Author's NOte: Oops, I'm a goob and forgot to add the epilogue. Sorry it's so soppy in places

The cog door rolled open on a tense atmosphere in the Hub. Rose pretended to be oblivious to it as she dumped her bag on her desk and pulled a folder out of it, sighing heavily, "You wouldn't believe the day I've had. Honestly, it was virtually impossible finding anything in there."

The rest of the team weren't having any of it, "Rose! You vanished, we lost communications with you, your tracker showed that you weren't in Cardiff. There was a time shift and you were in it." Rick was leaning heavily on his desk and glaring at her, failing magnificently at keeping the relief out of his eyes, "Where did you go?"

"I never left Cardiff." She smirked as Jack appeared on the balcony outside his office, "Heya Dad, I understand I went missing."

"Didn't you?" He came down and hugged her, "You were gone three hours, what have you got for me?"

"Have a look." He took the folder and slipped out the first photo; it was one of him and Ianto, clearly oblivious to the rest of the world as they danced towards the end of the night.

"Thanks, I think that's just what we needed. Will you come up to my office to discuss it?"

"Sure thing, just let me get a coffee." She knew that the team were watching her in confusion as she made her way to the kitchen and heard someone following her, "Heya John, you weren't too worried were you?"

Her brother was watching her from the doorway, "Dad said not to worry, but he and Tad have been holed up in his office since you left, they're not fooling anyone."

"They knew I'd come back."

"We know they'll come back, doesn't stop us worrying. Where did you go?"

She was silent until the coffee machine had finished, then passed him a coffee and sighed into her own, "I went back in time, twenty years. I was in the same place but not the same time. Ended up going to their wedding and getting a lift back with the Doctor."

"Seriously?" He looked impressed, "That's cool, how long have you been gone then?"

"Two months, nearly one with them and then just over a month with the Doctor." She shrugged and made for the door, "It was a big elephant."

In Jack's office he and Ianto were on the sofa, holding hands and talking quietly with the relief evident on their faces, "Good trip?" Ianto asked when she arrived in the doorway with a tray of coffees.

"Fantastic, very big elephant."

He smiled and stood up to hug her, "I can't believe you've only been gone three hours, it feels like forever."

"I'm sorry." She whispered, "I missed you, I couldn't stay with him for long, I just wanted to get home."

"We missed you too." Jack whispered into her hair as he hugged both her and Ianto tightly, "But not bad for a first solo outing." He smiled

"Speaking of which." She looked at her watch, "I need to get ready, I've got a date in three hours, it's going to take me forever."

Jack grinned, "I don't know who you take after most in that, him or Jasmine."

"Oh Tad, definitely." She laughed as he shoved her playfully, "Shall I finish my report and get off?"

Puppy-dog eyes always worked, "Go on then, we'll be home before he comes to pick you up. You know that John's got a date tonight as well, don't you?"

She had stopped in the doorway in surprise, "No, who?"

Jack scowled, "He won't tell us, wheedle it out of him will you?"

"On it."

There was a knock at the door and Ianto went to open it; outside there was a nervous young man in a smart suit. "Good evening Mr… Ianto, sorry."

"Heya James, you don't have to knock you know. You've known us long enough to just come in." When the boy blushed he smiled fondly, "Well come on then, she's just finishing getting ready."

"And has been for an hour." Jack's voice rang out from the living room

"Hi Jack."

"You taking her dancing?" Ianto gestured to a chair and sank down next to Jack again, settling into his arms automatically

"Yeah, she was saying how much she enjoys it. John not around?"

Jasmine clattered down the stairs with her dancing shoes in her hand and perched on the sofa next to her Tad to put them on, "He's got a date. And he won't even tell me who or where."

"I think he's taking Jasmine out." Jack suggested with a smile, "She needs cheering up."

"She's practically our mother." Rose pulled a face

"He's never described it as a date, just a night out." Ianto pointed out, "But she's in Mexico."

"Not Jasmine then." Rose fastened her last buckle and stood up as James mirrored her actions and offered her his arm, "Right, don't stay up. And whatever happens, don't call me. See you later."

"Have a good night. Wear a coat." Ianto called, snuggling further into Jack's arms as the house became theirs again and turning to claim his lips.

Rose smiled at James as he brought her a drink and sat next to her. Without her dads around he was much more relaxed, although the drinks they'd already had had definitely helped in that department. He covered her hand with his on the table and rubbed the palm with his thumb. She blushed and leaned across to kiss him softly. They'd broken apart and were gazing into each other's eyes when hands gripped her shoulder and she shrieked, resisting the urge to go for her gun. Laughter behind her made her spin round and punch the boy behind her.

John rubbed his shoulder with a laugh and stepped back out of reach, "Heya big sis. Having a good night?"

"I was." She glared, "What are you doing here?" He blushed and seemed to realise his mistake, "You're on a date aren't you?"

"Erm…" He rolled his eyes exactly like Ianto did and sighed, "Give me a minute, I'll be back."

They watched as he made his way back to the bar and returned with a boy slightly older than him, "This is Tom, my boyfriend. We've been together for a month now."

She hid the surprise, "Nice to meet you Tom, why don't you join us?"

The two boys sat down and she smiled apologetically at James, but he didn't seem to mind, "You having a good night?"

"Yeah." John smiled shyly at Tom as the older boy took his hand on the table, "I know I haven't…" He looked up as a tune they recognised started and grabbed her hand, dragging her to the dance floor in time to start Livin' La Vida Loca. "Look, I haven't told anyone yet because Tom's not out. He doesn't want anyone to know yet."

"Does he know about Dad and Tad?" When John nodded she smiled, "If you don't tell them when you get home, or when you see them next, I'll tell them you were drinking tonight. I'm going back to James's, so you can take him back to ours if you like."

"Thanks sis." He chanced a look around the floor and grinned, "People are watching us."

"You remind me so much of Dad."

"Good job I dance like him too, isn't it? God this takes me back."

"Shut up and dance." She growled as he nearly dropped her.

They flopped back bonelessly into their seats and laughed, "Sorry, it's a family tradition really. Our aunt and uncle taught it to us when we were little, she and Dad did it in competitions years ago."

"Not a problem." James smiled, pulling Rose into his lap cheerfully, "You'll have to teach me."

"I'd love to." She smiled as he pulled her up to do a dance she'd last done at her dads' wedding. When they returned to their seat John and Tom had gone, leaving a note in John's handwriting which said only 'Going home, see you in the morning. Wish us luck.'

"Back to my place?" James had wrapped his arms around her from behind and she leaned back into his embrace

"Sounds like an excellent idea." She turned to kiss him and then took his hand to lead him out. In the doorway she let him help her put her coat on and kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his neck, "I'm so glad to be home."

"Why, where have you been?" he asked in confusion

Rose hesitated for a moment before coming to a decision, "I'll tell you on the way home, it's a long story and has to stay completely between us, OK?"

"You work for Torchwood, don't you?" he asked outside

Her jaw must have dropped, "How… Yes, is it a problem?"

"I've seen your Dad occasionally, it's not hard to work out. And no, it's not a problem, as long as you come home."

"I promise I will come home."

"Will you come back to our home?" He kissed her, "I mean, we're going to have to consider uni accommodation soon, would you rent with me?"

"I'd like that." The last nineteen years of her life had been panned out; someone knew she was going to reach this point. From here on in it was a blank slate. And it felt good, very good.