Alex stared outside the window of the hospital. It has just been a few hours since they got out of that base. He turned and stared at Wolf, who was laying in the bed with a heart monitor and a oxygen mask over his muzzle. After they killed all of the guards they went inside once the gas cleared. They found the valve trap door, opened it and found Wolf unconscious dying. They were able to get him out and get him to the hospital. It took some time but they were able to get him in stable condition, but it was still important that they keep checking on him. Alex then remembered a talk he had with Fox just after they admitted Wolf.


Alex and Fox were both in the waiting room sitting in silence. Fox turned to Alex, "you alright?"

Alex didn't look at him, "just worried, he might still die. He's the last blood related family I have."

"I know it must be hard but he will pull through," Fox said.

"That's what I'm hoping. They seemed shocked when we told them he was Wolf," Alex said.

"That's…what I forgot to tell you," Fox said.

Alex looked at Fox, "What do you mean?"

"I found out if they get Wolf stable that they were going to call the General and…" Fox was interrupted.

"No…no that can't do that," Alex said shocked.

"Alex in their eyes he's still a criminal and…they're going to arrest him once he's better," Fox said.

"I won't let them…there has to be a way to change that," Alex said.

Fox sighed, "I know that's why I'm going to talk to him see if I can help."

"Thanks," Alex said.

"What are brothers for," Fox said with a smile.

End Flashback

After all that they were informed that Wolf was stable but still could get worse if they didn't monitor him. The General arrived a few minutes ago and Fox asked to talk to him in private. He could hear them outside the door. He concentrated and could hear what they were saying.

"…but sir there has to be another way," he heard Fox say.

"I'm sorry Fox but the higher ups just won't let him go free," he heard Pepper say.

"Look it's just not me but Wolf's freedom is important to Alex," he heard Fox say.

"Why?" he heard Pepper say.

Alex then heard the door open and saw Fox and the General enter. Fox walked up to Alex. "I didn't tell him about you know what and the other thing."

Alex nodded. The General then spoke, "Alex what's this about Wolf being important to you?"

"General Wolf…is my blood related brother," Alex said.

Pepper seemed shocked, "what? Are you sure?"

Alex nodded, "positive."

Pepper sighed, "even though he is your brother he's still wanted and we have to take him in once he healed."

"There's still more to it," Alex said.

Alex then told him about how he and Wolf were captured escaped and killed two of the members of Starwolf. And he told him how Wolf risked his life to save the city. "Well that could change a lot things, but it still not my decision yet."

"General please I don't want to loose him even though I found out for a day. Please can you do something," Alex said.

Pepper sighed, "I'll see what I can do, but for now only as a protocol I have to have a couple of soldiers stand outside and keep watch on him."

Alex nodded, I understand."

"Thank you General," Fox said.

"All I can say is that I can't guarantee it but I'll try and contact you when I have more information. Good day," General said as he exit the room.

"all we have to do is hope," Alex said.

"I know and…" Fox was interrupted when they heard a moan.

They both looked over and saw Wolf moving. They moved over to his side and then his eyes opened. "Wolf," Alex said.

Wolf started speaking weakly threw the mask, "what happen, where am I?"

Alex spoke, "your in the hospital, we managed to save you before you died."

Wolf spoke, "why do I feel so weak?"

Fox spoke, "the gas you in held was suppose to shut your body down, right now all it did was drain all the strength from you."

"What happen to Leon?" Wolf asked.

Alex spoke, "he escaped."

Wolf was silent then spoke, "where does that leave me now?"

They both were silent then Fox spoke, "the military wants to arrest you when you heal."

"Ah crap," Wolf said.

"We talked to him and told him everything…" Alex said.

"Wait what happen with the bomb?" Wolf asked.

"You managed to defuse it in time. And cause of it the General said he will try to help out to see if there is a way to keep you out of jail," Alex said.

"Why are you doing this?" Wolf asked.

Alex sighed, "Wolf you're my brother and now I'll try everything I can to help you."

Fox spoke, "and since you're his brother I sort of consider you as a brother."

"Thanks," Wolf said as he started to feel tired again.

Alex noticed this, "Sleep brother you need all you can get."

