Summary: "You were never a waste of time... You just turned out to be a harsh realisation... that I could do better."

Dana sat on the beach, waiting for her 'prince' to show up. Prince my ass. Her self appointed, 'prince', was a transfer student from PCA's sister school in Florida. His name was Zack.

Zoey had talked Dana into showing him around PCA his first day, and they seemed to click as soon as he came. That's what any one who saw them from a distance, but close up, you could hear all the lies he was feeding her.

"Your the most amazing girl ever."

"I want to be with you forever."

"Even though we just started dating, I feel like I've known you forever."

"Your the only girl that's made me feel this way."

"I love you."

Dana huffed out loud when she replayed that line in her head. Love? Hardly. He told her that she was 'the one' the day after they started to date. It was played out, and Dana knew where it was headed. Sadly, she just kept up with their dating scene. She didn't want to be mean to the Transfer student, who had no friends.

Turns out, he had plenty of friends. Not the normal kind, like the 'hey, what's up, wanna hang out?' kind, oh no, that would have made this whole situation more bareable. His friends went something like... 'hey, what's up, wanna suck me off later?'.

This really wasn't close to love. Love is what Dana felt for Logan. That insensitive jerk of a man whore. In theroy, Zack and Logan were the same. Couldn't get enough of the opposite sex, but seriously, Dana felt that it was all an act with Logan. She's seen other sides of Logan, that controdicted everything he stood for now. Dana knew that with Logan, it was all an game when he was around people, he said he had a reputation to uphold.

Dana knew Logan was fine. He just needed a push in the right direction. She couldn't fool herself, it wasn't right to be with Zack, if she truly loved Logan... and the fact that Zack was cheating on her, made her decision all the easier.

Dana didn't want to be with Zack. After 4 months of lying, and cheating on Zack's part, she was done. She definetly concidered loving Zack after the first month, she told him that she loved him too, but she was blind. She only found out about the other girls a week ago. She thought it would hurt more, but it didn't even sting. She finally figured it out, she wanted to be with Logan.

"What is it Dana? I have uh.. homework that needs to get done." Zack said coming up behind her. Dana got up and brushed the sand off. Zack went up to her and tried to kiss her, but she pushed him off.

"Don't, okay?" Dana said taking a safe step backwords.

"What'd I do?" Zack asked, instantly getting defensive.

"We're done Zack." Dana said quietly looking into his eyes.

"Done? What?" Zack asked in shock.

"Done, as in I don't want to be with you anymore."

Zack couldn't believe it, a million thoughts raced through his head, "What was this then, Dana? A game? Just a waste of time?"

"Zack, you were never a waste of time... your just a harsh realisation that I could do so much better." Dana said her voice breaking slightly. Even though she loved Logan, it didn't mean that she didn't like Zack, it kinda hurt to see him mad like this.

"Dana, wha-.."

She didn't hear him. She left as soon as she said it. She started to walk off the beach, when Logan came out from behind the wall, seperating the beach, and PCA.

"You okay?" Logan asked, hooking his hand in Dana's. She turned to him and smiled.

"Of course I am, your so much better for me."

AN: I'm getting really into one-shots. Crappy Sappy. (: