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Fire pulsed through her veins and she writhed in pain. All the memories, all the pain... It drove her mad!

She screamed in terror and heard distant voices shouting her name. Her head throbbed violently with every new memory... every new information. The secrets of the universe returned to her brain and Donna felt like her head would burst into two! New Earth, Woman Wept, Jabe, the Face of Boe, Satellite 5, the Master, Gallifrey, RoseLeelaSarahJaneMarthaJackTurloughRomanaAdric- the Doctor's memories exploded inside her brain. All he had found and lost... all he had done. She could see it all. Death and destruction among happiness and love. All the planets in the sky... all the stars! She knew what was going to happen, she knew what her body was going through. Donna felt fire engulfing her form and wished to see the Doctor again... Just once... just once before she was going to die... and not only to punch him in the face for wiping her mind.

Screams from memory mixed with those from reality. Donna heard herself scream along and began to feel the change... the unbelievable pain, the Doctor felt for so very long. It hurt so much and yet... it was an experience so much different from what she believed. Was this dying?

If it was, why did she feel so very, very much? Why doesn't her mind cease to exist? Why did her skin feel suddenly so cold?

Donna opened her eyes. Her vision blurry at first, but slowly... so very, very slowly, the forms in front of her eyes began to gain shape. Ever so slowly, she hold one of her hands in front of her face, amazed at its existence and the very faint glow emitting from her skin. She sat up and let her gaze wander over the room. Her mum and granddad were pressed inside a corner, holding each other for support with wonder, fear and tears inside their eyes. Her gaze continued to wander and stopped short when it reached the doorway.

There he stood, all smug grin and pinstripe suit, looking at her in wonder and amazement.

"Humans... you never cease to amaze me! Say something is impossible and what do they do? Prove you wrong, spot on! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! And a little terrifying, yes. But mostly, brilliant!"

Donna's hearts beat rapidly in her chest, when she stood up to go to him. Every little memory returned to its rightful place along with those that weren't her own. Her tongue moved over her teeth. Same teeth, same body. And yet another heart and Time Lord brain. It was impossible and still she lived. Unreal and still real. Slowly, she went over to the Doctor, a man so terrifying and wonderful, vulnerable and strong.

The big grin on his face vanished quickly when her hand connected with his cheek.

They had decades, even centuries for hugs.

They had forever.


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