Author's Note: Honestly inspired by the first line, the rest of it just sort of came from there... Set post Exit Wounds, post my version of Lost Souls.

Jack held his gun out in front of him and looked both ways down the underground corridor. "Ianto?" he called, slight panic in his voice, "Ianto, answer me!"

"Yes, sir?" The young man appeared at one end of the corridor looking mildly amused until he saw Jack's expression. Once he recognised the fear his partner tried valiantly to hide he vowed to stay closer, reassuring him. It had been a bad week already; Jack didn't need his nerves testing further.

"Don't scare me like that Yan." Jack grumbled, slightly embarrassed

"Sorry Jack." As their eyes met and they smiled at each other, Ianto felt Jack slip his hand into his own and squeezed it gently.

Looking more secure now, the captain looked up and down the corridor again. They stood at a T junction, with the one he'd come up behind him, the one Ianto had come up stretching away to the right and an as yet unexplored one to the left. "OK, this way then?" without waiting for an answer he took the lead, hearing Ianto's near silent footfall behind him. This corridor turned a couple of times with open doorways leading to empty rooms coming off it. At the end they met a solid metal door. Jack grumbled for a moment before pulling out his lock picks. In seconds they were standing in an office, with antique desks and chairs and old looking papers. The only indication that it had been used recently was the pot plant.

"Who keeps a plant underground?" Ianto mused as he bent to study it, "Just a primrose though. No photocopiers Jack." He pointed out, making his partner smile.

"We don't even know what we're looking for." Jack scowled, "Let's check the drawers for paperwork first, go from there after."

They were both rooting fruitlessly through the drawers when a voice from the doorway startled them, "You won't find anything there."

They both turned to face a young woman with a dark pixie cut, startling blue eyes and an annoyed frown. Jack's hand moved subtly to his gun, "And how do you know what then?"

"I just checked, there's absolutely nothing interesting. Unless you like pigeons that is."

"We don't." Jack cut her off, wearing an equally annoyed frown.

"I know, what are you doing here, I can cope on my own." She folded her arms and glared at him

"We're Torchwood, that's what we're doing here. Who are you?"

She looked distinctly unimpressed, Jack reflected on how much she looked like Ianto with that quirk of her eyebrow, "So not funny, did you really need to come and check on me? I'm not a child anymore." Their bemused expressions seemed to get to her, as she started getting scared, almost desperate, "Oh come on, please tell me you're joking. It's Rose for God's sake."

Jack almost growled, but kept it back because she was getting so upset, "I only know one Rose, and you're not her."

Ianto laid a calming hand on his arm and took a step towards her. "Why should we know you?" he asked gently

At that she burst into tears and he hurried to hold her instinctively, "My name is Rose Gwenilith Harkness-Jones, I'm your daughter."