Donna lay on her bed, staring at the evening sky through her window. To say she was confused would be an understatement. A big part of her clothes vanished, she missed an alien invasion with neither being drunk nor on holiday and people behaved weird around her.

She often caught her mother and Granddad whispering behind her back and falling silent whenever Donna entered the room. Her mother had also been unusually... mother-ly these days. She often asked if Donna wanted a cup of tea or something to eat and didn't even tell her once to get her lazy butt out of the house to search for a new job.

Her job... What happened to her old job? After that strange day, when she awoke fully clothed on her bed and that strange man sat in their living room, she wanted to go to work at H.C. Clemens, like she always did, but something was wrong. Her co-workers stared at Donna and asked her what she was doing there. Then she went to her boss to tell him about the confusing behaviour of everyone else only to be told that she had resigned ages ago... right after her break-up with Lance.

Lance... why didn't she marry him? That thought caused a sudden urge to punch something... or someone. That wish must have been visible on her face because her former boss called the security guards while she yelled at him. She and resigning? A posh job like this? No chance.

Donna continued to think about this while two big guys carried her out of the building.

She first knew, something was wrong with her memory, when she tried to think about the week before. She couldn't remember... Donna knew she went to work but she couldn't remember. No details. None at all. Then she did remember her resigning. Sort of. It was somehow... blurred. Especially because there was no apparent reason. None.

It wasn't like she wanted to run off with a man to have a more interesting lifestyle or something. Really, that would be ridiculous... wouldn't it? Her head began to hurt.

Another thing entirely was her own strange behaviour. She often caught herself staring at the typical red telephone boxes in London and felt an impossible longing passing through her... not to mention the strange wish for them to be blue.

She got the same feeling when she watched the stars with her Granddad. He talked less about aliens these days, but his gaze at the sky was more intense than ever. Sometimes, he looked at her with tears in his eyes, hugged her for no apparent reason and told her what an amazing woman she was... and she cried, too. But why? She didn't know...

Then Donna went to Cardiff to visit an old friend and clear her head a little... but that trip only caused more questions to surface. She spotted an attractive man in a long old-fashioned coat on Roald Dahl Plass, looking at her. Naturally, she wanted to talk to him... An opportunity like that, after all... But before she could even take one step forward, he looked alarmed and ran away.

That was strange... She did have a talent to chase men away but that usually happened after she talked to them. Her friend laughed her head off and asked what she did to the poor guy, but Donna didn't know. She didn't know anything... and her head hurt again.

When she went back to Chiswick, Donna told her Granddad everything. She expected him to talk about aliens messing with her memory or something but he just looked shocked for a moment, told her not to be worried and then began to talk about the weather. Later he was whispering with her mother again and they both jumped when Donna entered the room. What was going on? When her head throbbed, she suddenly got the feeling that the alien theory didn't sound so bad...

So many things changed for her from one day to the other... the holes in her memory, where she knew she did something but didn't remember, people she never met before running away from her, the telephone boxes, her being mesmerized by church choirs, the unexplainable pain and guild that filled her when someone mentioned Pompeii, her being suddenly terrified of spiders and beetles,... the list went on and on. And the more she thought about it, the more she was confused.

Donna sighed and pressed her head into the cushions. She knew there had to be something out there that explained every little thing and longed for an explanation. Everything felt so strange and unreal. The people, the streets, the normal simple life she lived on Earth. Why didn't it feel real? Why did she feel so imprisoned by her own world? What was it she really wanted? What did she miss? Who or what kept her from finding the truth?

Donna suddenly imagined a man. The most amazing man. Someone who had an answer to every single mystery in the whole universe and helped her to remember... really remember.

An enormous pain exploded in her head and visions entered her mind.

A blue box, fire, a poisonous sky, the words bad wolf scattered everywhere, a cold planet, a giant bee, a blond girl, an empty library, a terrible world, a severed hand, planets in the sky, space ships, a blue light, a whirring sound and-

Donna screamed and hold her head. The man! The man in pinstripes! He was-

Everything went black.