Parasite Eve 2 : My Existence

Parasite Eve 2 : My Realistic Gameplay

Chapter 1 :Arrival Revised.

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"Hurry up dude! They're gonna sell Parasite Eve 2 Special Edition!" said my friends, Chazz.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming." I replied

My name is Terry, Terry McKnight. I'm just a normal teenager, like everybody else. Despite my addiction to video game. And I have no intention to tell you anything specific.

Today I came to a video game store, accompanied by my best pal Chazz to buy Parasite Eve 2 Special Edition.

Maybe you're all wondering what is PE2 Special Edition, right? Kay' I'll explain it for ya.

PE2 Special Edition is a remake of PE2 from PSX port to PS2 port. But it wasn't the same as the original. The gameplay is very much like Resident Evil 4, and you can choose a new character from the beginning. And the good news is you can create it yourself, and the best part is you can use VR Glasses for more realistic environment! The Game was released in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the spin off 3rd Birthday and the day Squaresoft got the Parasite Eve License back.

Oh wait, it's Square Enix now.

Back to the story, we went to the store only to find out that it was….SOLD OUT! And the next shipment is next month!

"So yeah we're out of stock. Tough luck kid." said the shopkeeper sympathetically.

DAMN! I walked 10 km from my house just for THIS? I can't take it! Something has to be done and I mean it!

"Do you really have no more?" I asked for the 100th time.

The shopkeeper, no longer sympathetic, answered me with an annoyed tone "For the 100th time, yes !We don't have it anymore it have been SOLD OUT!" I wanted to ask him again but my instinct told me to "Suck it up, it's just next month."

Chazz tried to cheer me out "Let it go Terry, we can always wait until next month."

I sighed "Well, I guess so."

The shopkeeper seemed pleased, I glared at him, and he step !

After we reached our neighborhood, we parted ways, heading toward our respective home.

"See ya!" He said goodbye and went toward his home

"See ya!" I replied and went toward my home.

The plan is I'm going to my house, take a shower, and eat some food.

It was gonna be easy, right?


On the way to my house I saw a big, tall man wearing a huge, black coat.

"Heey Kid! Come'ere!" He motioned me to get closer.

"Sorry, my parents told me to never trust stranger." I replied. Especially the one with black coat. Who knows what kind of evil he held within?

"Ooo really? That's too bad, I was gonna give this this to you."

He waved me a copy of Parasite Eve 2 Special Edition.

I frowned "Okay, what's the catch? If it something I didn't like, screw you!" I'm readying my karate kick in case of molestation.

He giggles (Yuck!) "Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you do something hard… The only thing you have to do." His eyes are staring at my hand "Is playing."

"That's it?" I asked.

"That's it." He replies.

I decide to ask again "Thanks, but why do you…."

He disappears.

I shrugged and continued walking home

Unaware of my fate…..

"Please insert your character's biography." The computer announces.

I began to type.

Terry McKnight

Asian, mixture between Japanese and Indonesian

Weight : 45 kg

Height :182 cm

Age: 23

Occupation: Rookie SWAT Officer

Backstory: He was Aya's ex-boyfriend. Broke up with her when they have a little fight. And she chose a loser to replace their date at Carnegie Hall. And the loser cowardly escaped. Leaving Aya to fend Eve alone. The reason he present in this game is because he's the newest and youngest SWAT member that were sent to Akropolis Tower.

"Hmmm, it seemed a bit Gary Stu-ish" and so, I erased that backstory and replaced it with a more simple one.

Backstory: Aya knows him. The End.


"Perfect!" I announced. And now for special ability..

It only has three slot so I must chose wisely. There's a dozen of interesting powers here.

Hmm, so many to choose from. They have all of Aya's ability, even Overdive and some of the ability that I'm sure to be a rip-off of X-Men.


I sighed and entered my choice: Overdive,Weapon mastery, and least but not least :Passive regeneration ability.

After choosing face, hair style, hair color,clothes, race and weapon I press start and the game begins….

But all i see was black then, a white light engulfed and swallowed me to the tv

When I woke up, I landed on a cold floor…

I looked around…


And I find out…..

This place is …..

Akropolis Tower!

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I screamed to the sky.

To be continued

A/N:It has been revised to look less Gary Stu-ish. Hope you guys enjoyed it. read and review