Title: Fear Itself

Characters: Various WWE Superstars

Disclaimer: I don't own anything...except myself. Please don't send me to jail. ;) Some slashy elements (of course), but nothing too obvious or explicit. I mean, the guys do have wives and kids in this one... (laugh) Also, some of the Superstars' fears are what they themselves have said (in real life). Others are made up. Eh. But all of the chapter names are names of actual phobias...fyi. XD

But it will get a little intense...

Summary: So, my Musi were bugging me about having a Halloween adventure... As it turns out, the boys get more than they bargained for... This story won't be too long, I promise. ;)

Shawn Michaels was sitting in his house, resting on a rare day off, when he heard an annoying knock at the door. "Hunter, get the door!" he called from his chair, not willing to move. Rebbecca and the kids were at the park, and Hunter had come over—as he often did—just to hang out with his best friend.

"You're closer!" Triple H called from somewhere in the basement...most likely from the gym, Shawn figured.

"I don't feel like getting up!"

"Well, I'm bench pressing a couple hundred pounds at the moment!"

The Heartbreak Kid rolled his eyes and pulled himself off the couch. He threw open the door, but, to his surprise, didn't see anyone there. "Hello?" he called, looking out the door and down the street. Not a soul. "Anyone?" With a shrug, he went to close the door, when a black envelope caught his eye.

"And what's this?" he wondered aloud, picking up the letter and bringing it in with him. There was no address written on the front; only his name, and Hunter's. He opened it slowly and took out the paper inside.

"Who was that?" the Game asked, coming up from the basement, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a towel. "The mailman?"

"I think so..." Shawn said slowly, as he read the paper. "But he only brought this." He handed the letter to Hunter, who read it with a frown.

Dearest WWE Superstars,

You are cordially invited to the grand opening of TheVampireLucinda's Horror and Fun House this Halloween. Your "tour" will begin at midnight, and will continue until you exit the structure. The Owner has chosen several WWE Superstars to test the Horror and Fun House because she is confident that you will all be able to give her an objective, calm, rational review of the facilities so that improvements can be made when terrifying future customers.

For the sake of ease, please dress comfortably, as the House is very interactive.

And, finally, TheVampireLucinda guarantees that you will have the time of your life! Her entire House is furnished with state-of-the-art robotics and set designs, and is staffed by the finest masters of terror. Her policy guarantees real screams, real terror, real fear! Of course, if the experience becomes too intense, there is a safety mechanism that will allow the tourist to leave the facility...

As of yet, no one has gone through the entire house without breaking down, not even the Owner.

If interested, please RSVP online at with the code "WWE." Your reservations will be automatically added, and directions will be sent to you via email.

I look forwards to seeing you...and hearing your screams.


"Creepy!" Hunter said with a laugh, folding the letter back up. "Let's do it!"

Shawn looked at him as though he had grown another head. "Are you nuts? The only one crazier than the sicko that invented that 'Horror and Fun Place' or whatever would be the idiots willing to go in!" The Heartbreak Kid shook his head. "Sorry, but I have no desire to have a premature heart attack."

Triple H smirked. "Oh...so what you're saying is that you're a chicken."

Shawn's eye twitched. "Chicken?"

"Yeah, you're a big chicken! And a baby! You're a baby chicken! You're a chick!" Hunter began pretending to peck the ground around Shawn, clucking and making random baby sounds while laughing the entire time.

Shawn endured the mocking for a few seconds before tackling Triple H to the ground.

"I'll show you who's a chick!" he growled as they tussled on the floor.

"Prove it!" Hunter choked out as Shawn grabbed his hair and tugged hard. "Ow! No fair!"

"Fine, I'll go to the stupid Haunted Fun Place and watch you cry like a baby! How about that!"





"What on Earth am I doing here?" Shawn wondered as he and Hunter passed the gates of what seemed to be a Halloween themed carnival. It was nearly midnight, and as they walked in, the first thing that they saw was a giant concrete building with a tent connected to the side. On the giant sign, it said "Horror and Fun House" written in what seemed to be dried blood.

"Well, that's inviting," Shawn muttered, rubbing the backs of his arms, feeling goosebumps already. Hunter had him by the elbow, and was pulling him along.

"Hey, look! Some of the guys are here!" Triple H said, waving to a group of wrestlers waiting outside the strange structure. Shawn waved at the group as well , sighing to himself. Were they all insane?

Nearest the giant iron doors was John Cena, and by him stood Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Together and off to the side stood the Undertaker and Kane, with the former looking slightly annoyed. As DX approached, the brothers gave them a small nod.

Pulling away from Hunter, Shawn sidled over to 'Taker.

"You don't want to be here either, I'm assuming?" he asked with another sigh.

"Nope. Kane dragged me out here with the threat of blackmail."

The Big Red Machine laughed. "C'mon 'Taker. The best way to see how scary this place is would be to see if it can scare you." His laugh became somewhat maniacal. "I'd kill to hear you scream in horror, Bro."

The Undertaker rolled his eyes. "Do you see what I have to put up with?" he asked, turning to Shawn, who nodded.

"Yeah...I'm here because Hunt called me a chicken. Well, a baby chicken."

"A chick?" Cena chimed in, drawing a laugh from Triple H, who wasn't far off.

"See Shawn, it makes sense!" he said, putting an arm around his friend.

"Then 'Taker's a chick too!" Kane volunteered, earning a punch in the arm from his big brother. "Ow!"

"I didn't say I was afraid to come," the Deadman explained, eyes narrowing. "I just...would rather stay home than waste my time here in some stupid fun house."

"Actually, it's a fun and horror house," Randy laughed. "What a stupid name."

Rey scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Y'know, I don't think that normal people associate the words 'fun' and 'horror.' The owner must be a freak." As he was speaking, Edge ran up to the group, panting, looking very disheveled.

"I'm not late, am I?" he asked, trying to catch his breath.

'Taker looked down at his watch. "Actually, it's just now midnight, so--"

A loud creaking of iron scraping against iron cut his sentence short, and everyone turned to look at the huge door as the slowly swung open. For a moment, no one moved to go in—it was pitch black inside.

"Should we, uh, speak with the owner first?" Shawn asked, grabbing on to Hunter's arm. He absolutely hated how dark it was in there... "You know, let her know that we're here?"

"I think she knows already," Kane said, pointing the sign. The letters on it had somehow changed, and now read:

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. --H.P Lovecraft.

Cena shrugged. "I guess that means we should go in," he said, scratching his head.

"Wow, ladies and gentlemen, we have a genius on our hands!" Edge said sarcastically, as Randy laughed and high-fived him.

"Shut up and let's get this over with," 'Taker growled, striding inside. Everyone followed in behind him, not knowing what to expect, but anticipating something that would, at the very least, be exciting.

Let the games begin!