Wolf nodded as he fell asleep. they both stayed in silence for a bit. Fox spoke, "Alex I'll tell you something, if I have to I'll try everything in my power to help Wolf."

"Thank you," Alex said.

Fox smiled, "that's what a brother is for."

A couple of weeks later Wolf was finally able to leave the hospital. And they heard from Pepper. He managed to get every single charge against Wolf dropped cause of his deed in saving the city. He even got a medal for it. It was all broadcast worldwide. A lot of people was shocked that the former leader of Starwolf was now good.

After the media and world calmed down Wolf asked Alex for a request and that what lead them to the entrance of a cemetery, both holding a bouquet of flowers. They stood there for a bit. Alex turned to Wolf, "are you sure you want to do this?"

Wolf nodded, "yes I wasn't able to see her for years and now I want to pay my final respect."

Alex smiled as they both walked into the cemetery. They passed many gravestones until they stopped in front on a certain one. It read…

Here lies

Samantha Raymond

Beloved Mother

Alex kneeled down and put the flowers on the grave. "Hi mom it's Alex. Been a while since I last visit, just been busy with things. My life is still going good. There's someone else here that wants to say hi."

Wolf then put the flowers on the grave. "Hey mom it's me Wolf. I'm sorry for never visiting. I found Alex and we both know…you might have seen everything that I have done. All I can say is that I'm sorry; I was manipulated at the time. I hope you can forgive me for everything I done. I'm good now and I want to put all those terrible things behind me now. I came to say goodbye, I only wished that I would have spent more time with you, my mother." Wolf had a tear in his eyes after finishing.

Alex put his hand on his shoulder, "you alright?"

"It's just that I feel bad for everything I done," Wolf said.

"It's alright your good now," Alex said.

"I was manipulated into joining," Wolf said. Alex then knew what he meant but Wolf kept on speaking. "Right after dad left for the final time some people broke in and came for me. I managed to escape but they still chased me. They cornered me but them someone chased them away. Andross he took me and told me things, he manipulated me. Made me think that Corneria was responsible for my father's death and how they were the enemy. The rest I'm sure you know."

Alex was shocked at hearing it, "it wasn't your fault, and you're a free wolf you don't have to run anymore. Every things ok now."

"It was all because you chose it," a voice said.

They both turned around and saw Fox, also holding flowers. Wolf spoke, "Fox what are you doing here?"

Alex then spoke, "something we do once a month."

Alex and Fox started walking, Wolf followed. They kept walking till they reached a pair of stones close together. They read…

Here lies James Mccloud

Here lies Vixy Mcclould

James body was never found but they still put a grave up. Fox placed the flowers on the graves. "Hey mom and dad, been a while. Me and Alex are doing good this month. We both still miss you both. Alex found something out but I'll let him tell you."

Fox stepped aside and Alex came closer, "hi mom and dad, it's Alex. I found out that I have a brother. Wolf the former leader of Starwolf, he's good now and were good. I still wish you two were here even though you weren't my real parents. Mom you've been the best and always knew what to do. Dad thanks for being the best father I could have had, my only father."

Alex and Fox said their goodbyes and the three of them started walking to the entrance in silence. Fox spoke, "So Wolf what are you going to do now?
Wolf spoke, "I don't know I haven't thought about it. I guess I'll just live a normal life."

"Or," Alex said.

They stopped, "or what," Wolf asked.

"Me and Fox were talking and we would like you to Join StarFox," Alex said.

Wolf was surprised at hearing it, "wha…are you sure?"

They both nodded, "yes and I'm sure the rest of the teams agrees, even Falco," Fox said.

"They kept saying that they were wrong about you and they say they're sorry for doubting you," Alex said.

"I'm not sure," Wolf said.

"Wolf I just found out you're my brother and I fear that you may disappear one day. You're the last related family I have and I don't want to lose you," Alex said.

Wolf was silent for a bit then spoke, "alright I'll do it."

Fox and Wolf smiled, " then welcome to Starfox," Fox said holding his hand out.

Wolf shook his hand with a smile. Alex smiled, "come on lets go home," Alex said. They both agreed and started walking. Wolf had gained a brother, a new home, and a new family. While Alex and Fox both gained a brother.

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