Previously on A Trip Back To Phoenix:

"Well, Isabella, Laura, I am afraid that I a going to have to call both of your parents to come pick you up, and you 2 will have detention after school for the next week."

Laura seemed like she was going to interrupt but Mr. Barker put his hand up and continued.

"Now Ms. Fletcher, I have your parent's numbers and I will be calling them. As for Mrs. Cullen, your husbands parents are in town with you are they not?"

I nodded and he continued.

If something like this happens again, further action will be taken. "He finished sternly.

We both nodded, and after I gave him Carlisle and Esme's numbers he excused us to go sit in the office to wait, and informed us that we were not to talk to each other.

It only took a few minutes for Carlisle and Esme to show up to get me, I ran out quickly after they were informed about what had happened.

Obviously Esme and Carlisle wanted an explanation, so as we were headed to the car I explained what happened quickly. They both took my side and informed me that they had already sent the others back to the hotel. So they were just going to drop me off there.

The drive was pretty quick. I thanked them for the ride and ran up to meet my husband and siblings.

Hopefully they would understand everything just as well as Esme and Carlisle.

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I walked up to the hotel room quickly, and opened the door to Edward's and my suite. All of our siblings were scattered around the suite waiting for an explanation. I walked over to the bed where Edward was sitting and settled myself in his lap.

When I was comfortable I looked up at my siblings who were staring at me eager for an explanation.

"Ok guys, before you freak out about me hitting a human, you need to know that I was completely in control." I told them to ease their minds.

When they all nodded I continued.

"Anyways, so what happened was I left to speak with Laura and she was basically telling me to stay away from Edward, that he wanted her not me.

Needless to say, I got pretty frustrated. And told her that Edward was just talking to me last night about how much he disliked her.

Then she proceeded to tell me that it was just an act and there had never been a boy who could resist her."

They all started laughing at that but I continued

"Well after she said that I said that Edward would never fall for a slutt like her, and that's when she hit me.

After that I made sure I was in completer control before hitting her in the nose just hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to make her bleed."

I finished quickly, and waited for their response.

Emmett was the first to respond as usual.

"Nice going Bella, we aren't suppose to get into fist fights with humans, but at least you won." He stated loudly.

Rosalie decided to but in then.

"Give me a break Emmett, of course she would win, she's a flipping vampire. The good thing is that she didn't make her bleed, because I don't know if all of us could have handled it without attacking her."

Jasper nodded and said.

"Ya, Rose has a point, if by any chance you make her bleed, even just a little I may have exposed us."

"Well, I promise I won't get into any more fist fights with humans, if that makes you guys feel any better." I promised.

They all nodded and I knew that the discussion was pretty much over, especially when Alice jumped out of her seat and said,

"Guys, I know what we are doing tonight!"

We all knew she was expecting us to respond so we said, "What Alice."

"We are going to a night club!" she chirped

No, please no. I really wish I could disagree, but even I know that fighting with Alice is pointless. So I didn't say anything, meanwhile Alice was telling everyone what to do.

She sent the boys to her and Jasper suite to get ready, and told them that their clothes were hanging up in the closet, while she told Rose and I, e were staying here, and she sent me into the bathroom to take a shower.

I took as much time as I could in the shower, but after like 20 minutes Alice pounded on the door threatening to come in and pull me out if I didn't come out willingly.

So reluctantly I stepped out of the shower and got dressed in the clothes that Alice set on the counter.

It actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting, the shirt was a royal blue sleeveless empire tank top and the pants were just a pair of black faded jeans. It actually looked pretty good.

I looked in the mirror and thought about how to do my hair, before I could even figure something out; Alice was by my side with a blow-dryer. She left my hair down so it was just in waves down my back.

When I turned around I saw Alice's outfit. She was wearing a sweetheart cross back top that was pale pink and the same type of jeans as me, her hair was in her usual disarray but she looked amazing.

When she was finally done with me I stepped out of the room to see how Rose looked.

Rose was wearing a fuchsia halter top that fit her perfectly and the same type of jeans as Alice and I. She had her hair up and she looked gorgeous as usual.

When were finally done we walked outside to meet the boys. And I have to say. Edward looked AMAZING; he was wearing a pair of dark blue faded jeans and a silky black button up.

Jasper and Emmett were wearing similar things just different colors.

Edward scooped me into his arms and we headed downstairs and out to the club. This was going to be an interesting night.

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