drifted back, all awhile light shone from above next to him, and the light eco version of Jak appearing.

Confused, she was about to speak but was beating by Light Jak, who turned to Dark Jak and asked, "Gol, did you tell her?"

Keira covered her ears as his voice boomed like the precursor idols back in Sandover. She looked at Dark Jak who shook his head.

"No Mar, I haven't," he replied in a raspy voice that Keira recognized as he gasped for air, "I was just about to though,"

"Tell me what?" she asked, completely terrified of the situation. They both turned to her, the one called Mar sighing as the one called Gol smirked.

"The prophecy," Gol said adding a slight chuckle at the end as he drifted around her, "the prophecy of the real hero's of this pathetic world,"

"Gol!" Mar said erratically as he drifted forward as well, "at least begin in the beginning,"

"Fine," Gol said drifting back next to Mar, "begin it then, I love the ending."

Sighing again, Mar turned to Keira and smiled, "Well to begin things, I am Mar, the light eco being created back when the precursors first created this planet. My destiny was to help Mar throughout his many adventures, along with my brother here, Gol, the dark eco being created at the same time. His destiny was as well as my own, to help Mar through his journey.

"Now with Mars, unfortunate passing on," Keira winced, "our destiny's aren't complete, apparently we are to live on with someone else, someone of equal strength and equal determination as Mar."

"Who?" she asked as Gol appeared behind her, massaging her belly.

"You twins…" he whispered as he disappeared again and returned next to Mar.

"My twins?" she asked as they both nodded.

"Your twins are the real hero's of this world, stopping a much greater evil that has been reborn," Mar explained, "We are to become one of each twin, separating the Mars powers among them to help them defeat this evil and finally bring peace to this world."

"Are we to enter now Mar?" Gol asked as Mar nodded. Keira looked at them confused as they got closer to her.

"Our powers will not activate in your children until they are older and presented with emitted death before their eyes," Gol announced as they stop in front of her.

"This will not hurt, at least not in here," Mar said as they both leaned back. Keira winced as they both turned into blobs of dark and light eco, both floating for a while before merging with her.

At first she felt the light eco enter her slowly, relaxing her body as well as her mind. She felt her twins relax as well. Suddenly, the pain of dark eco shocked her as it sent shots of pain through her spine and out throughout her body. She gasped in pain as she felt one of her twins start to thrash out uncontrollably. She closed her eyes and screamed out in pain.

"Torn, get some warm wet towels, Daxter go get some help now!" Tess commanded as both males rushed to their duties as Jinx and she rushed forward to hold Keira down as she screamed out in more pain. Jinx threw off the moist blankets as Tess calmly told Keira, "Breath Keira, breath!"

Keira panted and began to breath hard, looking at Tess in the eyes as her face twisted in pain, feeling the twins twist inside her.

"Is she already going into labor?" Jinx asked as he desperately looked at Tess for commands on what to do next.

"Yes damn it, now come over here and let her hold your hand, I'm going to position myself to catch them," she said, switching places with him as Torn rushed in with the hot towels in hand, "Torn, get ready to handle the babies as I hand the, off to you,"

"Ok Keira, come on, push, push Keira! I see the first twins head, it's crowning!" Tess explained as Keira crushed Jinx hand and yelled out in pain. The whole air was tense as the first cries and breaths of Keira's baby filled the air, giving Keira a little relief as Tess handed the twin to Torn, who announced, "It's a healthy baby boy! And the next twin is beginning to crown!"

Keira panted out in pain as the next baby began to cry, giving Keira a huge relief as she fell back on her bed, panting as Tess announced, "It's a healthy baby girl!"

She handed the next twin to Torn, who then walked over to Keira and handed one of the wins to Jinx. Both of them settled the twins next to each other on Keira as she held them both, beaming as tears began to trail down her cheeks. She looked at the boy first, noticing a small puff of white hair on his head.

"Hey little one, your name will be Damas, Damas Mar Hagai." She whispered, nudging him little with her nose. She turned towards her next twin, who had stopped crying. Her hair was black, pitch black. Hesitating a bit, she smiled and proudly announced, "Penelope, Penelope Hagai."

Tess gave out a sigh of relief as she walked over to Jinx side, who was massaging his hand and watching the moment with a smile. Daxter rushed in and noticed the soft moment going on, smiling as he jumped on the bed, looking at the twins.

"Well I'll be, I'm an uncle!" Daxter announced, making everybody involved laugh, even making Torn smile a bit.

Keira stopped laughing as she yawned, prompting Tess to take her twins away, making jinx push her down as she said, "Sleep Keira, I'll make sure these wonders of the precursors get some green eco and are treated carefully."

Keira nodded in agreement as she lay down, watching Tess and Torn walk out with her twins. She smiled at Jinx who smiled back, blowing out the single candle illuminating the room. Darkness took over once again, sending an eerie chill down her spine.

They are wonders of the precursors alright, I wonder if what they told me is true…

"This has been a hell of a day," Torn groaned out, setting the twin he was holding on the bed, next to his sister as Tess took out a tub of green eco from the back of the room and bringing it over.

"Tell me about it, first Jaks funeral now a premature labor, hopefully all the surprises are done with for today," she said, grabbing some of the green eco and setting it upon Damas. Damas face relaxed, smiling a bit as the green eco made it glow green for a bit. Tess smiled a bit as she grabbed some more of the green eco and setting it upon Penelope. The baby frowned and wriggled a bit as the eco entered its body. It relaxed again as the green eco took effect.

Torn looked at the baby with confusion as Tess said, "Ok Torn, you can go to bed, I'll sleep on the bed next to them and make sure nothing happens to them."

Torn nodded and walked out of the room, keeping his eye on the babies as he closed the door behind him. Tess yawned as she set pillows around the twins, making sure they won't fall at night. She lies down on her bed and immediately fell asleep.

Next to her, Damas began to glow with light eco. Penelope next to him began to spark out small sparks of dark eco, both calming down eventually as they fell asleep.

Well there you have it, the birth of earth's greatest hero's children, and the true heroes of the world. This is right after the previous chapter, after Jaks funeral. His two separate entities separated and entered Keira's dreams, telling her of the great destinys her two children will once lead. If you have read my other Jak fanfic, you will know where Gol and Mar get their names. Please review, I need the feedback ^-^