James Mccloud walked the streets of Corneria as the rain fell upon his umbrella. He would be driving but his car was in the shop after a small 'accident' he had. The streets around him were empty due to the rain. He was on his way home after dropping off the car; his home wasn't really that far from it. 'Out of all the days I had to wreck my car today. Well I have to admit the weather is nice and…' James was interrupted as he what sounded like crying. He stopped and looked around and noticed that it was coming from a nearby alley. He walked down it, and as he walked the sound grew louder. He soon found the source coming from a small box, and when he looked inside he saw a small gray wolf crying. James kneeled down in front of him and the wolf stopped crying, saw James and got scared. James saw he was scared, "it's alright I won't hurt you, what's your name?" The little wolf seemed to calm down a bit and stayed silent. James sighed, "it's alright you can trust me."

Hearing James calming voice seemed to help him, "my name's Alex Raymond."

"Nice to meet you Alex," James said in a calm soothing tone. "What are you doing out here in the rain alone?"

"My…my mom was killed," Alex said.

That shocked James, "What about your father where's he?"

"I...I don't have a father," Alex said.

'An orphan' James thought. "How old are you?"

"Eight years," Alex said.

James thought, 'this is bad he has nowhere to go and I can't take him to the orphanage or foster home I know how bad those places are. Maybe Vixy won't mind I know she'll understand.' "Alex I don't want to leave you hear alone so how about I take you back to my home and you can stay with my family for a bit. I have a son the same age as you and I know you two will get along well."

"Really?" Alex said.

James nodded, "Yes come on now I'll carry you."

Alex came out of the box and James lifted him and carried him back to his house. After a few minutes James arrived home and Vixy came to greet him and then noticed Alex. James then began explaining the situation to her; she too was shocked at it. Then Fox came in and was introduced to Alex, then James told them to go play since he and Vixy needed to talk.

They both watched Fox and Alex playing with toy ships. Vixy spoke, "I don't know James what if he has relatives?"

"That's what I thought but you know how long it could take to find one. And besides you know what those orphanages or foster home are like he wouldn't like it," James said.

"I know but still what do we do?" Vixy said.

They stayed silent and kept looking at Fox and Alex, both were playing and were having a good time. James smiled at it, then a thought came into his mind, "Vixy what if we became his foster parents."

"Are you sure?" Vixy said.

James nodded, "Yes we could get certified and take him in until a relative can be found."

"That sounds good, when do child services open tomorrow?" Vixy said.

It was agreed they decided to take Alex as a foster child, they explained what they were going to do and he seemed to understand. They then decided to let him stay for the night.

The next day they went to child services and explained Alex's situation. The people there explained what happened to Alex's mother. Her name was Samantha and she was killed in a mugging and apparently Alex must have saw what happened. After all the explaining was done they said they were going to try to find a local relative somewhere and until then they were going to place him in a foster home. But then James explained that they wanted to foster him till they found someone. It was agreed and James and Vixy were certified as only temporary foster parents.

As soon they got home they explained what was happing to Alex and he was happy for what they did, now all they had to do is wait. Over the next few days Alex grew to like them a lot and soon he was introduced to Peppy who also took a liking to him as well. Fox and him got along real well like they were brothers. James and Vixy loved him as a son. On day the phone rang and James answered it, "Hello."

A male voice was heard, "am I speaking to James Mccloud?"

"Yes," James said.

"My name is Zack Richards I with child services, I'm calling in regards to your foster child Alex Raymond. I need to see both you and your wife in my office today."

"Ok we'll see you in a bit," James said as he hanged up the phone.

Vixy walked up to James, "What's wrong James?"

"Child services called they need to see both of us today," James explained.

"Ok lets go now Peppy's right here he can watch the kids."

After asking Peppy, who agreed to watch them, they both left. As soon as they go there they sat in a office for a while. A few minutes later a male coyote came in holding a file, "Hi I'm Zack Richards I spoke with you on the phone."

He shook hands with James and Vixy and sat down on his desk. "So what does this has to do with Alex?" James said.

Zack spoke, "We looked all over for a relative and we couldn't find a single one it seems like his mother was the only one he had."

"Well where does that leave him?" Vixy asked.

Zack sighed, "Well we have place him in a orphanage until someone adopts him."

James and Vixy looked at each other, "But what if we let him stay with us till then," James said.

Zack shook his head, "No your certification is only temporary and even if you apply for a permeate one it could take weeks before your approve, I'm sorry but your going to have to bring him back tomorrow."

James and Vixy were silent then at the same time they thought of something, they excused themselves and went into the hall to talk. "Vixy do you have the same Idea as I?" James said.

Vixy nodded, "Yes and are you sure it would be ok?"

James nodded, "Yes, we love him as a son and Fox loves him like a brother they get along really well, and he likes all of us."

"So were agreed then?"

James nodded. They both walked back in the office and Zack spoke, "so was that all you wanted to talk about?"

James spoke, "No we talked about it and we would like adopt Alex." After taking down James and Vixy's information Zack brought out the adoption papers and they both signed them. After the papers were finalized James and Vixy had a new son. Zack wished them good luck and gave them Alex's personal information, like birth certificate, social security all that kind of stuff. After all that was complete James and Vixy left with a new member added to the family.

When they got home they explained what they did to Peppy first and he was happy for what they did then they both took Alex and Fox and sat down at a table to talk to them. James looked at Alex, "Alex how do you like living with us?"

Alex had a smile on his face, "I like it very much."

"How do you like us and Fox?" James asked.

"I like you all very much," Alex said.

James turned to Fox, "Fox what do you think of Alex?"

"He's really nice and fun to play with," Fox said.

James turned to Vixy and they both nodded. Vixy spoke, "Alex we went down to child services and we found out you don't have any relatives at all."

"I don't?" Alex said.

James nodded, "yes and cause of that they were going to place you in a orphanage."

"They…they are," Alex said.

"Yes but thanks to us we stopped that," James said.

"How?" Alex asked.

"We adopted you," James and Vixy both said.

Alex was surprised at hearing this. "You…you did."

They both nodded, "yes and now your officially a Mccloud," James said.

"You mean were…" Fox said but was interrupted.

"Brothers," Vixy said.

They were both happy at hearing the news. Alex thought, Alex Mccloud I like the sound of that. I wonder what life is going to be like now?"

Everything seemed perfect now, James and Vixy got a new son, Fox got a new brother, and Alex got a new home. And as time past Alex grew more and more to the family and they grew to him. Alex even called James and Vixy mom and dad. He grows up with Fox as the same events he faces he face too.

A/N: i'm still new to starfox stories so i tried. My character Alex faces what Fox faces through his life, just to let you know. i'll try to get the next chapter up soon. oh and the story line takes place after adventures.